[FEATURE] Introduce Data Processor for Files
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / frontend / Classes / ContentObject / FilesContentObject.php
2015-07-08 Benjamin Mack[FEATURE] Introduce Data Processor for Files 08/40508/10
2015-06-02 Alina Fleser[BUGFIX] Type checking at PageRepository::getFileRefere... 80/36480/7
2015-03-13 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Shorten namespaces in ContentObjects 62/37762/5
2015-01-09 Benjamin Mack[BUGFIX] Add stdWrap to sorting.direction for FILES 23/35723/3
2014-12-13 Roland Waldner[CLEANUP] Use comments not PHPDoc style comments in... 03/35103/5
2014-11-13 Xavier Perseguers[TASK] Use fully qualified name resolution in PHP 5.5 13/32913/7
2014-11-08 Wouter Wolters[CLEANUP] Cleanup phpDoc and namespace usage in ext... 66/33866/4
2014-11-06 Markus Klein[!!!][CLEANUP] Remove deprecated code in multiple sysexts 68/33768/5
2014-06-22 Michael Schams[TASK] Re-work/simplify copyright header in PHP files... 27/31027/2
2014-06-12 Oliver Hader[TASK] Reduce complexity in frontend functional tests 15/30515/5
2014-06-11 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Invalid localization overlay of cObject FILES 39/29739/9
2014-05-03 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] IMAGE param stdWrap-function not working 96/29796/6
2014-03-18 Alexander Stehlik[BUGFIX] Use language overlay for image rendering 10/28210/3
2014-02-01 Jo Hasenau[TASK] Use (int) instead of intval() or (integer) 40/26740/23
2014-01-30 Steffen Ritter[TASK] Fix remaining calls to FileRepository for retrie... 50/26850/3
2014-01-13 Roland Waldner[TASK] Fix typo in copyright notice 36/26736/2
2014-01-11 Steffen Müller[BUGFIX] Add missing logger names 54/26754/3
2013-11-14 Stefan Froemken[BUGFIX] FILES.folder does not work 16/25016/2
2013-10-30 Stefan Froemken[FEATURE] Add DESC sorting for FILES-cObject 23/25023/4
2013-10-17 Nicole Cordes[TASK] Add unit tests for FilesContentObject 16/24816/3
2013-10-15 Steffen Ritter[FEATURE] Add begin/maxItems options to FILES ContentObject 58/24558/5
2013-10-01 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Remove closing PHP tags 12/24212/3
2013-08-18 Stefan Neufeind[TASK] FilesContentObject::stdWrapValue(): only execute... 40/22740/2
2013-08-06 Lars Peipmann[FEATURE] Adds register values to FilesContentObj 47/21747/3
2013-07-07 Stefan Neufeind[TASK] Namespacing: Use-statement for common classes... 41/22041/3
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule version into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule workspaces into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule linkvalidator into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule fluid into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule extbase into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule dbal into core
2013-04-06 Nicole Cordes[BUGFIX] Sorting of file links CE is broken 44/19644/3
2013-03-19 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Update copyright year to 2013 84/18984/4
2012-11-01 Steffen Ritter[BUGFIX] FILES ContentObject ignores language handling
2012-10-09 Steffen Ritter[TASK] Frontend should not expose exception for missing...
2012-09-18 Steffen Ritter[BUGFIX] TS Object "FILES" is not able to handle multip...
2012-08-23 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Move and Namespace classes