[TASK] Only set FE user cookie if session data or user logged in
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2014-02-06 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Only set FE user cookie if session data or user... 30/27230/8
2014-02-01 Bernhard Kraft[!!!][BUGFIX] Avoid unnecessary de-/serialization for... 79/27179/5
2014-01-31 Benjamin Mack[CLEANUP] Remove old tt_content DB fields 68/27168/2
2014-01-21 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Move Tidy functionality to a TER ext 52/26952/4
2014-01-19 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Cache menu needs clear namings and permissions 12/26912/3
2014-01-15 Benjamin Mack[!!!][FEATURE] Improve caching framework by introducing... 29/26829/8
2013-12-19 Francois Suter[TASK] Update NEWS.md for system categories 62/26362/2
2013-11-20 Ernesto Baschny[TASK] Updated README / INSTALL / NEWS files 90/25490/4