[BUGFIX] EXT:form - class attribute in container elements is not shown
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / form / Configuration /
2015-09-23 Stephan Großberndt[TASK] Move content icons to IconFactory using SVG 56/43256/13
2015-09-23 Ralf Zimmermann[TASK] EXT:form - remove bootstrap class 68/43468/3
2015-09-22 Frank Nägler[!!!][TASK] Deprecate IconUtility 13/42613/40
2015-09-18 Ralf Zimmermann[!!!][TASK] EXT:form - Use Extbase/ Fluid for frontend... 27/42927/15
2015-09-16 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Organize TSconfig structure 73/43373/4
2015-09-16 Andreas Häfner[FEATURE] Add placeholder attribute to some textfields... 33/43333/7
2015-09-16 Björn Jacob[TASK] Display validation tab in form wizard by default 57/43357/2
2015-09-11 Frank Nägler[TASK] Simplify icon handling in FormEngine 60/42860/6
2015-09-11 Christian Kuhn[TASK] Drop TCA ctrl typeicons 96/43196/2
2015-07-09 Wouter Wolters[!!!][TASK] Remove ext:cms 06/41006/9
2015-06-29 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Move form field wizard icons 60/40660/5
2015-06-03 Christian Kuhn[!!!][FEATURE] FormEngine: The extendables 62/39662/32
2015-01-31 Benjamin Mack[!!!][TASK] Move legacy "search" CType to compatibility6 26/36526/3
2015-01-31 Benjamin Mack[!!!][TASK] Move old mailform to compatibility6 79/36479/6
2014-12-12 Benjamin Mack[CLEANUP] Remove old .xml and .php locallang references 49/33949/5
2014-10-06 Benjamin Mack[TASK] Remove styling code in FormEngine/TCA 75/32975/8
2014-07-06 Markus Klein[BUGFIX] Sysext form uses old TCA 13/31113/3
2014-07-05 Wouter Wolters[TASK] Change check for TYPO3_MODE 38/31338/4
2014-06-21 Anja Leichsenring[BUGFIX] Move TCA modification of EXT:form to TCA/Overr... 51/30651/5
2013-08-14 Francois Suter[BUGFIX] Avoid usage of subheader in mailform 91/22391/3
2013-08-08 Christian Kuhn[FEATURE] Form: "Redirect" postprocessor 07/18307/8
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule version into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule workspaces into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule linkvalidator into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule fluid into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule extbase into core
2013-05-27 Thomas Maroschik[TASK] Merge submodule dbal into core
2013-03-31 Florian Scholz[FEATURE] Checkbox for confirmation in FormWizard 36/9136/5
2012-09-03 Florian Scholz[BUGFIX] Subject field in FormWizard
2012-08-17 Lorenz Ulrich[FEATURE] Make CSS for sysext form configurable
2011-11-05 Oliver Hader[BUGFIX] Handling file upload fields is broken
2011-10-25 Oliver Hader[TASK] Disable file upload in form wizard
2011-10-23 Oliver Hader[!!!][TASK] Form project structure is not Extbase-compliant
2011-08-02 Oliver Hader[TASK] Streamline structure of form extension
2011-08-01 Xavier Perseguers[FEATURE] Integrate Form project into Core