* Added search in Extension Manager for extensions locally.
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2005-04-13 Michael Stucki * Added new stdWrap property "stdWrap" for calling...
2005-04-13 Kasper SkårhøjUpdated CVS rules
2005-04-01 Kasper SkårhøjUpdated years from 2004 to 2005 + all function indexes...
2004-09-13 Kasper Skårhøj* Updated my email address from "kasper@typo3.com"...
2004-09-09 Kasper SkårhøjSee changelog (updated later)
2004-07-23 Kasper Skårhøj* Added the Core CVS rules to repository at "misc/core_...
2004-06-19 Kasper SkårhøjMoved CSH locallang-XML labels into extensions prefixed...
2004-06-11 Kasper SkårhøjAdded new system extensions (some of the safe ones...)
2004-05-21 Kasper Skårhøj*** empty log message ***
2004-04-30 Kasper SkårhøjChanges for stucki.
2004-04-26 Kasper Skårhøj*** empty log message ***
2004-04-26 Kasper SkårhøjRemoving more obsolete files from misc/
2004-04-26 Kasper SkårhøjRemoved files from misc
2004-01-31 Kasper Skårhøj*** empty log message ***
2004-01-31 Kasper SkårhøjUpdated copyright notices to show "2004"
2003-10-26 Kasper SkårhøjAdded $Id$ keywords, cleaned up comment tags
2003-10-03 Kasper SkårhøjInitial revision