2004-09-14 Ingmar Schlecht * Fixed bug #0000111: Install tool now allows for database name, password and username to contain any kind of chars (not limited to alphanumerical any more). 2004-09-14 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Updated my email address from "kasper@typo3.com" (which is closed and will stay that way) to "kasperYYYY@typo3.com" which programmers should be able to figure out... * Updated all JavaDoc comments and function/class indexes in files, preparing for 3.7.0RC 2004-09-13 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added CSH for Web>Info/Localization Overview 2004-09-13 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Changed little more in uniqueList, among others that a fixed number of paramters are supported only now! 2004-09-13 Michael Stucki * Fixed bug in t3lib_div::uniqueList that was caused when t3lib_div::uniqueArray was replaced with array_unique. Obviously array_unique doesn't remove empty values from the array but t3lib_div::uniqueArray did! Please take care of this if you still use this deprecated function in your extension! 2004-09-11 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Updated changelog for 09/09 * Fixed bug in stdgraphic::fontResize that made it go into eternal loops if the size could not be obtained in the lower end, basically when fontsize reached zero... * Fixed bug in alt_menu_functions which prevented Condensed Mode from working. But most likely it breaks something else, maybe some options around alternative navigation frame scripts that rene introduced. * Fixed a bug introduced yesterday where TYPO3 would not work with PHP versions below 4.100.0... :-) - clearly testifying to the fact that I have now run TYPO3 on PHP5 with TemplaVoila et al. for five days without problems. * Added new option for the dynamic tab menus where you can configure a free initial default tab index and even close all items totally (like toggle mode, but still with only one tab open at a time). * Increased levels of possible recursive permission setting to 10. * Web>Page: Introduced localization flags, removed move-up/down/new buttons for languages in default-content-binding mode and made the selection of default elements include the "All" language in default-content-binding mode which will correspond to how sys_language_overlay works in the frontend. * Introduced baseUrlWrap() function in tslib_fe (TSFE) which can be called for wrapping URLs with absolute baseUrl prefix in case you are using "realurl" of sorts. This is necessary to do for all urls that is handled by JavaScript, like "document.location" or "window.open" cases. * Fixed the realurl related bug with click-enlarged images that would open a non-existing URL (see "baseUrlWrap()" above). Also wrapped other JavaScript URls like in JSMENU and typolink related JSwindow action. * Introduced a global setting for GIFBUILDER TEXT objects to configure alternative font files for certain Unicode char ranges. This feature makes it very easy to set up eg. a japanese truetype font for all usages of GIFBUILDER where you still want another specific font used for the latin characters. * Introduced new HMENU feature: "alwaysActivePIDlist" which can configure certain page id which will always be expanded in menu as if they were "active". * Fixed problem with empty URLs in menu generation. Empty URLs may occur when a realurl points to the frontpage (which is a blank suffix to the base url). In such cases the URL now becomes the baseUrl of the site (if that is configured!). This should fix it very specifically for all realurl cases. * Fixed install tools incapability to delete files with certain prefixes in typo3temp/ folder. 2004-09-09 Kasper Skårhøj,,, Sorry for writing these changelog entries with a delay of two days. I write them based on a CVS patch and it took ages to make that from a parking lot in Suresnes, Paris, 4 am in the morning. Its becoming harder to find a stable hotspot in Paris I think... But here we go: * Changed all HTTP_*_VARS to $_* superglobals. Also raised PHP requirement version to 4.1.0 * Added wrapping functions to array browser class. Also updated the Configuration module to use these features so you can now click a key and get a string served ready to implement in eg. localconf.php * !!! Removed obsolete function "t3lib_div::setGPvars()" * Added $MCONF['shy'] feature (requested by Rene Fritz) * Added longblob in sqlparser * Added configurable JPG quality setting to stdGraphic class. Use $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[GFX][im_jpg_quality] * Added stdgraphic::ImageTTFTextWrapper() and stdgraphic::ImageTTFBBoxWrapper functions. Behind these changes a new feature has been implemented which makes it possible to render a single GIFBUILDER TEXT object with more than one font file for various criteria. The most important criteria is that a certain range of unicode chars can be rendered using another truetype font supporting eg. japanese glyphs while you still use another specific font for the design of latin chracters. This feature is known as "splitRendering" in GIFBUILDER TEXT objects. * Added new swapping mode setting for versioning: swapContent = ALL which is what you use if you want to swap the SUBTREE of a page as well! * Fixed a bug in transferdata class where too many field values were returned in wrong situations. * Fixed the timetrack class whitespace issue, removed the DAM module key in stddb/tables.php and removed the temporary class "t3lib_TCEforms_SelectTreeView" made by Rene Fritz. * Implemented configurable session timeout for backend users. * Changed the TYPO3 version number variable into a constant available before ext_localconf.php files are included. * Added "location" bar to the re-login screen. Inspired by Johannes Reichart who once many years ago sent me a mail about how the login screen should be protected against someone designing a similar prompt to trick users into giving them their passwords. I couldn't find a better idea than making the URL visible so people can validate the domain themselves. * Added localization view mode in Web>List module, allowing to see localization details for records, grouping them by their language and providing a "localization copy" button. * Updated english labels for backend/CSH according to change suggestions by 3EV from UK. Thanks. * Added obTS specific hook in tslib_content class. For Dan Frost and his empire... * Impleemnted third option for stdWrap crop feature (by Peter Klein) * Fixed typolink that would reject links to virtual files and folders locally, eg. links made by realurl etc. Previously such files HAD to exist, otherwise the link would not be rendered. * Changed stuff around the pagenotfound handling. * moved in frontend output to be the first tag after the tag. * Fixed old bug in tslib_search which cropped off the last char of a search word. * Fixed extra_page_cm_options that didn't detect itself properly when making the second menu. So now the elements from that extension will NOT anymore pop up in other second level menus... :-) 2004-09-10 Michael Stucki * Replaced t3lib_div::uniqueArray with native PHP function array_unique. The old function will remain for compatibility reasons only. Please do not use it anymore! * Removed comment about the expired Unisys patent in class.tx_install.php 2004-09-00 Jan-Erik Revsbech * Fixed bug #292 concerning Return path in class.t3lib_mailer.php. The fix has a seperate solution for windows and Unix. The unix fix does however not work with safe_mode enabled. Do not know how to overcome this. Perhaps an environment variable for sendmail can be specified? The fix for windows works OK with safe_mode on since, it does not rely on passing parameter directly to the mailer tranport agent (Sendmail or postfix), but instead sets the php variable sendmail_from, which has no effect on Unix systemt. 2004-09-02 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Fixed a few basic PHP5 problems (aiming at PHP5 support in 3.7.0) 2004-09-02 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * BTW; Just created a hook for page indexing which "indexed_search" will also be using in near future - BUT at the time of this writing it will require a new version of indexed_search for you and that is NOT ready yet - so indexed_search will NOT work for you anymore before you get the new version of this extension! 2004-09-02 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added Catalan, Bosnian and Korean languages. 2004-08-29 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added a wildcard like option for values in the "language" condition in frontend (matchcondition class). Can now match any language found in the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE value. 2004-08-29 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added "lockIP" setting for backend users - this will solve the problem that some has reported about backend users not being able to login with 3.7.0... * Added new HMENU special type, "language", which can generate a language selector using the "&L" variable directly. * Added option for HMENU (protectLvar) so menu items linking to pages that are not translated will have their "&L" var set to zero, thus reverting to the default language. * Corrected a bug in menu generation: Spacers for TMENU had a link around it - this was a bug, correct now. No links on spacer elements! 2004-08-26 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Adding editlock icon in Web>Access 2004-08-26 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Bugfix: in browse_links where the record listing contained links to clickmenus: * Added "Save and View" support for records which has another language set; For instance content elements and page overlay records will now view the page with the "&L=xx" parameter set to the language they represent. * Version selector (implemented in template class) implemented in all Web>* modules (depends on "version" extension) * Support for versioning in Web>List module ("v" button) (depends on "version" extension) * Bugfix: In Web>List the page icon is restored. "Was lost, but now is found." * Bugfix: Fixed access control in the interface of the page module and wizard_rte; Now checks if user has proper permissions before displaying certain buttons. Not critical bug, but obviously confusing for users to see the editing forms like if they actually could edit... * Added view-page icons in Web>Page module for the language column view. * Added first support for versioning previews in the frontend (CONTENT and RECORD cObjects) * Implemented new localization modes configurable with TypoScript, "config.sys_language_overlay" and "config.sys_language_softMergeIfNotBlank" * Added automatic character set conversion of frontend output if metaCharset and renderCharset are different. Also incoming POST arrays are converted in the reverse direction. * Changed calling order of TSFE->getCompressedTCarray() in "index_ts.php": Now it loads before ->getConfigArray(). Should be no difference to anyone except internal processing in tslib_fe which can now access the array a little before it usually could. * Added t3lib_cs::convArray() for charset conversion of array contents. 2004-08-23 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Implemented versioning API in tcemain plus other places. Still not functional for the broad public (will be in 3.8.0). Missing conceptual testing, implementation in the backend interface (still to be discussed how that is best done and fitting workflow) and not at all in the frontend. * Tables configured for versioning by default is pages, tt_content, pages_language_overlay and sys_template * !!!Notice that the type of integer for uid/pid fields of the above mentioned tables changed from "unsigned" to "signed". This should only mean something if you have uid/pid values over 2 billion - but then PHP will fail you anyways. So the impact should be nothing. * For testers: Ask me (kasper) for the "version" extension which is my test bench and future management tool for the final implementation. * !!!Fieldnames 't3ver_oid', 't3ver_id' and 't3ver_label' has been reserved for versioning adminstration 2004-08-22 Ingmar Schlecht * Changed the way how the EM and the Kickstarter interact -> Removed all hardcoded references to the Kickstarter from the index.php of the EM and changed it to be extendable using the "Integrate into existing modules" functionality. -> Removed the file typo3/mod/tools/em/class.kickstarter.php The new version of the Kickstarter that uses these new ways of interaction has the new extension key 'kickstarter' and is already available from typo3xdev CVS. The old version of the Kickstarter having the key 'extrep_wizard' is not used anymore. 2004-08-21 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added support for backend initialization in PHP shell scripts. Interesting for deamons, cronjobs etc where you want a PHP script to run from shell but with a full backend environment. Documented in next version of Inside TYPO3. * Configurable multiplication of DB field size (useful for resizing database for UTf-8 support) * Fixed bug in show_item.php script / stdGraphic with abs/rel path prefix and typo3temp/ folder. * TCEforms/TCEmain support for localization; You can exclude certain fields in localized versions, see diff. view if original changed, see the original records content with the localized version. * TCEforms support for dynamic TAB menus (use the --div-- in types configuration and enable in [ctrl] section * All TCEforms changes for localization and tab menus are documented in TYPO3 Core API * Added support for localization-copies in Web>Page module; Now you can create copies of default language elements with a click on a button. There is even a new mode where all localizations must follow the default language 100% - but this still lacks frontend support. Enabled by "web.layout.defLangBinding=1" in Page TSconfig. * Finally implemented dynamic (DHTML based) tab menus for flexforms using sheets! * Added "select all" link for "checkbox" renderMode of "select" types in TCEforms * New tcemain "cmd": "localize". Will make a localization-copy of a record, eg. content elements. * Made "explicitDeny" mode for backend users configurable in TYPo3_CONF_VARS as requested on the dev-list. * Added "sleep(5)" when a false login was detected in the login-screen. This makes trying lots of username/passwords in the login screen boooooring... * Added new GUI type: Dynamic TAB menu which can switch between a number of sheets of content dynamically with tabs. Used in flexforms and also in TemplaVoila. * Set-locale issue for USER_INT objects should be fixed. Please test this someone!!! 2004-08-20 Ingmar Schlecht * Marginally changed the error message in t3lib_userauth appearing when the HTTP_REFERER mismatched. 2004-08-20 Ingmar Schlecht * Fixed bugs #218 and #220: Install tool erroneously complained about low memory_limit 2004-08-20 Ingmar Schlecht * Fixed bug #288: In t3lib_parsehtml prefixRelPath incorrectly prefixed absolute URLs 2004-08-15 Michael Stucki * Corrected wrong parameter order for some implode function calls. 2004-08-07 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added three new permission modes for backend users: 1) Localization access control, 2) Access control on value level (for instance allow/deny individual selectorbox values), 3) API for custom permission options. * Implemented control of these modes in tcemain, tceforms and alt_doc.php + QuickEdit. Still need to implement it for edit icons around, but this is not critical, mostly a usability issue. * Moved table "sys_language" from extension "cms" back into the core * Updated CSH at various places. * Finished the accessListRenderMode(s) (see 4/8 below) * Still unsettled about various default settings related to these new options, but will discuss on dev-list. 2004-08-04 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added new rendering modes for the "select" type in TCA: You can now render multiple-select lists as either a SINGLE selector box with multiple value selection OR as a list of checkboxes. For mozilla even the icons are rendered nicely in the option tags. Check out the backend user group configurations. Work is still in progress. 2004-08-04 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added TYPo3_CONF_VARS[FE][lockHashKeyWords] so it is optional to lock FE user sessions to HTTP_USER_AGENT 2004-08-03 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added and Changed features around page languages. More to come including a document guiding people about charsets and localization. 2004-07-24 Jan-Erik Revsbech * Added support for other transfer encodings in the dmailer class. Will start to move the t3lib_directmailer class out of the core and into the direct_mail extension. 2004-07-23 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added the Core CVS rules to repository at "misc/core_cvs_rules.txt". ALL Contributers to the CORE CVS SHOULD READ AND FOLLOW THIS! 2004-07-15 Robert Lemke * Added new language flag icons (see t3lib/gfx/flags/). Will be used by templavoila and maybe sys_language 2004-07-12 Ingmar Schlecht * Fixed bug #194: wizard_table.php, missing parameter 'backPath' 2004-07-12 Ingmar Schlecht * Fixed bug #79: Extension manager: Removing extensions containing empty folders did not work * Fixed bug: When removing an extension, typo3 tried to remove the extension directory twice 2004-07-02 Michael Stucki * Fixed bug #0000191: Small typo in German translation 2004-06-28 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Moved creation of menu graphics, scaled images, gifbuilder images and temporary image files into subfolders of typo3temp/ * Fixed case-folding-cache-file bug in t3lib_cs... * select a filepath as a source of the items you can add to the box (single/multiple) without copying the files of course. 2004-06-21 Michael Stucki * Fixed bug #0000119: Another fe_adminLib htmlspecialchars() issue 2004-06-19 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Moved CSH locallang-XML labels into extensions prefixed "csh_". 2004-06-18 Michael Stucki * Fixed bug #0000032: ImageMagick will convert only the first page of a multi-page PDF file 2004-06-11 Robert Lemke * Created new hook in class.t3lib_tcemain.php in process_datamap. Search for $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SC_OPTIONS']['t3lib/class.t3lib_tcemain.php']['processDatamapClass'] (other hooks in that class will follow by René, as I know from a trusted source ... ;-) 2004-06-09 Robert Lemke * Fixed bug #0000123: The stdWrap-option "stripHtml" should come before the option "crop" because HTML-Tags are recognized as Text by the crop-option but getafterwards stript out. That produces a wrong textlength. Changed order of "crop" to after "stripHTML" Affected file: class.tslib_content.php 2004-06-08 Robert Lemke * Fixed bug #0000070: Number of files (file count) displayed in file list module was one number too high ("5 Files" although 4 only exist). Updated typo3/class.file_list.inc * Changed one line in media/scripts/plaintextLib.inc which caused a "page not found" in some e-mail clients. 2004-06-06 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Changed all locallang files from "lang" system extension into the new locallang-XML format instead. Includes changes to a bunch of core scripts which had to include the new files with an API function from the $LANG object. 2004-06-06 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added "groupChangeMask" option in TYPO3_CONF_VARS - makes it possible to set which group newly created files and folders will get. (Thanks to Stucki) 2004-06-03 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added API for configuring tables (ending on "cache") that are flushed together with "Clear All Cache". * Fixed that the Admin Panel is always on top (z-index : 0; 2004-06-03 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added base url to typo3 error dialog in frontend. Means it shows logo when using realurls now. * Added "READFILE:" prefix for pageNotFound handler in frontend; This will read the contents of an html file and output with substitution of a few marker strings. * Added feature in page tree; Temporary mounting a point in the users page tree as root. (available in the "More options..." - needs upgrade of that extension as well...). * Fixed frontend edit icons under real-url conditions. They didn't work in MSIE. Had to prefix them with base url. 2004-05-29 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Fixed bug; All page types (doktype) was shown to uses even if they were not all in their list of possible type values. 2004-05-29 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Created a new DEFAULT backend module called "manual". It shows a TOC of CSH items from the system. This will provide a "user sensitive" manual inside of TYPO3 with localized content to the extend that translators has translated CSH labels in the system. The vision is that the Documentation Team will develop CSH content so far that this will become a really good inline reference for users of TYPO3. Also, extension authors are encouraged to implement CSH for their tables and backend modules and let that be the user manual for their products! 2004-05-28 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added new CSH entries at various places using a new method in t3lib_BEfunc. The CSH entries are still empty and needs to be completed. 2004-05-28 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added visual response to backend module selection in the menus; The class attribute of the menu items is changed when a module is selected. The default stylesheet is modified so this results in the current module being highlighted in the menu. 2004-05-27 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Fixed various things in file processing, t3lib_extFileFunc et al. 2004-05-24 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added API for custom RTE transformations. Documented in upcoming "TYPO3 Core API". 2004-05-20 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Fixed remaining issues with styles in the backend regarding the TCEforms. There has been added additional possibilities of styling forms, now with classes in stylesheets, using $TBE_STYLES to set them up. Documentation of $TBE_STYLES for TCeforms has been updated in TYPo3 Core Api as well. 2004-05-20 Ingmar Schlecht * Fixed two install tool bugs: #83: On non open_basedir'ed systems check if IM executables exist before trying to execut them. #95: Use ini_get() instead of get_cfg_var() 2004-05-19 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Fixed stylesheet issues in Extension Manager. 2004-05-19 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Finally fixed typo3/show_item.php and typo3/wizard_colorpicker.php scripts for TYPO3 3.6.0 compliance. Now only extensions and some t3lib/ are missing clean-up. 2004-05-18 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added t3lib_cs::specCharsToASCII() for converting special chars (like umlauts) to their double-byte alternatives in ASCII (like au, oe etc...). Function is NOT finished at all, only added so I could use it for the conversion of filenames in simulateStaticDocuments. * TypoScript charset compatibility extended: tslib_cObj::caseshift(), tslib_cObj::substring(), tslib_cObj::crop() uses functions in t3lib_cs now. Also stdWrap.strftime will automatically convert localized string from locale charset (guessed by t3lib_cs) to renderCharset. * !!! website charset is now taken from "forceCharset" by default (if found) and in any case the http-header with text/html and charset is sent UNLESS you disable it with "config.disableCharsetHeader=1". You will probably have to disable this header if you are using TYPO3 for XML feeds or wap-pages. * Added "config.renderCharset" option: This is the charset of the content while rendered in the frontend engine. If different from "metaCharset" a conversion must happen before output to browser. Both renderCharset and metaCharset takes their default values from TYPO3_CONF_VARS[BE][forceCharset] if found, otherwise they default to "iso-8859-1". Also "metaCharset" takes "renderCharset" as default - and if metaCharset is different from renderCharset a conversion will happen on output. 2004-05-18 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Created new function, t3lib_div::fixed_lgd_cs(), which should be used in the backend wherever a string is shortend for visual display. This function will truncate the string according to the backend charset (which should of course be set by forceCharset to a fixed value). This new function has also been substituted numerous places in the source of course (hence all the script updates). 2004-05-17 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Moved "install" extension to be a sys extension in sysext/ 2004-05-17 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Corrected some bugs in t3lib_cs while writing a unit test for it. 2004-05-15 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Splitted the Install Tool interface parts out from t3lib_install into the class tx_install (in extension "install"). Only things left are logic to update localconf.php files and manage SQL / Database (for Extension Manager). 2004-05-11 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Changed version number to 3.7.0-dev according to newly adopted major.minor.patch version numbering model. 2004-05-11 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Merged branch changes from "TYPO3_3-6-0"; Mainly bugfixes by ingmar. 2004-05-11 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Rolled back browser detection in matchcondition class. 2004-05-07 Kasper Skårhøj,,, * Added "relPathprefix" to TEMPLATE cObject and also added support for relative path substitution of references in url() wrappers in