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[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / lang / locallang_view_help.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
2 <T3locallang>
3 <meta type="array">
4 <description>Labels for the CSH pop-up viewer</description>
5 <type>module</type>
6 </meta>
7 <data type="array">
8 <languageKey index="default" type="array">
9 <label index="details">Details</label>
10 <label index="syntax">Syntax</label>
11 <label index="seeAlso">See also</label>
12 <label index="goBack">Go back</label>
13 <label index="fullDescription">See full description of table</label>
14 <label index="fullDescription_module">See full description of module</label>
15 <label index="goToToc">&lt;&lt; go to Manual Index</label>
16 <label index="to_top">To top</label>
17 <label index="TOC">Table Of Contents</label>
18 <label index="TOC_core">TYPO3 Core Features</label>
19 <label index="TOC_modules">Backend Modules</label>
20 <label index="TOC_tables">Database Tables</label>
21 <label index="TOC_extensions">Extensions</label>
22 <label index="TOC_glossary">Glossary</label>
23 <label index="TOC_other">Other</label>
24 <label index="close">Close</label>
25 <label index="title">TYPO3 Inline Help</label>
26 <label index="manual_title">TYPO3 Inline User Manual</label>
27 <label index="introduction">Introduction</label>
28 <label index="description">The TYPO3 Inline User Manual is composed from the available help in this TYPO3 Installation (Context Sensitive Help). Here you will find a general description of the TYPO3 Core modules, installation specific Backend Modules and Database Tables that are available based on your login credentials.</label>
29 <label index="full_manual">Full Manual (in one page)</label>
30 <label index="full_manual_chapters">Manual Chapters</label>
31 </languageKey>
32 </data>
33 </T3locallang>