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[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / lang / locallang_mod_web_perm.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
2 <T3locallang>
3 <meta type="array">
4 <description>Web&gt;Access Module labels (standard module labels plus for the Access module screens).</description>
5 <type>module</type>
6 </meta>
7 <data type="array">
8 <languageKey index="default" type="array">
9 <label index="permissions">Permissions</label>
10 <label index="ch_permissions">Change permissions</label>
11 <label index="Legend">Legend</label>
12 <label index="Owner">Owner</label>
13 <label index="Group">Group</label>
14 <label index="Everybody">Everybody</label>
15 <label index="EditLock">Lock</label>
16 <label index="EditLock_descr">The page and all content is locked for editing by all non-Admin users.</label>
17 <label index="Save">Save</label>
18 <label index="Abort">Abort</label>
19 <label index="Edit">EDIT</label>
20 <label index="recursive">Set recursively</label>
21 <label index="pages_affected">pages affected</label>
22 <label index="user_overview">User overview</label>
23 <label index="Mode">Mode</label>
24 <label index="Depth">Depth</label>
25 <label index="levels">levels</label>
26 <label index="User">User</label>
27 <label index="def">Definition: 'content' is records from all tables on a page - except from records from the table 'pages' (Pages).</label>
28 <label index="A_Granted">Access Granted</label>
29 <label index="A_Denied">Access Denied</label>
30 <label index="1">Show page</label>
31 <label index="16">Edit content</label>
32 <label index="2">Edit page</label>
33 <label index="4">Delete page</label>
34 <label index="8">New pages</label>
35 <label index="1_t">Show/Copy page and content.</label>
36 <label index="16_t">Change/Add/Delete/Move content.</label>
37 <label index="2_t">Change/Move page, eg. change pagetitle etc.</label>
38 <label index="4_t">Delete page and content.</label>
39 <label index="8_t">Create new pages under this page.</label>
40 <label index="mlang_labels_tablabel">Page editing permissions</label>
41 <label index="mlang_labels_tabdescr">Setting of page permissions is vital for controlling backend user access to pages. You can assign a user and a group as owners of a page and set access permissions for each.</label>
42 <label index="mlang_tabs_tab">Access</label>
43 <label index="WorkspaceWarning">Workspace Warning</label>
44 <label index="WorkspaceWarningText">Permissions you set in the workspace are effective on the elements only &lt;em&gt;after&lt;/em&gt; they are published! If you need to set permissions which are effective right now, you must do so in the Live workspace. (Permissions are always evaluated on the Live workspace record/placeholder of a draft version)</label>
45 <label index="notSet">not set</label>
46 <label index="deleted">deleted</label>
47 </languageKey>
48 </data>
49 </T3locallang>