[TASK] Extbase: moved Release Notes to ChangeLog.txt.
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1 ChangeLog for Extbase
2 =====================
4 Changes for 1.3.0 Alpha 2
5 =========================
6 included in TYPO3 4.5.0 Alpha 2.
8 Since the last version, one (possible BREAKING) change happened:
10 * Fixed Extbase Caching Bug.
11 Non-cacheable actions were cached due to the fact that TYPO3s
12 TypoScript condition "GP" does not merge GET & POST vars.
13 Additionally "switchableControllerActions" that were overridden
14 in the plugin flexform were not taken into account.
16 !!! This is a breaking change if you set up your TS configuration
17 of the plugin manually.
19 Full Changes:
20 -------------
22 [!!!][+BUGFIX] Extbase: Fix Extbase Caching Bug (thanks to Bastian Waidelich)
24 [-TASK] Extbase (MVC): removed fallback to current page in AbstractController::redirect() as that's already done within the UriBuilder if $targetPageUid is NULL
27 Changes for 1.3.0 Alpha 1
28 =========================
29 included in TYPO3 4.5.0 Alpha 1.
31 Since the last version, the following notable things happened:
33 * All methods trying to find an object by uid now ignore the storagePid. This changes the behavior of argument mapping and the way extbase fetches 1:1 relations. Resolves #5631. You should not experience any negative side-effects of this change, i.e. if your extension worked before, it will definitely after this change. However, it makes the record handling more robust.
34 * Performance improvements in TypoScript::convertTypoScriptArrayToPlainArray. Thanks to Timo Schmidt.
35 * Numerous other bugfixes, see below.
37 Full Changes:
38 -------------
39 [~TASK] Extbase: Raised version number to 1.3.0-devel to reflect the version scheme defined in the wiki. Resolves #9152. Thanks Xavier for pointing to it.
40 [+TASK] Extbase (MVC): cleaned up View implementations and added assign() and assignMultiple() methods to ViewInterface. This resolves #9137
41 [+BUGFIX] Extbase: Fixed a small typo in extension description.
42 [+BUGFIX] Extbase (Persistence): DataMapper now mapps NULL into a property on non-existing related object instead of FALSE. Resolves #8973.
43 [+BUGFIX] Extbase (Reflection): getParentClass() in Tx_Extbase_Reflection_ClassReflection no longer causes a fatal error if no parent class exists. Resolves #8800.
44 [+BUGFIX] Extbase (Utility): Improved performance of TypoScript::convertTypoScriptArrayToPlainArray. Thanks to Timo Schmidt. Resolves #8857.
45 [~TASK] Extbase: Changed state to 'stable'. Resolves #8768.
46 [+BUGFIX] Extbase: Fixed EOL and encoding of several files. Resolves #8876.
47 [+BUGFIX] Extbase (MVC): Fixed a problem where a non-required action argument throwed Exception if it was not found in the Backend. Thanks to Marc Bastian Heinrichs. Resolves #7277.
48 [!!!][+BUGFIX] Extbase (Persistence): All methods trying to find an object by uid now ignores the storagePid. This changes the behavior of argument mapping and the way extbase fetches 1:1 relations. Resolves #5631.
49 [+BUGFIX] Extbase (Persistence): Fixed a problem where localized objects inside an aggregate are not translated. Resolves #8555.
50 [~TASK] Extbase: Removed new lines at the end of php files.
52 RELEASE NOTES of Extbase v1.0.0
53 ===============================
55 This package contains the Extbase Framework for Extensions. You may
56 also want to install the BlogExample (blog_example) to experiment
57 with. This little example extension demonstrates some of the main
58 features of Extbase. The documentation is bundled in a separate
59 extension called doc_extbase. Both, the blog_example and the
60 doc_extbase can downloaded via TER.
62 http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/blog_example/current/
63 http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/doc_extbase/current/
65 Currently Extbase is in ALPHA state. Do not expect everything in the
66 right place and shape. And keep in mind that the API may change
67 until TYPO3 v4.3beta1 is released.
69 If you have any feature requests or encountered issues regarding
70 this package please use the facilities on forge to report.
72 We are very open to answer your questions. Please use the newsgroup
74 typo3.projects.typo3v4mvc on lists.netfielders.de
76 so other developers can react to your comments and also
77 profit from the postet solutions. Do not contact a member of the
78 development team via private email (or skype, or visits, or ...)
79 until he accepted this channel. We all do coding for Extbase on
80 our sparetime and must handle our regular work load - and don't
81 forget about our families ;-).
83 We hope you have fun with this package!
85 -- Your Extbase Development Team
88 ===========================
89 git log [startRevision]..HEAD --pretty=format:"%s%n%b%n" | grep -v "^$" | grep -v "git-svn-id"
91 Verify that the merge into the Core succeeded:
92 diff -urNw --exclude=".git" --exclude=".svn" -I "@version" ../../../typo3/sysext/extbase/ .