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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
2 <T3locallang>
3 <meta type="array">
4 <description>Web&gt;List Module labels (standard module labels plus a load of labels for the List module itself).</description>
5 <type>module</type>
6 </meta>
7 <data type="array">
8 <languageKey index="default" type="array">
9 <label index="mlang_labels_tablabel">List of database-records</label>
10 <label index="mlang_labels_tabdescr">The Web&gt;List module provides low level access to records appearing on a page.</label>
11 <label index="mlang_tabs_tab">List</label>
12 <label index="clip_pasteAfter">Paste after: Clipboard content is inserted after this record</label>
13 <label index="clip_pasteInto">Paste into: Clipboard content is inserted on this page</label>
14 <label index="clip_paste">Paste in clipboard content</label>
15 <label index="clip_markRecords">Mark All/Mark none</label>
16 <label index="clip_selectMarked">Transfer the selection of records to clipboard</label>
17 <label index="clip_duplicates">Mark duplicates</label>
18 <label index="clip_editMarked">Edit marked</label>
19 <label index="clip_deleteMarked">Delete marked</label>
20 <label index="clip_deleteMarkedWarning">Are you sure you want to delete all marked records from the table '%s'?</label>
21 <label index="showInfo">Display information</label>
22 <label index="edit">Edit record</label>
23 <label index="editPage">Edit page properties</label>
24 <label index="new">New record</label>
25 <label index="newPage">Create new page after this page</label>
26 <label index="newRecord">Create new record after this record</label>
27 <label index="newRecordGeneral">Create new record</label>
28 <label index="moveUp">Move up in list</label>
29 <label index="moveDown">Move down in list</label>
30 <label index="move_record">Re-position content element</label>
31 <label index="move_page">Move page</label>
32 <label index="hide">Hide record</label>
33 <label index="unHide">Un-hide record</label>
34 <label index="hidePage">Hide page</label>
35 <label index="unHidePage">Un-hide page</label>
36 <label index="prevLevel">Move this page to the position after the current parent page (Inwards)</label>
37 <label index="nextLevel">Move this page to be a subpage of the page above (Outwards)</label>
38 <label index="delete">Delete record (!)</label>
39 <label index="history">Display change history / Un-do</label>
40 <label index="displayVersions">Display versions</label>
41 <label index="permissions">Set permissions for page</label>
42 <label index="largeControl">Extended view</label>
43 <label index="contractView">List all tables</label>
44 <label index="expandView">List only this table</label>
45 <label index="showClipBoard">Show clipboard</label>
46 <label index="editShownColumns">Edit all shown fields of the listed records</label>
47 <label index="editThisColumn">Edit the '%s' field of the listed records</label>
48 <label index="deleteWarning">Are you sure you want to delete this record?</label>
49 <label index="localization">Localization view</label>
50 <label index="defaultLanguage">Default</label>
51 <label index="multipleLanguages">All languages</label>
52 <label index="Localize">Localize to:</label>
53 <label index="viewRecords">Viewing records of</label>
54 </languageKey>
55 </data>
56 </T3locallang>