[FEATURE] Add a link to delete the deprecation log file
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / reports / reports / locallang.xlf
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <xliff version="1.0">
3 <file source-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="2011-10-17T20:22:35Z" product-name="reports">
4 <header/>
5 <body>
6 <trans-unit id="status_report_title" xml:space="preserve">
7 <source>Status Report</source>
8 </trans-unit>
9 <trans-unit id="status_report_description" xml:space="preserve">
10 <source>Get a status report about your site's operation and any detected problems.</source>
11 </trans-unit>
12 <trans-unit id="status_report_explanation" xml:space="preserve">
13 <source>Here you can find a short overview of your site's parameters as well as any problems detected with your installation. It may be useful to copy and paste this information into support requests filed on TYPO3's support mailinglists and project issue trackers.</source>
14 </trans-unit>
15 <trans-unit id="status_ok" xml:space="preserve">
16 <source>OK</source>
17 </trans-unit>
18 <trans-unit id="status_insecure" xml:space="preserve">
19 <source>Insecure</source>
20 </trans-unit>
21 <trans-unit id="status_disabled" xml:space="preserve">
22 <source>Disabled</source>
23 </trans-unit>
24 <trans-unit id="status_enabled" xml:space="preserve">
25 <source>Enabled</source>
26 </trans-unit>
27 <trans-unit id="status_enabledPermanently" xml:space="preserve">
28 <source>Enabled permanently</source>
29 </trans-unit>
30 <trans-unit id="status_enabledTemporarily" xml:space="preserve">
31 <source>Enabled temporarily</source>
32 </trans-unit>
33 <trans-unit id="status_empty" xml:space="preserve">
34 <source>Empty</source>
35 </trans-unit>
36 <trans-unit id="status_connectionFailed" xml:space="preserve">
37 <source>Connection Failed</source>
38 </trans-unit>
39 <trans-unit id="status_updateComplete" xml:space="preserve">
40 <source>Update Complete</source>
41 </trans-unit>
42 <trans-unit id="status_updateIncomplete" xml:space="preserve">
43 <source>Update Incomplete</source>
44 </trans-unit>
45 <trans-unit id="status_problemNotification" xml:space="preserve">
46 <source>One or more problems were detected with your TYPO3 installation. Please check the %sstatus report%s for more information.</source>
47 </trans-unit>
48 <trans-unit id="status_typo3" xml:space="preserve">
49 <source>TYPO3 System</source>
50 </trans-unit>
51 <trans-unit id="status_system" xml:space="preserve">
52 <source>System</source>
53 </trans-unit>
54 <trans-unit id="status_security" xml:space="preserve">
55 <source>Security</source>
56 </trans-unit>
57 <trans-unit id="status_configuration" xml:space="preserve">
58 <source>Configuration</source>
59 </trans-unit>
60 <trans-unit id="status_referenceIndex" xml:space="preserve">
61 <source>Reference Index</source>
62 </trans-unit>
63 <trans-unit id="status_memcachedConfiguration" xml:space="preserve">
64 <source>Memcached Configuration</source>
65 </trans-unit>
66 <trans-unit id="status_PhpSafeMode" xml:space="preserve">
67 <source>PHP safe_mode</source>
68 </trans-unit>
69 <trans-unit id="status_PhpMagicQuotesGpc" xml:space="preserve">
70 <source>PHP magic_quotes_gpc</source>
71 </trans-unit>
72 <trans-unit id="status_adminUserAccount" xml:space="preserve">
73 <source>Admin User Account</source>
74 </trans-unit>
75 <trans-unit id="status_encryptionKey" xml:space="preserve">
76 <source>Encryption Key</source>
77 </trans-unit>
78 <trans-unit id="status_saltedPasswords" xml:space="preserve">
79 <source>Backend user password hashes</source>
80 </trans-unit>
81 <trans-unit id="status_saltedPasswords_infoText" xml:space="preserve">
82 <source>During the configuration check of saltedpasswords the following issues have been found:</source>
83 </trans-unit>
84 <trans-unit id="status_saltedPasswords_notInstalled" xml:space="preserve">
85 <source>The saltedpasswords extension is not installed. The passwords are only hashed with md5 which is considered to be insecure. Install and configure the saltedpasswords extension and run the scheduler task to convert all passwords to salted hashes.</source>
86 </trans-unit>
87 <trans-unit id="status_saltedPasswords_notAllPasswordsHashed" xml:space="preserve">
88 <source>Some backend user passwords are found to be only md5 hashed. Run the scheduler task to convert all passwords to salted hashes.</source>
89 </trans-unit>
90 <trans-unit id="status_fileDenyPattern" xml:space="preserve">
91 <source>File Deny Pattern</source>
92 </trans-unit>
93 <trans-unit id="status_htaccessUploadProtection" xml:space="preserve">
94 <source>.htaccess Upload Protection</source>
95 </trans-unit>
96 <trans-unit id="status_installToolPassword" xml:space="preserve">
97 <source>Install Tool Password</source>
98 </trans-unit>
99 <trans-unit id="status_installTool" xml:space="preserve">
100 <source>Install Tool</source>
101 </trans-unit>
102 <trans-unit id="status_phpVersion" xml:space="preserve">
103 <source>PHP Version</source>
104 </trans-unit>
105 <trans-unit id="status_phpTooOld" xml:space="preserve">
106 <source>Your PHP installation is too old.</source>
107 </trans-unit>
108 <trans-unit id="status_phpMemory" xml:space="preserve">
109 <source>PHP Memory Limit</source>
110 </trans-unit>
111 <trans-unit id="status_phpMemoryRecommendation" xml:space="preserve">
112 <source>Depending on your configuration, TYPO3 can run with a %1$s PHP memory limit. However, a %2$s PHP memory limit or above is recommended, especially if your site uses additional extensions.</source>
113 </trans-unit>
114 <trans-unit id="status_phpMemoryRequirement" xml:space="preserve">
115 <source>Depending on your configuration, TYPO3 can run with a %1$s PHP memory limit. However, a %2$s PHP memory limit or above is required especially if your site uses additional extensions.</source>
116 </trans-unit>
117 <trans-unit id="status_phpMemoryEditLimit" xml:space="preserve">
118 <source>Increase the memory limit by editing the memory_limit parameter in the file %s and then restart your web server (or contact your system administrator or hosting provider for assistance).</source>
119 </trans-unit>
120 <trans-unit id="status_phpMemoryContactAdmin" xml:space="preserve">
121 <source>Contact your system administrator or hosting provider for assistance with increasing your PHP memory limit.</source>
122 </trans-unit>
123 <trans-unit id="status_phpPeakMemory" xml:space="preserve">
124 <source>PHP peak memory usage</source>
125 </trans-unit>
126 <trans-unit id="status_phpPeakMemoryTooHigh" xml:space="preserve">
127 <source>During a request %2$s of the memory limit was used. On %4$s a request to %5$s used %1$s of %3$s.</source>
128 </trans-unit>
129 <trans-unit id="status_phpPeakMemoryClearFlag" xml:space="preserve">
130 <source>Clear this flag</source>
131 </trans-unit>
132 <trans-unit id="status_phpRegisterGlobals" xml:space="preserve">
133 <source>PHP Register Globals</source>
134 </trans-unit>
135 <trans-unit id="status_phpRegisterGlobalsEnabled" xml:space="preserve">
136 <source>%s is enabled. TYPO3 requires this configuration directive to be disabled.</source>
137 </trans-unit>
138 <trans-unit id="status_phpRegisterGlobalsSecurity" xml:space="preserve">
139 <source>Your site may not be secure when %s is enabled.</source>
140 </trans-unit>
141 <trans-unit id="status_phpRegisterGlobalsHowToChange" xml:space="preserve">
142 <source>how to change configuration settings</source>
143 </trans-unit>
144 <trans-unit id="status_phpRegisterGlobalsPHPManual" xml:space="preserve">
145 <source>The PHP manual has instructions for %s.</source>
146 </trans-unit>
147 <trans-unit id="status_webServer" xml:space="preserve">
148 <source>Web Server</source>
149 </trans-unit>
150 <trans-unit id="status_phpModules" xml:space="preserve">
151 <source>PHP Modules</source>
152 </trans-unit>
153 <trans-unit id="status_phpModulesMissing" xml:space="preserve">
154 <source>One or more modules are missing.</source>
155 </trans-unit>
156 <trans-unit id="status_phpModulesList" xml:space="preserve">
157 <source>The following PHP module(s) is/are missing: %s.</source>
158 </trans-unit>
159 <trans-unit id="status_phpModulesInfo" xml:space="preserve">
160 <source>You need to install and enable these modules to let TYPO3 function correctly.</source>
161 </trans-unit>
162 <trans-unit id="status_phpModulesGroup" xml:space="preserve">
163 <source>one of: %s</source>
164 </trans-unit>
165 <trans-unit id="status_phpModulesPresent" xml:space="preserve">
166 <source>All required modules are installed.</source>
167 </trans-unit>
168 <trans-unit id="status_installEnabledTemporarily" xml:space="preserve">
169 <source>The Install Tool is temporarily enabled. Delete the file "%s" when you have finished setting up TYPO3. If not used the Install Tool will be disabled automatically in %s minutes.</source>
170 </trans-unit>
171 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_DeprecationLog" xml:space="preserve">
172 <source>Deprecation Log</source>
173 </trans-unit>
174 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_DeprecationLogEnabled" xml:space="preserve">
175 <source>The deprecation log tracks whether old APIs are being used in extensions. Depending on the extensions you use and whether they use deprecated APIs it can happen that the log takes up quite some space over time. The more space it takes up, the more it may affect your installation's performance. It is recommended to disable deprecation log in production environments.</source>
176 </trans-unit>
177 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_DeprecationLogFile" xml:space="preserve">
178 <source>You can find the deprecation log file at %s.</source>
179 </trans-unit>
180 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_DeprecationLogSize" xml:space="preserve">
181 <source>Your deprecation log file currently takes up %s.</source>
182 </trans-unit>
183 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_DeprecationLogDeleteLink" xml:space="preserve">
184 <source>Delete deprecation log file.</source>
185 </trans-unit>
186 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_DeprecationLogDeletedSuccessful" xml:space="preserve">
187 <source>The deprecation log file was successfully deleted.</source>
188 </trans-unit>
189 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_DeprecationLogDeletionFailed" xml:space="preserve">
190 <source>The deprecation log file could not be deleted!</source>
191 </trans-unit>
192 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_PhpSafeModeEnabled" xml:space="preserve">
193 <source>PHP INI setting safe_mode "On" is deprecated since PHP 5.3 and is not supported by TYPO3 anymore.</source>
194 </trans-unit>
195 <trans-unit id="status_configuration_PhpMagicQuotesGpcEnabled" xml:space="preserve">
196 <source>PHP INI setting magic_quotes_gpc "On" is deprecated since PHP 5.3. You are advised to set it to "Off" until it gets completely removed.</source>
197 </trans-unit>
198 <trans-unit id="status_updateTaskTitle" xml:space="preserve">
199 <source>System Status Update</source>
200 </trans-unit>
201 <trans-unit id="status_updateTaskDescription" xml:space="preserve">
202 <source>Runs a system status check and sends notifications if problems have been found.</source>
203 </trans-unit>
204 <trans-unit id="status_updateTaskField_notificationEmail" xml:space="preserve">
205 <source>Notification Email Address</source>
206 </trans-unit>
207 <trans-unit id="status_updateTaskField_notificationEmail_invalid" xml:space="preserve">
208 <source>Empty or invalid notification email address.</source>
209 </trans-unit>
210 <trans-unit id="status_updateTask_email_subject" xml:space="preserve">
211 <source>System Status Notification for site %s</source>
212 </trans-unit>
213 <trans-unit id="status_updateTask_email_site" xml:space="preserve">
214 <source>Site</source>
215 </trans-unit>
216 <trans-unit id="status_updateTask_email_issues" xml:space="preserve">
217 <source>Issues</source>
218 </trans-unit>
219 </body>
220 </file>
221 </xliff>