Changes to SVNreadme.txt part 1: Layout changes
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1 About global extensions:
2 Starting with version 4.0 of TYPO3 the directory typo3/ext/ is considered
3 locally composed and maintained. This means you can put a custom
4 collection of extensions here which you will have to maintain
5 independently of TYPO3core. Some of the old global extensions have been
6 moved to be system extensions for your convenience.
8 Notice that individual extensions might infact have their own CVS/SVN
9 project somewhere, like on, project "TYPO3 Extension
10 Development Platform" (typo3xdev).
12 Important post-checklist:
13 Follow this list IMMEDIATELY after updating sources from SVN (both core
14 and extensions):
16 - Update database: In the Install Tool, click "COMPARE" for "Update
17 required tables" in "Database Analysis" section. You might dump the
18 static tables as well, but less likely to be important
19 - "Clear temp_CACHED" files from "typo3conf/" of your sites
20 - "Clear All Cache"
21 - Using PHP-accelerator or other PHP cache? If you fatal PHP-errors,
22 always remove the cached files (eg. "/tmp/phpa_*"), restart Apache and
23 try again.
25 (Hint: Take a look at "misc/superadmin.php" script which will greatly
26 help you to maintain multiple TYPO3 installations when updating)
28 Committing changes to the core:
29 This is only allowed for members of the core team ( who is also having
30 "developer" status on SourceForge (
32 There is defined a set of rules and conditions under which to commit to
33 the core SVN. These are found in "misc/core_svn_rules.txt
35 - kasper