Fix bug/feature request #3811: Adding "ATagParams" to GMENU
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1 ************************************************************************
3 (for technical details see ChangeLog)
4 ************************************************************************
6 Installation/Upgrade
7 ====================
9 * TYPO3 4.0 ships with an empty typo3/ext folder. Sites which depend on them must reinstall this extensions.
10 * TYPO3 4.0 uses a new localization scheme (typo3conf/l10n/). To install language packs use the extension managers function for translation handling. (Exensions csh_<language> are obsolete!)
11 * TYPO3 4.0 doesn't need symbolic links anymore (on Unix systems); no more duplicate files (on Windows systems)
12 * Existing symbolic links from index.php to <TYPO3_root>/tslib/index_ts.php must be changed to <TYPO3_src>/index.php (Unix).
13 * The symbolic links from nimbus.ttf and vera.ttf to arial.ttf and verdana.ttf have been removed. If you need those fonts create the symbolic links manually (Unix) or copy the fonts (Windows).
15 New features
16 ============
18 * Workspaces: this new system extension brings offline editing to TYPO3 (using the built-in versioning) - add/change content in a "draft" workspace and publish the changes into the "live" workspace
19 * DBAL 1.0: this new system extension offers database independence (currently working with Oracle and PostgreSQL)
20 * The 1-2-3 quick install has been enhanced
21 * a new update wizard of the installer handles compatibility issues
22 * the new default RTE (rtehtmlarea) is compatible with more browsers and operating systems (Firefox, Opera; Linux, BSD, Mac OS X)
23 * "sliding" of content elements similar to TypoScript's getText level* feature (integration of extension "kb_cont_slide" by Bernhard Kraft)
24 * User admin module: switch back to admin user after user switch (SU-mode), "create new user" link
25 * System log (eg DB errors; configured via $CONF_VARS['SYS']['systemLog']
26 * Sharing of sessions between subdomains (configured via $CONF_VARS['SYS']['domainCookie'])
28 Improvements
29 ============
31 * the undo and history feature has been enhanced: rollback/preview on page and record level; history includes now inserts and deletes
32 * improved indexed search (template support, faster) - many thanks to Udo von Eynern for implementing the template support!
33 * The import/export tool now automatically resolves extension dependencies of T3D files (.t3d)
34 * the page type "external link" supports HTTPS (thanks to Marc Bastian Heinrichs)
35 * the extension manager has been overhauled and benefits from new enhancements of TER 2.0
36 * the GIFBUILDER objects may create true colour images (PNG and JPEG)
37 * typolinks and HMENUs (type "language") may preserve the query parameters
39 Usability
40 =========
42 * pages can be moved by drag and drop within the page tree (thanks to Stephane Schitter)
43 * faster context menues (implemented with AJAX)
44 * fixed fonts are used in BE configuration fields for increased readability
45 * tab indenting in BE configuration fields for enhanced layout
46 * files can be created or uploaded with buttons in the Web>List content frame
47 * improved content element wizard (eg empty categories are removed)
48 * RTE wizard has now a save-and-close button
49 * the admin panel uses HTTP GET instead of POST (no more browser warnings when reloading a previewed page)
51 Access Control
52 ==============
54 * FE-groups may now be nested (integration of extension "fenestgrp" by Glenn Gibb)
55 * pages and content elements can have more than one group assigned (integration of extension "ingmar_accessctrl" by Ingmar Schlecht)
57 Security
58 =========
60 * New option for lockSSL: get redirected to standard http after BE login with SSL
62 Accessibility
63 =============
65 * TYPO3's output is now valid XHTML (the conforming DTD is configurable)
66 * the overall DTD and the XHTML-DTD may be set indepenently (config.docytpe and config.xhtmlDoctype)
67 * output of CSS styled content is now accessible by default (mailforms, menus, sitemaps) - many thanks to Ernesto Baschny, kudos also to Sebastian Kurfuerst and Michael Stucki
68 * images have accessibility features (integration of extension "cron_cssstyledimgtext" by Ernesto Baschny)
69 * the "table" content element has now limited accessibility support (integration of extension "accessible_tables" by Rupert Germann)
70 * indexed search comes with an additional template without any HTML tables - thanks to Robert Markula and Michael Stucki
72 Configuration
73 =============
75 * the new := assignment for TypoScript allows now parse time maniplation of TS values (eg "obj.val := appendString(foobar)", "obj.list := addToList(3,5,9)")
76 * TypoScript conditions may be combined with OR and AND
78 API
79 ===
81 * loading of scripts into the default URL with index.php?eID=<key> (using this feature showpic.php has been removed from the TYPO3 root directory)
82 * TCA form fields may have custom PHP and Javascript evaluation (thanks to Thomas Hempel)
83 * TCA form fields may be set to readonly (HTML attribute)
84 * TCA fields of type "none" have new rendering options (date and other formats)
85 * Direct mail has been removed from the core (t3lib/class.t3lib_dmailer.php)
86 * the currenty XHTML-DTD setting may be queried via $GLOBALS['TSFE']->xhtmlDoctype
87 * t3lib_div::sysLog() may be used to log errors
89 Notable Bugfixes
90 ================
92 * versioning works with all MySQL versions (3.23.x and higher)
93 * the relogin popup on session timeout in BE won't appear again after clicking "No"
94 * when copying a file into the same folder in the "Filelist" module, it is automatically renamed
95 * JSMENU, editPanel and feAdmin works now with multi-byte character sets (eg UTF-8)