Added a $ sign at the end of the regular expression and fixed indenting in the new...
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 /
1 #!/bin/sh
3 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner missing_files -r -v 2 -s --AUTOFIX --YES --refindex update
4 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner double_files -r -v 2 -s --AUTOFIX --YES --refindex update
5 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner lost_files -r -v 2 -s --AUTOFIX --YES --refindex update
6 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner orphan_records -r -v 2 -s --AUTOFIX --YES
7 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner versions -r -v 2 -s --AUTOFIX --YES
8 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner deleted -r -v 1 -s --AUTOFIX --YES
9 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner missing_relations -r -v 2 -s --AUTOFIX --YES --refindex update
10 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner cleanflexform -r -v 2 -s --AUTOFIX --YES
11 ./cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_cleaner rte_images -r -v 2 -s --refindex ignore