* Added feature #7667: htmlArea RTE: Usability improvements in table operations
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / rtehtmlarea / htmlarea / plugins / TableOperations / locallang.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
2 <T3locallang>
3 <meta type="array">
4 <description>Labels for Table Operations plugin of htmlArea RTE</description>
5 <type>module</type>
6 </meta>
7 <data type="array">
8 <languageKey index="default" type="array">
9 <label index="Not set">Not set</label>
10 <label index="None">None</label>
11 <label index="Size and Headers">Size and Headers</label>
12 <label index="Headers">Headers</label>
13 <label index="CSS Style">Style</label>
14 <label index="Class:">Classes:</label>
15 <label index="Class selector">Classes</label>
16 <label index="Table class:">Table classes:</label>
17 <label index="Table class selector">Classes of the table</label>
18 <label index="Table body class:">Body:</label>
19 <label index="Table body class selector">Classes of the table body</label>
20 <label index="Table header class:">Header:</label>
21 <label index="Table header class selector">Classes of the table header</label>
22 <label index="Table footer class:">Footer:</label>
23 <label index="Table footer class selector">Classes of the table footer</label>
24 <label index="Default">Default</label>
25 <label index="Undefined">Undefined</label>
26 <label index="Alignment">Alignment</label>
27 <label index="All four sides">All four sides</label>
28 <label index="Background and colors">Background and colors</label>
29 <label index="Background:">Background:</label>
30 <label index="Baseline">Baseline</label>
31 <label index="Border style">Border style</label>
32 <label index="Border style:">Border style:</label>
33 <label index="No border">None</label>
34 <label index="Dotted">Dotted</label>
35 <label index="Dashed">Dashed</label>
36 <label index="Solid">Solid</label>
37 <label index="Double">Double</label>
38 <label index="Groove">Groove</label>
39 <label index="Ridge">Ridge</label>
40 <label index="Inset">Inset</label>
41 <label index="Outset">Outset</label>
42 <label index="Borders">Borders</label>
43 <label index="Bottom">Bottom</label>
44 <label index="Border width">Border width</label>
45 <label index="Border width:">Border width:</label>
46 <label index="Border color">Border color</label>
47 <label index="Caption:">Caption:</label>
48 <label index="Description of the nature of the table">Description of the nature of the table</label>
49 <label index="Row group">Row group</label>
50 <label index="Row group:">Row group:</label>
51 <label index="Table section">Table section to which the row belongs</label>
52 <label index="Table body">Table body</label>
53 <label index="Table header">Table header</label>
54 <label index="Table footer">Table footer</label>
55 <label index="Cell Properties">Cell Properties</label>
56 <label index="Cell Type and Scope">Cell Type and Scope</label>
57 <label index="Type of cell">Type of cell:</label>
58 <label index="Normal">Data cell</label>
59 <label index="Header">Header cell</label>
60 <label index="Specifies the type of cell">Specifies the type of cell</label>
61 <label index="Scope">Scope:</label>
62 <label index="scope_row">Row</label>
63 <label index="scope_column">Column</label>
64 <label index="scope_rowgroup">Group of rows</label>
65 <label index="Scope of header cell">Scope of the header</label>
66 <label index="Center">Center</label>
67 <label index="Character">Character</label>
68 <label index="Align on this character">Align text relative to this character</label>
69 <label index="Collapsed borders">Collapsed borders</label>
70 <label index="Color:">Color:</label>
71 <label index="Description">Description</label>
72 <label index="FG Color:">FG Color:</label>
73 <label index="Float:">Float:</label>
74 <label index="Specifies where the table should float">Specifies where the table should float</label>
75 <label index="Non-floating">Non-floating</label>
76 <label index="Frames:">Frames:</label>
77 <label index="Specifies which sides should have a border">Specifies which sides should have a border</label>
78 <label index="Height:">Height:</label>
79 <label index="Height unit">Height unit</label>
80 <label index="Table height">Table height</label>
81 <label index="Row height">Row height</label>
82 <label index="Cell height">Cell height</label>
83 <label index="How many columns would you like to merge?">How many columns would you like to merge?</label>
84 <label index="How many rows would you like to merge?">How many rows would you like to merge?</label>
85 <label index="Image URL:">Image URL:</label>
86 <label index="URL of the background image">URL of the background image</label>
87 <label index="Justify">Justify</label>
88 <label index="Layout">Layout</label>
89 <label index="Left">Left</label>
90 <label index="Margin">Margin</label>
91 <label index="Middle">Middle</label>
92 <label index="No rules">No rules</label>
93 <label index="No sides">No sides</label>
94 <label index="Cell padding:">Cell padding:</label>
95 <label index="Space between content and border in cell">Space between content and border in cell</label>
96 <label index="Please click into some cell">Please click into some cell</label>
97 <label index="Right">Right</label>
98 <label index="Row Properties">Row Properties</label>
99 <label index="Rules will appear between all rows and columns">Rules will appear between all rows and columns</label>
100 <label index="Rules will appear between columns only">Rules will appear between columns only</label>
101 <label index="Rules will appear between rows only">Rules will appear between rows only</label>
102 <label index="Rules:">Rules:</label>
103 <label index="Specifies where rules should be displayed">Specifies where rules should be displayed</label>
104 <label index="Spacing and padding">Spacing and padding</label>
105 <label index="Frame and borders">Frame and borders</label>
106 <label index="Cell spacing:">Cell spacing:</label>
107 <label index="Space between adjacent cells">Space between adjacent cells</label>
108 <label index="Summary:">Summary:</label>
109 <label index="Summary of the table purpose and structure">Summary of the table's purpose and structure</label>
110 <label index="captionOrSummary-required">Please enter at least one of caption or summary</label>
111 <label index="caption-required">Please enter a caption</label>
112 <label index="summary-required">Please enter a summary</label>
113 <label index="TO-cell-delete">Delete cell</label>
114 <label index="TO-cell-insert-after">Insert cell after</label>
115 <label index="TO-cell-insert-before">Insert cell before</label>
116 <label index="TO-cell-merge">Merge cells</label>
117 <label index="TO-cell-prop">Cell properties</label>
118 <label index="TO-cell-split">Split cell</label>
119 <label index="TO-col-prop">Column properties</label>
120 <label index="TO-col-delete">Delete column</label>
121 <label index="TO-col-insert-after">Insert column after</label>
122 <label index="TO-col-insert-before">Insert column before</label>
123 <label index="TO-col-split">Split column</label>
124 <label index="TO-row-delete">Delete row</label>
125 <label index="TO-row-insert-above">Insert row before</label>
126 <label index="TO-row-insert-under">Insert row after</label>
127 <label index="TO-row-prop">Row properties</label>
128 <label index="TO-row-split">Split row</label>
129 <label index="TO-table-prop">Table properties</label>
130 <label index="TO-table-restyle">Re-apply table styles</label>
131 <label index="TO-toggle-borders">Toggle borders</label>
132 <label index="Table Properties">Table Properties</label>
133 <label index="Text alignment:">Text alignment:</label>
134 <label index="Horizontal alignment of text within cell">Horizontal alignment of text within cell</label>
135 <label index="The bottom side only">The bottom side only</label>
136 <label index="The left-hand side only">The left-hand side only</label>
137 <label index="The right and left sides only">The right and left sides only</label>
138 <label index="The right-hand side only">The right-hand side only</label>
139 <label index="The top and bottom sides only">The top and bottom sides only</label>
140 <label index="The top side only">The top side only</label>
141 <label index="Top">Top</label>
142 <label index="Unset color">Unset color</label>
143 <label index="Vertical alignment:">Vertical alignment:</label>
144 <label index="Vertical alignment of content within cell">Vertical alignment of content within cell</label>
145 <label index="Width:">Width:</label>
146 <label index="Width unit">Width unit</label>
147 <label index="Table width">Table width</label>
148 <label index="Row width">Row width</label>
149 <label index="Cell width">Cell width</label>
150 <label index="not-del-last-cell">HTMLArea cowardly refuses to delete the last cell in row.</label>
151 <label index="not-del-last-col">HTMLArea cowardly refuses to delete the last column in table.</label>
152 <label index="not-del-last-row">HTMLArea cowardly refuses to delete the last row in table.</label>
153 <label index="percent">percent</label>
154 <label index="pixels">pixels</label>
155 <label index="em">em</label>
156 <label index="Headers:">Headers:</label>
157 <label index="Table headers">Table headers</label>
158 <label index="No header cells">No header cells</label>
159 <label index="Header cells on top">Header cells on top</label>
160 <label index="Header cells on left">Header cells on left</label>
161 <label index="Header cells on top and left">Header cells on top and left</label>
162 <label index="Make cells header cells">Make all row cells header cells</label>
163 <label index="Make cells data cells">Make all row cells data cells</label>
164 <label index="Header for column">Header cell for column</label>
165 <label index="Header for row">Header cell for row</label>
166 <label index="Header for row group">Header cell for row group</label>
167 <label index="Column Properties">Column Cells Properties</label>
168 <label index="Type of cells">Type of cells</label>
169 <label index="Type of cells of the column">Type of cells of the column:</label>
170 <label index="Specifies the type of cells">Specifies the type of cells of the column</label>
171 <label index="Data cells">Data cells</label>
172 <label index="Headers for rows">Headers for rows</label>
173 <label index="Headers for row groups">Headers for row groups</label>
174 <label index="Technische Universitat Ilmenau">Technische Universit├Ąt Ilmenau</label>
175 </languageKey>
176 </data>
177 <orig_hash type="array">
178 <languageKey index="default" type="array">
179 <label index="Not set" type="integer">163210921</label>
180 <label index="None" type="integer">112064895</label>
181 <label index="CSS Style" type="integer">29957176</label>
182 <label index="Class:" type="integer">108564327</label>
183 <label index="Class selector" type="integer">188520371</label>
184 <label index="Table class:" type="integer">82279689</label>
185 <label index="Table class selector" type="integer">146862673</label>
186 <label index="Table body class:" type="integer">213253668</label>
187 <label index="Table body class selector" type="integer">254212122</label>
188 <label index="Table header class:" type="integer">9618284</label>
189 <label index="Table header class selector" type="integer">122458764</label>
190 <label index="Table footer class:" type="integer">174883043</label>
191 <label index="Table footer class selector" type="integer">190618895</label>
192 <label index="Default" type="integer">128029197</label>
193 <label index="Undefined" type="integer">247528449</label>
194 <label index="Alignment" type="integer">174289006</label>
195 <label index="All four sides" type="integer">16317531</label>
196 <label index="Background and colors" type="integer">61070266</label>
197 <label index="Background:" type="integer">225694397</label>
198 <label index="Baseline" type="integer">172634820</label>
199 <label index="Border style" type="integer">253138112</label>
200 <label index="Border style:" type="integer">137702707</label>
201 <label index="No border" type="integer">112064895</label>
202 <label index="Dotted" type="integer">151783737</label>
203 <label index="Dashed" type="integer">246830820</label>
204 <label index="Solid" type="integer">239159307</label>
205 <label index="Double" type="integer">227581240</label>
206 <label index="Groove" type="integer">173899565</label>
207 <label index="Ridge" type="integer">245296292</label>
208 <label index="Inset" type="integer">190239509</label>
209 <label index="Outset" type="integer">99220372</label>
210 <label index="Borders" type="integer">238105858</label>
211 <label index="Bottom" type="integer">44932451</label>
212 <label index="Border width" type="integer">202622068</label>
213 <label index="Border width:" type="integer">134208757</label>
214 <label index="Border color" type="integer">226755782</label>
215 <label index="Caption:" type="integer">173808390</label>
216 <label index="Description of the nature of the table" type="integer">152710580</label>
217 <label index="Row group" type="integer">184698400</label>
218 <label index="Row group:" type="integer">77316628</label>
219 <label index="Table section" type="integer">19988192</label>
220 <label index="Table body" type="integer">71218460</label>
221 <label index="Table header" type="integer">183750203</label>
222 <label index="Table footer" type="integer">205740060</label>
223 <label index="Cell Properties" type="integer">253760836</label>
224 <label index="Cell Type and Scope" type="integer">187896160</label>
225 <label index="Type of cell" type="integer">59279939</label>
226 <label index="Normal" type="integer">85368920</label>
227 <label index="Header" type="integer">210726320</label>
228 <label index="Specifies the type of cell" type="integer">257561183</label>
229 <label index="Scope" type="integer">102986117</label>
230 <label index="scope_row" type="integer">175126138</label>
231 <label index="scope_column" type="integer">26701183</label>
232 <label index="scope_rowgroup" type="integer">61103787</label>
233 <label index="Scope of header cell" type="integer">267814496</label>
234 <label index="Center" type="integer">82966017</label>
235 <label index="Character" type="integer">124403940</label>
236 <label index="Align on this character" type="integer">221374349</label>
237 <label index="Collapsed borders" type="integer">122656109</label>
238 <label index="Color:" type="integer">263561448</label>
239 <label index="Description" type="integer">190479069</label>
240 <label index="FG Color:" type="integer">222267514</label>
241 <label index="Float:" type="integer">69520925</label>
242 <label index="Specifies where the table should float" type="integer">108767642</label>
243 <label index="Non-floating" type="integer">169566595</label>
244 <label index="Frames:" type="integer">229165132</label>
245 <label index="Specifies which sides should have a border" type="integer">40609457</label>
246 <label index="Height:" type="integer">244530626</label>
247 <label index="Height unit" type="integer">68060511</label>
248 <label index="Table height" type="integer">80685722</label>
249 <label index="Row height" type="integer">155230199</label>
250 <label index="Cell height" type="integer">51477732</label>
251 <label index="How many columns would you like to merge?" type="integer">85360030</label>
252 <label index="How many rows would you like to merge?" type="integer">179055693</label>
253 <label index="Image URL:" type="integer">56765140</label>
254 <label index="URL of the background image" type="integer">246467613</label>
255 <label index="Justify" type="integer">78915026</label>
256 <label index="Layout" type="integer">247307244</label>
257 <label index="Left" type="integer">155571682</label>
258 <label index="Margin" type="integer">159607136</label>
259 <label index="Middle" type="integer">186426191</label>
260 <label index="No rules" type="integer">214317658</label>
261 <label index="No sides" type="integer">90557450</label>
262 <label index="Cell padding:" type="integer">81605023</label>
263 <label index="Space between content and border in cell" type="integer">172243927</label>
264 <label index="Please click into some cell" type="integer">66014332</label>
265 <label index="Right" type="integer">153815495</label>
266 <label index="Row Properties" type="integer">235005676</label>
267 <label index="Rules will appear between all rows and columns" type="integer">178165269</label>
268 <label index="Rules will appear between columns only" type="integer">104284842</label>
269 <label index="Rules will appear between rows only" type="integer">154598239</label>
270 <label index="Rules:" type="integer">150084822</label>
271 <label index="Specifies where rules should be displayed" type="integer">219418022</label>
272 <label index="Spacing and padding" type="integer">137006425</label>
273 <label index="Frame and borders" type="integer">200635217</label>
274 <label index="Cell spacing:" type="integer">99196501</label>
275 <label index="Space between adjacent cells" type="integer">241930679</label>
276 <label index="Summary:" type="integer">19926918</label>
277 <label index="Summary of the table purpose and structure" type="integer">111035278</label>
278 <label index="TO-cell-delete" type="integer">144495842</label>
279 <label index="TO-cell-insert-after" type="integer">202094829</label>
280 <label index="TO-cell-insert-before" type="integer">24191980</label>
281 <label index="TO-cell-merge" type="integer">54278067</label>
282 <label index="TO-cell-prop" type="integer">113404121</label>
283 <label index="TO-cell-split" type="integer">68478671</label>
284 <label index="TO-col-delete" type="integer">259140363</label>
285 <label index="TO-col-insert-after" type="integer">229576642</label>
286 <label index="TO-col-insert-before" type="integer">216427802</label>
287 <label index="TO-col-split" type="integer">69961302</label>
288 <label index="TO-row-delete" type="integer">26785364</label>
289 <label index="TO-row-insert-above" type="integer">118938039</label>
290 <label index="TO-row-insert-under" type="integer">172129756</label>
291 <label index="TO-row-prop" type="integer">22656844</label>
292 <label index="TO-row-split" type="integer">205122167</label>
293 <label index="TO-table-prop" type="integer">47832468</label>
294 <label index="TO-toggle-borders" type="integer">50494060</label>
295 <label index="Table Properties" type="integer">33580869</label>
296 <label index="Text alignment:" type="integer">140755028</label>
297 <label index="Horizontal alignment of text within cell" type="integer">124131061</label>
298 <label index="The bottom side only" type="integer">166150482</label>
299 <label index="The left-hand side only" type="integer">250115725</label>
300 <label index="The right and left sides only" type="integer">94712872</label>
301 <label index="The right-hand side only" type="integer">254412369</label>
302 <label index="The top and bottom sides only" type="integer">203373533</label>
303 <label index="The top side only" type="integer">112720877</label>
304 <label index="Top" type="integer">173014479</label>
305 <label index="Unset color" type="integer">231364859</label>
306 <label index="Vertical alignment:" type="integer">128677513</label>
307 <label index="Vertical alignment of content within cell" type="integer">150854455</label>
308 <label index="Width:" type="integer">76336968</label>
309 <label index="Width unit" type="integer">203578597</label>
310 <label index="Table width" type="integer">58219478</label>
311 <label index="Row width" type="integer">150236203</label>
312 <label index="Cell width" type="integer">13770918</label>
313 <label index="not-del-last-cell" type="integer">46420882</label>
314 <label index="not-del-last-col" type="integer">156100342</label>
315 <label index="not-del-last-row" type="integer">224234005</label>
316 <label index="percent" type="integer">55898183</label>
317 <label index="pixels" type="integer">221878344</label>
318 <label index="em" type="integer">75378316</label>
319 </languageKey>
320 </orig_hash>
321 <orig_text type="array">
322 <languageKey index="default" type="array">
323 </languageKey>
324 </orig_text>
325 </T3locallang>