[TASK] English XLIFF files should not contain target element
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / rtehtmlarea / locallang_csh.xlf
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <xliff version="1.0">
3         <file source-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="2011-10-17T20:22:36Z" product-name="rtehtmlarea">
4                 <header/>
5                 <body>
6                         <trans-unit id=".alttitle">
7                                 <source>htmlArea RTE</source>
8                         </trans-unit>
9                         <trans-unit id=".description">
10                                 <source>htmlArea RTE is a free, open-source, ExtJS-based editor for &lt;textarea&gt; fields featuring tight integration with TYPO3.</source>
11                         </trans-unit>
12                         <trans-unit id=".details">
13                                 <source>htmlArea RTE supports the following browsers: Firefox 1.5+, SeaMonkey 1.0+, Safari 3.0.4+, Google Chrome 1.0+ and Opera 9.62+ on any platform, and Internet Explorer 6.0+ on Windows.</source>
14                         </trans-unit>
15                         <trans-unit id=".seeAlso">
16                                 <source>xEXT_rtehtmlarea_General:beUserSettings,
17                                         xEXT_rtehtmlarea_EditElement,
18                                         xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Language,
19                                         xEXT_rtehtmlarea_PlainText,
20                                         xEXT_rtehtmlarea_RemoveFormat
21                                 </source>
22                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
23                         </trans-unit>
24                         <trans-unit id="beUserSettings.alttitle">
25                                 <source>BE User settings</source>
26                         </trans-unit>
27                         <trans-unit id="beUserSettings.description">
28                                 <source>BE User settings let you specify some options of the RTE.</source>
29                         </trans-unit>
30                         <trans-unit id="beUserSettings.seeAlso">
31                                 <source>xEXT_rtehtmlarea_General:rteWidth,xEXT_rtehtmlarea_General:rteHeight,xEXT_rtehtmlarea_General:rteResize,xEXT_rtehtmlarea_General:rteMaxHeight,xEXT_rtehtmlarea_PlainText:behaviour,_MOD_user_setup</source>
32                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
33                         </trans-unit>
34                         <trans-unit id="rteWidth.alttitle">
35                                 <source>Default width of the RTE in px or %</source>
36                         </trans-unit>
37                         <trans-unit id="rteWidth.description">
38                                 <source>This option lets you specify the initial width of the RTE.</source>
39                         </trans-unit>
40                         <trans-unit id="rteWidth.details">
41                                 <source>The option specifies the width of the RTE when it is initially displayed. The width may be specified as a fixed number of pixels or as a percentage.</source>
42                         </trans-unit>
43                         <trans-unit id="rteHeight.alttitle">
44                                 <source>Default height of the RTE in px</source>
45                         </trans-unit>
46                         <trans-unit id="rteHeight.description">
47                                 <source>This option lets you specify the initial height of the RTE.</source>
48                         </trans-unit>
49                         <trans-unit id="rteHeight.details">
50                                 <source>The option specifies the height of the RTE when it is initially displayed. The height of the RTE must be specified as a fixed number of pixels not as a percentage.
51                                         The value you set should allow sufficient height for the tool bar, the editing area and the status bar of the RTE.
52                                 </source>
53                         </trans-unit>
54                         <trans-unit id="rteResize.alttitle">
55                                 <source>Make RTE resizable</source>
56                         </trans-unit>
57                         <trans-unit id="rteResize.description">
58                                 <source>This option will make RTE-enabled fields resizable. A resize handle will appear at the bottom right corner of the RTE.</source>
59                         </trans-unit>
60                         <trans-unit id="rteMaxHeight.alttitle">
61                                 <source>Maximal height of resizable RTE in pixels</source>
62                         </trans-unit>
63                         <trans-unit id="rteMaxHeight.description">
64                                 <source>The value you set should allow sufficient height for the tool bar, the editing area and the status bar of the RTE. Default value is 2000.</source>
65                         </trans-unit>
66                 </body>
67         </file>
68 </xliff>