Fixed bug #5826: indexed_search: specify media types in advanced search
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / indexed_search / pi / locallang.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
2 <T3locallang>
3 <meta type="array">
4 <description>Frontend labels for indexed search</description>
5 <type>module</type>
6 </meta>
7 <data type="array">
8 <languageKey index="default" type="array">
9 <label index="submit_button_label">Search</label>
10 <label index="opt_type_0">Distinct word</label>
11 <label index="opt_type_1">Part of word</label>
12 <label index="opt_type_2">First part of word</label>
13 <label index="opt_type_3">Last part of word</label>
14 <label index="opt_type_10">Sounds like</label>
15 <label index="opt_type_20">Sentence</label>
16 <label index="opt_defOp_0">All words (AND)</label>
17 <label index="opt_defOp_1">Any words (OR)</label>
18 <label index="opt_sections_0">Whole site</label>
19 <label index="opt_sections_-1">Only this page</label>
20 <label index="opt_sections_-2">Top + level 1</label>
21 <label index="opt_sections_-3">Level 2 and out</label>
22 <label index="opt_freeIndexUid_-1">All, mixed</label>
23 <label index="opt_freeIndexUid_-2">All, categorized</label>
24 <label index="opt_freeIndexUid_0">Pages</label>
25 <label index="opt_freeIndexUid_header_-1">Mixed categories</label>
26 <label index="opt_freeIndexUid_header_0">Website Pages</label>
27 <label index="opt_media_-1">All media</label>
28 <label index="opt_media_0">Internal pages</label>
29 <label index="opt_media_-2">All External</label>
30 <label index="opt_order_rank_flag">Weight/Frequency</label>
31 <label index="opt_order_rank_freq">Frequency</label>
32 <label index="opt_order_rank_first">Close to top</label>
33 <label index="opt_order_rank_count">Number of words</label>
34 <label index="opt_order_mtime">Date Modified</label>
35 <label index="opt_order_title">Document title</label>
36 <label index="opt_order_crdate">Creation date</label>
37 <label index="opt_group_sections">Section hierarchy</label>
38 <label index="opt_group_flat">Flat list</label>
39 <label index="opt_lang_-1">All languages</label>
40 <label index="opt_lang_0">Default</label>
41 <label index="opt_desc_0">Highest first</label>
42 <label index="opt_desc_1">Lowest first</label>
43 <label index="opt_RL1">Level 1:</label>
44 <label index="opt_RL1ALL">All pages on level 1</label>
45 <label index="opt_RL2">- Level 2:</label>
46 <label index="opt_RL2ALL">- All pages on level 2</label>
47 <label index="form_searchFor">Search for:</label>
48 <label index="form_extResume">Extended resume</label>
49 <label index="form_atATime">at a time</label>
50 <label index="form_orderBy">Order by:</label>
51 <label index="form_fromSection">From section:</label>
52 <label index="form_freeIndexUid">Category:</label>
53 <label index="form_searchIn">Search in:</label>
54 <label index="form_match">Match:</label>
55 <label index="form_style">Style:</label>
56 <label index="rules_header">Rules:</label>
57 <label index="rules_text">
58 Only words with 2 or more characters are accepted
59 Max 200 chars total
60 Space is used to split words, &quot;&quot; can be used to search for a whole string (not indexed search then)
61 AND, OR and NOT are prefix words, overruling the default operator
62 +/|/- equals AND, OR and NOT as operators.
63 All search words are converted to lowercase.
64 </label>
65 <label index="searchFor">Search for</label>
66 <label index="searchFor_or">or</label>
67 <label index="searchFor_and">and</label>
68 <label index="searchFor_butNot">but not</label>
69 <label index="noResults">NO results found.</label>
70 <label index="inSection">in the section</label>
71 <label index="inNsection">in %s section:</label>
72 <label index="inNsections">in %s sections:</label>
73 <label index="word_page">page</label>
74 <label index="word_pages">pages</label>
75 <label index="unnamedSection">Other</label>
76 <label index="link_regularSearch">Regular search</label>
77 <label index="link_advancedSearch">Advanced search</label>
78 <label index="res_path">Path:</label>
79 <label index="res_modified">Modified:</label>
80 <label index="res_created">Created:</label>
81 <label index="res_size">Size:</label>
82 <label index="res_noResume">Note: This search hit may not accurately match the content on this page. The page resume cannot be shown.</label>
83 <label index="res_otherMatching">Other matching pages in the same document:</label>
84 <label index="res_otherPageAsWell">INFO: There was another page indexed as well... Probably indexed with another or no usergroup.</label>
85 <label index="res_memberGroups">Require membership of group numbers %s</label>
86 <label index="pi_list_browseresults_prev">&lt; Previous</label>
87 <label index="pi_list_browseresults_page">Page</label>
88 <label index="pi_list_browseresults_next">Next &gt;</label>
89 <label index="pi_list_browseresults_display">Displaying results ###TAG_BEGIN###%s to %s###TAG_END### out of ###TAG_BEGIN###%s###TAG_END###</label>
90 <label index="local_operator_AND">AND</label>
91 <label index="local_operator_OR">OR</label>
92 <label index="local_operator_NOT">NOT</label>
93 <label index="makerating_addToCurrentSearch">Add to current search words</label>
94 <label index="maketitle_matches">matches</label>
95 <label index="ignoreExtensions">Extension %s was set to be ignored.</label>
96 <label index="pdfToolsNotFound">PDF tools was not found in paths '%1$spdftotext' and/or '%1$spdfinfo'"</label>
97 <label index="pdfToolsDisabled">PDF tools disabled</label>
98 <label index="pdfToolsFailed">PDFtoText Failed on this document: '%s'. Maybe the PDF file is locked for printing or encrypted.</label>
99 <label index="catdocNotFound">'catdoc' tool for reading Word-files was not found in path '%scatdoc'</label>
100 <label index="catdocDisabled">catdoc tools (Word-files) disabled</label>
101 <label index="ppthtmlNotFound">'ppthtml' tool for reading Powerpoint-files was not found in path '%sppthtml'</label>
102 <label index="ppthtmlDisabled">ppthtml tools (Powerpoint-files) disabled</label>
103 <label index="xlhtmlNotFound">'xlhtml' tool for reading Excel-files was not found in path '%sxlhtml'</label>
104 <label index="xlhtmlDisabled">xlhtml tools (Excel-files) disabled</label>
105 <label index="unzipNotFound">'unzip' tool for reading was not found in path '%sunzip'</label>
106 <label index="unzipDisabled">unzip tool ( disabled</label>
107 <label index="unrtfNotFound">'unrtf' tool for reading RTF-files was not found in path '%sunrtf'</label>
108 <label index="unrtfDisabled">unrtf tool (RTF-files) disabled</label>
109 <label index="extension.PDF">PDF (*.%s)</label>
110 <label index="extension.DOC">MS Word (*.%s)</label>
111 <label index="extension.PP">MS Powerpoint (*.%s)</label>
112 <label index="extension.XLS">MS Excel (*.%s)</label>
113 <label index="extension.SXC"> Calc (*.%s)</label>
114 <label index="extension.SXI"> Impress (*.%s)</label>
115 <label index="extension.SXW"> Writer (*.%s)</label>
116 <label index="extension.ODS">ODF Spreadsheet (*.%s)</label>
117 <label index="extension.ODP">ODF Presentation (*.%s)</label>
118 <label index="extension.ODT">ODF Text (*.%s)</label>
119 <label index="extension.RTF">Rich Text Format (*.%s)</label>
120 <label index="extension.images">Images (*.%s)</label>
121 <label index="extension.HTML">Webpages (*.%s)</label>
122 <label index="extension.TXT">Textfiles (*.%s)</label>
123 <label index="extension.CSV">Comma-Separated Values (*.%s)</label>
124 <label index="extension.XML">Extensible Markup Language (*.%s)</label>
125 </languageKey>
126 </data>
127 </T3locallang>