[TASK] Further improvements for the site configuration
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / backend / Resources / Private / Language / siteconfiguration_fieldinformation.xlf
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <xliff version="1.0" xmlns:t3="http://typo3.org/schemas/xliff">
3         <file t3:id="1522923345" source-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="2015-01-02T11:16:11Z" product-name="backend">
4                 <header/>
5                 <body>
6                         <trans-unit id="site.identifier">
7                                 <source>This name will be used to create the configuration directory. Mind the recommendations for directory names (only a-z,0-9,_,-) and make it unique.</source>
8                         </trans-unit>
9                         <trans-unit id="site.base">
10                                 <source>Main URL to call the frontend in default language.</source>
11                         </trans-unit>
12                         <trans-unit id="site.baseVariants">
13                                 <source>This allows you to specify variants of the site's base. Can be used, for example, if you have a different domain for your staging environment.</source>
14                         </trans-unit>
15                         <trans-unit id="site_language.base">
16                                 <source>Use / To use keep the main URL as configured at field Entry Point. Add language specific suffixes to use those, or configure complete URLs for independent domains.</source>
17                         </trans-unit>
18                         <trans-unit id="site_language.locale">
19                                 <source>Should be something like de_DE or en_US.UTF-8</source>
20                         </trans-unit>
21                         <trans-unit id="site_language.typo3Language">
22                                 <source>Select the language to be used from translation files. Keep default if no translation files are available.</source>
23                         </trans-unit>
24                         <trans-unit id="site_errorhandling.errorCode">
25                                 <source>Make sure to have at least 0 (not defined otherwise) configured in order to serve helpful error messages to your visitors.</source>
26                         </trans-unit>
27                         <trans-unit id="site_errorhandling.errorFluidTemplate">
28                                 <source>Path to the fluid template file given by absolute, relative path (from site root) or by referring the template file inside an extension with "EXT:" prefix.</source>
29                         </trans-unit>
30                         <trans-unit id="site_errorhandling.errorPhpClassFQCN">
31                                 <source>Fully qualified class name to a class that implements the PageErrorHandlerInterface.</source>
32                         </trans-unit>
33                         <trans-unit id="site_base_variant.base">
34                                 <source>For example staging.domain.tld or www.domain.local</source>
35                         </trans-unit>
36                         <trans-unit id="site_base_variant.condition">
37                                 <source>Expression to match this base variant.</source>
38                         </trans-unit>
39                 </body>
40         </file>
41 </xliff>