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1 ************************************************************************
2 CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS between TYPO3 4.2 and 4.3
3 (for technical details see ChangeLog)
4 ************************************************************************
6 General
7 =======
9 * TYPO3 requires PHP 5.2 now
11 * Support for OpenID auhentication with a new system extension for both FE and BE.
12 Any user with a valid OpenID identifier may log in when the OpenID authentication
13 is successful.
15 * The JavaScript framework ExtJS was integrated as common widget library. This
16 collection offers developers an easy but powerful option to create nice looking
17 user interfaces by reusing predefined objects. For example, ExtJS supports grid
18 views, dialog windows and dynamic panels. It is currently used in the TYPO3 Core
19 for the dialog showing that a session in the backend has expired and for the
20 new recycler.
22 * The JavaScript libraries are updated to prototype and 1.8.2.
24 * Integration of RSA Authentication Service: Using a the public-key cryptography allows
25 to transfer sensitive data over a secure channel, even if the website does not support
26 HTTPS. This feature allows to store password data as salted hash value. The RSA
27 authentication service can be used in frontend and backend by enabling the system
28 extension rsaauth.
29 Note: The service requires either the openssl PHP extension, or the openssl binary.
31 * Integration of PHP Autoloader: This feature allows to have only those files in memory
32 that are really required for an accordant application. The performace improves
33 dramatically. The PHP files are looked up using a registry file returns a simple array
34 mapping PHP class names to accordant file names:
35 + t3lib/core_autoload.php contains all classes in t3lib/tslib or the TYPO3 Core
36 + [extension_key]/ext_autoload.php contains all classes of that TYPO3 extension
38 * Extbase and Fluid integration: Extbase and Fluid are backports from FLOW3 to bring MVC
39 and a very flexible templating engine to TYPO3 4.x. Extbase can be used in TYPO3 4.3 for
40 frontend extensions only. The techniques used by these two packages are the same as in
41 FLOW3/TYPO3 5.0 - thus, it's possible to develop future-proof extensions now and migrate
42 them easily when TYPO3 5.0 is released.
44 * Cookies of frontend and backend sessions can now be used with flags to protect the session id.
45 These settings for 'cookieSecure' and 'cookieHttpOnly' can be defined in the Install Tool:
46 + cookieSecure: Indicates that the cookie should only be transmitted over a secure HTTPS
47 connection from the client. If set to 1 (force HTTPS), the cookie will only be set if
48 a secure (HTTPS) connection exists - use this in combination with lockSSL since otherwise
49 the application will fail and throw an exception! If set to 2, the cookie will be set in
50 each case, but uses the secure flag if a secure (HTTPS) connection exists.
51 + cookieHttpOnly: When enabled the cookie will be made accessible only through the HTTP
52 protocol. This means that the cookie won't be accessible by scripting languages, such as
53 JavaScript. This setting can effectively help to reduce identity theft through XSS attacks
54 (although it is not supported by all browsers).
56 Backend
57 =======
59 * Extension Manager: You can now set a new option "excludeFromUpdates" in every
60 extensions' ext_emconf.php array. This way, it is a) not shown in the
61 list of extensions to update and b) is shown a exclamation mark in order to
62 prevent updates for this extension. This is very useful if you made local changes
63 to an extension and don't want any admin to overwrite them.
65 * The TypoScript editor "t3editor" was enhanced with code-completion. Now you get
66 context-sensitive suggestions about possible properties while entering TypoScript.
68 * The recycling of deleted records is improved since most elements were not removed
69 physically in TYPO3. The recycler offers the possibilities of cleaning up the garbage
70 collection and to restore data again. Based on an ExtJS interface it's possible to
71 get a quick overview of the accordant elements, filter the resultset and execute the
72 desired actions. This new feature is the modernized and core-specific version of the
73 kj_recycler extension, that has been available in the TER for years now.
75 * The permissions on file operations can now be set on a per-group basis. New back-end
76 users now don't have any file permissions by default, since this has moved to back-end
77 user groups and will apply automatically for each new group being created.
78 The default settings for new groups are the following:
79 + Move, delete, rename and create new directories
80 + Upload, copy, move, delete and rename files
81 + Unzip files
83 * The popup telling an user that his session has expired was replaced by a dialog window.
85 * The workspace selector has been turned to an item in the toolbar menu.
87 * It is now possible to disable versioning and workspaces by un-installing the extension
88 "version" which is no longer a required extension. If "version" is not installed all
89 versioning and workspace related controls are removed from the backend user interface.
90 Not installing "version" will improve the backend performance because a lot of database
91 operations are not needed anymore.
93 * The elements shown when creating new content elements (like "regular text element" etc.)
94 can be configured, modified and extended by Page TSconfig "mod.wizards.newContentElement".
96 * The tables shown when creating new records in the Web>List module are grouped by their scope
97 or extension now. The order can be modified by Page TSconfig "mod.wizards.newRecord.order".
99 * Elements on each table in the Web>List module can be collapsed or expanded now.
100 In the view showing a single table with many elements, a pagination helps to
101 get through them.
103 * Uploading files is now available with an optional Flash Uploader which shows a
104 nice widget with information on the upload progress. It makes it possible to select
105 multiple files at once. Enable the Flash Uploader by checking the appropriate checkbox
106 in the User Setup, reload the Backend and make sure that your browser has the
107 latest version of Flash (Flash v9+) installed.
109 * It is possible now to temporarily lock down the backend for system maintenance. Editors
110 will see an overlay with an message notifying them that the backend is locked. When the
111 lock is removed, editors can continue without having to re-login.
112 The lock is enabled by placing this file:
113 typo3conf/LOCK_BACKEND
115 * The backend gateway for manipulating files (uploading, renaming, copying) TCEfile is now
116 separated from the file typo3/tce_file.php and put in a new file and class in
117 typo3/classes/class.typo3_tcefile.php. There is now also a new AJAXid (TYPO3_tcefile::process)
118 to use this functionality in AJAX-based environments as well.
120 * The backend login page is now localized. The language for the login page where no
121 user-defined language is available yet is detected by the preferred browser language. If you
122 have previously changed the login labels via $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['loginLabels'] then
123 these will be used, however it is recommended to overload the XML file with your own XML file
124 and $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['locallangXMLOverride']['EXT:lang/locallang_login.xml']. These will
125 only be used once you remove the altered "loginLabels" configuration option from
126 typo3conf/localconf.php.
128 * The extension "gabriel" has been integrated into the TYPO3 core as system extension "scheduler".
129 It provides a centralized way of defining scheduled, recurring tasks, with a convenient
130 interface to manage them (BE module). The aim is to have a single cron job which just launches
131 the Scheduler, which in turn takes care of executing all due tasks.
132 Extension developers are strongly encouraged to turn their existing cron scripts
133 into Scheduler tasks.
135 * The appearance and behavior of localized records in the backend on copy, move and deleting
136 records has been improved. Actions performed to a record in the default language will now
137 concern the accordant localization records as well.
139 * TypoScript conditions have been possible in the frontend for a long time. This release adds
140 support for conditions in PageTSconfig and UserTSconfig so the same functionality is available
141 in both the frontend and backend now. Due to performance reasons evaluation of TSconfig
142 conditions can be disabled in the Install Tool with $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['TSconfigConditions].
144 Frontend
145 ========
147 * A new content element "MEDIA" that allows one to easily handle audio and video data has been integrated.
148 The element is delivered with default players which can be configured for specific demands. Besides that,
149 theese players can be replaced by others if required.
151 * The message log of the admin panel will report failures to set the locale
153 * Integrated functionality of extension jb_status_code into core:
154 It is now possible to specify a redirection code (301, 302, 303 or
155 307) together with a domain redirection in a sys_domain record.
157 * Added option named "additionalAbsRefPrefixDirectories" for Frontend in the Install tool.
158 This option is useful if the installation uses non-TYPO3 applications and links to
159 them from extensions. Earlier TYPO3 prepended only media/, typo3conf/ext/ and
160 fileadmin/ directories automatically with config.absRefPrefix. Using the new variable
161 administrators can tell TYPO3 to prepend also other directories inside the site root
162 with config.absRefPrefix.
164 * Added new Install tool option named "dbClientCompress". This option will
165 enable MySQL compression for network traffic. This is useful if
166 MySQl is not on the same host as the web server. Do not use this option if MySQL
167 is on the same host because it will only slow down the process. However if MySQL
168 is on another host, this option may improve performance significally.
170 * CSS styled content was split into separate files for each compatibility versions of TYPO3
171 (3.8, 3.9, 4.2 and current). When including the static template of css_styled_content,
172 a specific version must be chosen (also see Compatibility below).
174 * The GIFBUILDER now supports automatic line breaks by defining a maximum width of the
175 element to be rendered. The new TypoScript properties are "breakWidth" and "breakSpace".
177 * Image rendering now cuts off the profile data of images by default to reduce file sizes.
178 This behaviour can be modified or disabled by changing [GFX][im_stripProfileCommand] in
179 the install tool or by setting the TypoScript property "stripProfile" on IMAGE objects.
181 * cHashes now use the full md5 hash instead of the short hash previously calculated by
182 t3lib_div::shortMD5(). This reduces the risk of duplicate hashes, which could happen
183 in large web sites. However this may cause compatibility issues with some extensions
184 (see Compatibility below).
186 Compatibility
187 =============
189 * A deprecation log has been introduced to track calls to deprecated/outdated methods
190 in the TYPO3 Core. Developers have to make sure to adjust their code to avoid using
191 this old functionality since deprecated methods will be removed in future TYPO3 releases!
192 The information can be found in /typo3conf/deprecation_[hash-value].log
193 The install tool has a setting "enableDeprecationLog" that allows one to disable the logging of
194 deprecation messages since the file might grow quite fast depending on the extensions installed.
196 * If you use the caching framework it is not possible anymore to query the cache tables directly.
197 Any extension that needs the new caching framework has to make sure that it is initialized by
198 calling t3lib_cache::initializeCachingFramework().
200 * The simulateStaticDocument functionality (URLs like "MyPage.13.0.html" instead of "index.php?id=13")
201 was extracted and put to a separate system extension "simulatestatic".
203 * The frontend editing functionality was extracted into a separate system extension "feedit".
205 * The help modules "about" and "cshmanual" were extracted into separate system extensions with the same name.
207 * As mentioned in "Frontend" CSS styled content has been split into several files.
208 The update wizard can switch the versions of the static includes by refering to
209 the TYPO3 compatibility version.
211 * As mentioned in "Frontend", cHash use full-length md5 now. This has an impact on extensions
212 that make use of the cHash, like RealURL or the Crawler. Make sure to update those extensions
213 to their latest version.
215 * As mentioned in "Backend", the extension "version" is no longer "required" and therefore it
216 will not be installed by default anymore if you update an existing site. If you use
217 versioning and workspaces you have to re-enable it after the update by installing it with
218 the extension manager or with the update wizard in install tool.
220 * The DOM object identifiers in Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE) have been changed
221 from "data[<pidOfParentRecord>][<parentTable>][<parentId>][<parentField>]..."
222 to "data-<pidOfParentRecord>-<parentTable>-<parentId>-<parentField>..."
224 Development
225 ===========
227 * t3lib_div::makeInstance now supports singletons. To mark a class as a
228 singleton it must implement the t3lib_singleton interface.
230 * A new caching framework has been added. It allows extensions to store temporary data
231 transparently to different cache back ends (database, file system or memory).
232 Due to its flexibility the caching framework is a bit slower than the native database
233 caching, therefore it is disabled by default. If you use a multi-machine environment where
234 you can distribute the caches over multiple servers the caching framework can be
235 way faster than the native native database caching.
237 * Frontend plugins now can convert themselves from USER to USER_INT on the fly. This
238 is useful for plugins who can disallow caching using a TSConfig option (for example,
239 tt_news). Earlier plugins had to use $GLOBALS['TSFE']->set_no_cache(), which caused
240 huge performance problems. Now plugin simply need to call
241 $this->cObj->convertToUserIntObject() and return immediately without generating any
242 content.
243 Objects can find their current execution mode by calling $this->cObj->getUserObjectType().
244 This function can return either tslib_cObj::OBJECTTYPE_USER (if object runs as USER)
245 or tslib_cObj::OBJECTTYPE_USER_INT (if object is running as USER_INT). Here the code
246 example:
247 function main() {
248 ....
249 if (!$this->conf['allowCaching'] && $this->cObj->getUserObjectType() == tslib_cObj::OBJECTTYPE_USER) {
250 $this->cObj->convertToUserIntObject();
251 return '';
252 }
254 * Class tslib_eidtools is enhanced with new methods for eID/AJAX applications:
255 static function initLanguage($language = 'default');
256 Creates $GLOBALS['LANG'] for the given language
257 static function initTCA();
258 Loads 'ctrl' sections for TCA tables from all installed extensions
259 static function initExtensionTCA($extensionKey);
260 Similar to initTCA() but loads the table only for the given extension
262 * Class t3lib_extMgm has new methods to enhance palettes:
263 t3lib_extMgm::addFieldsToAllPalettesOfField($table, $field, $addFields, $insertionPosition = '');
264 Adds new fields to all palettes of an existing field.
265 t3lib_extMgm::addFieldsToPalette($table, $palette, $addFields, $insertionPosition = '');
266 Adds new fields to a palette.
268 * A random byte generator has been added to t3lib_div::generateRandomBytes() which can
269 be used for cryptographic operations in the TYPO3 Core or in any other extension.
271 * A page rendering class (t3lib_PageRenderer), that relies on a template file, has been added for frontend and
272 backend disposal. The rendering object allows one to manage JavaScript and stylesheet data inside a document
273 structure. Besides that there are hooks to compress and concatenate JavaScript and stylesheet information.
275 TypoScript changes
276 ==================
278 * New properties to handle JavaScript and stylesheet data for rendering a page are available. It is possible to
279 define the place inside a document for inclusion (e.g. header and footer), wrap them with conditional comments,
280 and many more possibilites (see TSref PAGE.includeCSS and PAGE.includeJS for more details).
282 * Custom sub categories can be used in TypoScript constants like the following:
283 #customsubcategory=limits=LLL:EXT:devlog/locallang.xml:limits
285 Database changes
286 ================
288 * The database tables cache_hash, cache_pagesections and cache_pages have been
289 changed due to a move to the new caching framework.
291 * Reference indexes storing table names have been extended from 40 to 255 chars
293 * The database table pages_language_overlay was extended by several fields to
294 support an alternative URL or a shortcut dependent on localization.
296 * The field t3ver_label has been extended from 40 to 255 chars in the tables
297 pages, pages_language_overlay, sys_template and tt_content.
299 DBAL
300 ====
302 * ...
305 Backend skin
306 ============
308 * ...
311 Speed improvements
312 ==================
314 * TYPO3 4.3 is the first TYPO3 version that is faster than it's predecessor. This has
315 achieved by constantly monitoring performance impacts of all changes in the core.
317 * PHP classes for frontend plugins are now loaded only if they are used to render
318 content by enabling the "includeLibs" property also for USER objects in TypoScript.
319 In the past, all available class files for frontend plugins were loaded so this new
320 feature increases performance by reducing memory consumption.
322 * TYPO3 now enables client caching of JavaScript, CSS and image files by using .htaccess
323 files in various directories. This may cause problems if mod_expires is not enabled
324 in the Apache configuration. See the FAQ section in the INSTALL.txt about disabling
325 these files if necessary.
327 * There's a new $EM_CONF parameter called "doNotLoadInFE". When set it will prevent
328 TYPO3 from adding the extension's ext_localconf.php and ext_tables.php to the
329 temp_CACHED files when rendering frontend content. Technically this is done by
330 adding an additional list of extensions to localconf.php ($TYPO3_CONF_VARS['extListFE'])
331 which contains only a subset of all installed extensions. This list is only used
332 when rendering frontend content. Since this list is shorter
333 than the list of all extensions this will result in 2 new temp_CACHED_FE* files which are
334 smaller than the files containing all extensions settings. This can save some
335 precious milliseconds when delivering content.
337 * The amount of database queries is reduced using the "treelist cache". Thus, the frontend
338 renders a bit faster due to this optimization.
341 Important bugfixes
342 ==================
344 * ...
346 Currently unsupported
347 =====================
349 * Missing features concerning the disposal of Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE)
350 -> Workspaces and Versioning are currently not supported
351 -> FlexForms using the TCA type 'inline' are currently not supported/tested
352 -> Import/Export (sysext tx_impexp) might not work correctly in special cases