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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <xliff version="1.0">
3         <file source-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="2011-10-17T20:22:32Z" product-name="context_help">
4                 <header/>
5                 <body>
6                         <trans-unit id=".description" xml:space="preserve">
7                                 <source>Static templates are a centrally distributed TypoScript library. You should never change these values.</source>
8                         </trans-unit>
9                         <trans-unit id=".details" xml:space="preserve">
10                                 <source>The Static templates are meant to be included by your TypoScript Template records depending on your needs. Refer to the 'TSref' document (see below) for details on this process.
11 Notice that by each release of TYPO3 you should reinstall the Static Templates table by the install tool. See the 'Install/Upgrade' document for details (see below).</source>
12                         </trans-unit>
13                         <trans-unit id="_.seeAlso" xml:space="preserve">
14                                 <source>sys_template
15 TSref | http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/doc_core_tsref/
16 TypoScript by Example | http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/doc_core_tsbyex/
17 Install/Upgrade | http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/doc_inst_upgr/,
18 sys_template:include_static</source>
19                         </trans-unit>
20                         <trans-unit id="_.image" xml:space="preserve">
21                                 <source>EXT:context_help/cshimages/static.png</source>
22                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
23                         </trans-unit>
24                         <trans-unit id=".image_descr" xml:space="preserve">
25                                 <source>The static templates are located in the page tree root where only the Admin users can access them. However they are read-only by default so you can only look at their content, not change it.</source>
26                         </trans-unit>
27                         <trans-unit id="title.description" xml:space="preserve">
28                                 <source>Template Title. Will be visible in the list of static templates in Template Records</source>
29                         </trans-unit>
30                         <trans-unit id="constants.description" xml:space="preserve">
31                                 <source>TypoScript Constants field</source>
32                         </trans-unit>
33                         <trans-unit id="_constants.seeAlso" xml:space="preserve">
34                                 <source>sys_template:constants</source>
35                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
36                         </trans-unit>
37                         <trans-unit id="config.description" xml:space="preserve">
38                                 <source>TypoScript Setup code field</source>
39                         </trans-unit>
40                         <trans-unit id="_config.seeAlso" xml:space="preserve">
41                                 <source>sys_template:config</source>
42                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
43                         </trans-unit>
44                         <trans-unit id="include_static.description" xml:space="preserve">
45                                 <source>Inclusion of other static templates</source>
46                         </trans-unit>
47                         <trans-unit id="description.description" xml:space="preserve">
48                                 <source>Description of the static template record.</source>
49                         </trans-unit>
50                         <trans-unit id="editorcfg.description" xml:space="preserve">
51                                 <source>Editor Configuration - used to configure Stylesheet editor.</source>
52                         </trans-unit>
53                 </body>
54         </file>
55 </xliff>