[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / rtehtmlarea / extensions / Abbreviation / locallang_csh.xlf
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <xliff version="1.0" xmlns:t3="http://typo3.org/schemas/xliff">
3         <file t3:id="1415980845" source-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="2011-10-17T20:22:35Z" product-name="rtehtmlarea">
4                 <header/>
5                 <body>
6                         <trans-unit id=".alttitle" xml:space="preserve">
7                                 <source>htmlArea RTE &gt; Abbreviation</source>
8                         </trans-unit>
9                         <trans-unit id=".description" xml:space="preserve">
10                                 <source>The "Abbreviation" dialogue allows to associate an abbreviation to a term.</source>
11                         </trans-unit>
12                         <trans-unit id=".details" xml:space="preserve">
13                                 <source>Clicking the "Insert abbreviation" icon in the RTE tool bar opens a dialogue that allows to insert an abbreviation or to edit one that already exists in the content.
14 Any existing abbreviation is underlined with a broken line and the cursor changes to a question mark when the mouse goes over it.
15 The dialogue allows to associate an abbreviation to a term. The abbreviation may be selected among abbreviations that have been pre-defined in the database or may be entered directly in the dialogue.</source>
16                         </trans-unit>
17                         <trans-unit id=".image" xml:space="preserve">
18                                 <source>EXT:rtehtmlarea/Resources/Public/Images/Plugins/Abbreviation/abbreviation.gif</source>
19                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
20                         </trans-unit>
21                         <trans-unit id=".image_descr" xml:space="preserve">
22                                 <source>"Insert abbreviation" icon in the editor tool bar.</source>
23                         </trans-unit>
24                         <trans-unit id=".seeAlso" xml:space="preserve">
25                                 <source>xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Abbreviation:preDefinedAbbreviation,
26 xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Abbreviation:unabridgedTerm,
27 xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Abbreviation:abridgedTerm,
28 xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Abbreviation:language,
29 xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Abbreviation:termToAbridge,
30 xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Abbreviation:useThisTerm
31 tx_rtehtmlarea_acronym</source>
32                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
33                         </trans-unit>
34                         <trans-unit id="preDefinedAbbreviation.alttitle" xml:space="preserve">
35                                 <source>Pre-defined abbreviations</source>
36                         </trans-unit>
37                         <trans-unit id="preDefinedAbbreviation.description" xml:space="preserve">
38                                 <source>This section lets you select abbreviations already defined in the database.</source>
39                         </trans-unit>
40                         <trans-unit id="preDefinedAbbreviation.seeAlso" xml:space="preserve">
41                                 <source>tx_rtehtmlarea_acronym</source>
42                         </trans-unit>
43                         <trans-unit id="preDefinedAcronym.alttitle" xml:space="preserve">
44                                 <source>Pre-defined acronyms</source>
45                         </trans-unit>
46                         <trans-unit id="preDefinedAcronym.description" xml:space="preserve">
47                                 <source>This section lets you select acronyms already defined in the database.</source>
48                         </trans-unit>
49                         <trans-unit id="preDefinedAcronym.seeAlso" xml:space="preserve">
50                                 <source>tx_rtehtmlarea_acronym</source>
51                         </trans-unit>
52                         <trans-unit id="unabridgedTerm.alttitle" xml:space="preserve">
53                                 <source>Unabbreviated term</source>
54                         </trans-unit>
55                         <trans-unit id="unabridgedTerm.description" xml:space="preserve">
56                                 <source>Select the unabbreviated form of the term.</source>
57                         </trans-unit>
58                         <trans-unit id="unabridgedTerm.details" xml:space="preserve">
59                                 <source>The selected term will be set as the title attribute of the abbreviation (or acronym) element.</source>
60                         </trans-unit>
61                         <trans-unit id="abridgedTerm.alttitle" xml:space="preserve">
62                                 <source>Abbreviation</source>
63                         </trans-unit>
64                         <trans-unit id="abridgedTerm.description" xml:space="preserve">
65                                 <source>Select the short form of the term.</source>
66                         </trans-unit>
67                         <trans-unit id="language.alttitle" xml:space="preserve">
68                                 <source>Language</source>
69                         </trans-unit>
70                         <trans-unit id="language.description" xml:space="preserve">
71                                 <source>Select the language for which the abbreviation is defined.</source>
72                         </trans-unit>
73                         <trans-unit id="language.details" xml:space="preserve">
74                                 <source>The selected language will be set as the language attribute of the abbreviation (or acronym) element.
75 If a pre-defined abbreviation (or acronym) is selected, the language for which it is defined, if any, is initially selected.</source>
76                         </trans-unit>
77                         <trans-unit id="termToAbridge.alttitle" xml:space="preserve">
78                                 <source>Term to abbreviate</source>
79                         </trans-unit>
80                         <trans-unit id="termToAbridge.description" xml:space="preserve">
81                                 <source>This section lets you enter a term for which the current selection will be the short form.</source>
82                         </trans-unit>
83                         <trans-unit id="useThisTerm.alttitle" xml:space="preserve">
84                                 <source>Use this term</source>
85                         </trans-unit>
86                         <trans-unit id="useThisTerm.description" xml:space="preserve">
87                                 <source>Enter the term that you want to associate as the unabbreviated form of the current selection.</source>
88                         </trans-unit>
89                         <trans-unit id="useThisTerm.details" xml:space="preserve">
90                                 <source>The entered term will be set as the title attribute of the abbreviation (or acronym) element.</source>
91                         </trans-unit>
92                 </body>
93         </file>
94 </xliff>