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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
2 <T3locallang>
3 <meta type="array">
4 <description>Labels for DB int module</description>
5 <type>module</type>
6 </meta>
7 <data type="array">
8 <languageKey index="default" type="array">
9 <label index="menu">[ MENU ]</label>
10 <label index="recordStatistics">Record Statistics</label>
11 <label index="totalPageTree">Total Page Tree</label>
12 <label index="databaseRelations">Database Relations</label>
13 <label index="fullSearch">Full search</label>
14 <label index="findFilename">Find filename</label>
15 <label index="manageRefIndex">Manage Reference Index</label>
16 <label index="rawSearch">Raw search in all fields</label>
17 <label index="advancedQuery">Advanced query</label>
18 <label index="selectRecords">Select records</label>
19 <label index="countResults">Count results</label>
20 <label index="explainQuery">Explain query</label>
21 <label index="csvExport">CSV Export</label>
22 <label index="xmlExport">XML Export</label>
23 <label index="clickToUpdateRefIndex">Click here to update reference index:</label>
24 <label index="updateNow">Update now!</label>
25 <label index="clickToTestRefIndex">Click here to test reference index:</label>
26 <label index="referenceIndex_description">TYPO3's reference index keeps track of the relations between records. As it can happen that the reference index contains outdated values, you can check and update it here.</label>
27 <label index="referenceIndex_buttonUpdate">Update reference index</label>
28 <label index="referenceIndex_buttonCheck">Check reference index</label>
29 <label index="checkNow">Check now!</label>
30 <label index="checkScript_headline">Using the command line interface</label>
31 <label index="checkScript">You can also run the check as a shell script using CLI if the processing takes longer than the PHP max_execution_time allows.</label>
32 <label index="checkScript_check_description">To check the reference index use:</label>
33 <label index="checkScript_check_example">php /path/to/your/typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_refindex -c</label>
34 <label index="checkScript_update_description">To update the reference index use:</label>
35 <label index="checkScript_update_example">php /path/to/your/typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh lowlevel_refindex -e</label>
36 <label index="checkScript_more">Make sure that a BE user with the name _cli_lowlevel exists. For more details see: /path/to/your/typo3/sysext/lowlevel/HOWTO_clean_up_TYPO3_installations.txt</label>
37 <label index="checkScript_information">If you run these commands from the command line, make sure that a BE user with the name _cli_lowlevel exists.</label>
38 <label index="checkScript_moreDetails">For more details see:</label>
39 <label index="updateRefIndex">Update reference index</label>
40 <label index="showSQL">Show SQL parts</label>
41 <label index="useFormattedStrings">Use formatted strings, labels and dates instead of original values for results</label>
42 <label index="dontUseOrigValues">Don't use original values in brackets as prefix for labelled results</label>
43 <label index="sortOptions">Sort selectbox-options for relations by label and not by value</label>
44 <label index="showDeleted">Show even deleted entries (with undelete buttons)</label>
45 <label index="searchOptions">Search options:</label>
46 <label index="result">Result:</label>
47 <label index="tables">Tables:</label>
48 <label index="references">references:</label>
49 <label index="isMissing">is missing!</label>
50 <label index="referencedFrom">Referenced from:</label>
51 <label index="enterRegexPattern">Enter regex pattern:</label>
52 <label index="searchButton">Search</label>
53 <label index="pattern">Pattern</label>
54 <label index="beingChecked">being checked...</label>
55 <label index="directories">Dirs:</label>
56 <label index="directoriesTooDeep">ERROR: Directories deeper than the following number of levels:</label>
57 <label index="files">Files:</label>
58 <label index="matchingFiles">Matching files:</label>
59 <label index="notChecked">not checked.</label>
60 <label index="searchingForFilenames">Searching for filenames:</label>
61 <label index="fixLostRecord">Click to move this lost record to rootlevel (pid=0)</label>
62 <label index="doktype">Document types:</label>
63 <label index="doktype_value">Document types (value)</label>
64 <label index="pages">Pages:</label>
65 <label index="total_pages">Total number of pages:</label>
66 <label index="deleted_pages">Marked-deleted pages:</label>
67 <label index="hidden_pages">Hidden pages:</label>
68 <label index="count">Count</label>
69 <label index="label">Label</label>
70 <label index="tablename">Table name</label>
71 <label index="total_lost">Records total / lost</label>
72 <label index="relations">Relations:</label>
73 <label index="relations_description">This will analyse the content of the tables and check if there are 'empty' relations between records or if files are missing from their expected position.</label>
74 <label index="files_many_ref">Files referenced from more than one record:</label>
75 <label index="files_no_ref">Files with no references at all (delete them!):</label>
76 <label index="files_no_file">Missing files:</label>
77 <label index="select_db">Select fields:</label>
78 <label index="group_db">Group fields:</label>
79 <label index="tree">The Page Tree:</label>
80 <label index="tree_description">This shows all pages in the system in one large tree. Beware that this will probably result in a very long document which will also take some time for the server to compute!</label>
81 <label index="records">Records Statistics:</label>
82 <label index="records_description">This shows some statistics for the records in the database. This runs through the entire page-tree and therefore it will also load the server heavily!</label>
83 <label index="search">Search whole Database</label>
84 <label index="search_description">This searches through all database tables and records for a text string.</label>
85 <label index="filesearch">Search all filenames for pattern</label>
86 <label index="filesearch_description">Will search recursively for filenames in the PATH_site (subdirs to the website path) matching a certain regex pattern.</label>
87 <label index="refindex">Check and update global reference index</label>
88 <label index="refindex_description">Allows you to maintain the reference index kept by TYPO3.</label>
89 <label index="title">Database integrity check</label>
90 </languageKey>
91 </data>
92 </T3locallang>