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1 ************************************************************************
2 CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS between TYPO3 4.3 and 4.4
3 (for technical details see ChangeLog)
4 ************************************************************************
6 General
7 =======
9 * TYPO3 requires PHP 5.2 now
11 * The static templates for some basic designs that were part of the TYPO3 Core since TYPO3 3.5 are now moved to a system extension that is not included by default. If you are using one of these templates (GLUECK, GREEN, CANDIDATE etc) or one of the old table-based layouts for rendering content (like content (default) or plaintext rendering), make sure to install the system extension via the TYPO3 Installer.
13 * The RTE has undergone major changes as UI components have been transformed into ExtJS widgets:
14 1. The RTE framework becomes an ExtJS Panel comprising the toolbar, the iframe, the textarea and the status bar. All components are ExtJS objects.
15 2. When BE textareas are resizable, the framework is resizable as a whole. In the FE, the framework is always resizable.
16 3. The toolbar dropdowns become ExtJS ComboBoxes.
17 4. The context menu becomes a configurable ExtJS Menu.
18 5. Color palettes become ExtJS ColorPalettes.
19 6. All dialogue windows become ExtJS windows.
21 * The install tool is visually refactored and updated. It has now a different look&feel when accessing from outside the TYPO3 Backend and from within to be integrated better in the backend. Also, the 1-2-3 installer process is now cleaned up to be in sync with the new UI elements. There is a new hook in the installing process that allows to add or modify the existing steps in the installer to add more configuration options to a custom TYPO3 installation.
23 * The task center module in the TYPO3 Backend has undergone a complete refactoring, both visually and code-wise.
25 * Automatic version-numbers of CSS and JS files to avoid caching problems: This feature provides automatic numbering of CSS and JS files using the files modified timestamp. This way the file reference will change when a CSS or JS files is changed, and by this the browser and proxy will re-cache the file. Can be configured to include the timestamp within the the filename (before .ext) or as a parameter to the file (default).
26 If versioning is done inside the filename (by setting $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[BE][versionNumberInFilename] to true) you need this line as the first rewrite rule in .htaccess:
27 # Rule for versioned static files (see $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[BE][versionNumberInFilename])
28 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
29 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
30 RewriteRule ^(.+)\.(\d+)\.(php|js|css|png|jpg|gif)$ $1.$3 [L]
31 Developers can use this API for versioning of files in their own backend mods, by calling t3lib_div::createVersionNumberedFilename or using the core API for including files in the page renderer class.
33 * CSS and JS are compressed now. This means that they are concatenated to a single file. This will reduce the count of request drastically, which ends up in faster loading and better performance.
34 If compressionLevel is configured ($TYPO3_CONF_VARS[TYPO3_MODE]['compressionLevel'] = 1 [1-9 for compression level or TRUE for enable]) they will be served with gzip. Be sure to uncomment the needed configuration in your .htaccess, also found in misc/advanced.htaccess.
36 Backend
37 =======
39 * Skins now have to register themselves by adding an entry $TBE_STYLES['skins'][$_EXTKEY]. By default, all CSS files from subdirectories stylesheets/structure/ and stylesheets/visual/ are included, additional directories can be added by setting $TBE_STYLES['skins'][$_EXTKEY]['stylesheetDirectories'].
41 * The TYPO3 Backend was moved into an ExtJS Viewport. This is one of the first steps in a sequence to ExtJSify the complete backend. Currently this gives you the possibility to create your own left sidebar (like the pagetree) in your backend modules. Also you can extend the viewport easily with own code to create e.g. a collapsable module menu. More Informations can be found in the TYPO3 Wiki and the official ExtJS viewport documentation. See these links: and
43 * Inline Records (IRRE Elements) are now loaded on demand, which is only when they are opened. This should speed up the editing process drastically.
45 * The t3editor code completion DB was updated to reflect the latest additions. Also the syntax highlighting engine was now extracted from the system extension so it can be used in other places of the TYPO3 Core as well.
48 Frontend
49 ========
51 * Indexed search no longer puts a double wrap around search rules in the advanced search form. This may require style changes if a default indexed search is used.
53 * The system extensions "CSS Styled Content" (css_styled_content) and "Frontend User Login" (felogin) now have new manuals that reflect the current state of the extension.
56 Compatibility
57 =============
59 * ...
62 Development
63 ===========
65 * In t3lib_extMgm there is now a way to retrieve the version of an extension through the method getExtensionVersion($extensionKey).
67 * t3lib_div now provides the constants LF, CR, CRLF and TAB which can be used to improve code readability.
69 * The ExtDirect Specification was implemented in the Backend of TYPO3. You can use it in your own backend modules. Details about the specification can be found in the TYPO3 Wiki and on the ExtJS site. See the links: and
71 * There are new hooks available for you to use: t3lib_page::getRecordOverlay, t3lib_page::getPageOverlay, several new hooks in the impexp extension, alt_doc::makeEditForm() to enable further access-restrictions, in tslib_fe::settingLanguage(), in tslib_menu for further filtering of menu items
73 * The newly introduced Flash messages in TYPO3 4.3 are now also available as JavaScript messages done by ExtJS and available in the global TYPO3 backend JS space.
75 * There is now a new API for sending emails t3lib_utility_Mail::mail() that serves as a proxy for the PHP mail() function, and is now the recommended way for sending emails, in order to have a central place to use a different mailing engine.
77 * The debug in BE was enhanced. There is a new debug console, which will show each debug in a single tab. The console will pop up as soon a debug statement is present.
79 * We now a new API in place to generate HTML <span> tags with corresponding CSS classes in order to display previously created sprite images in the right background position. Make sure to have a look at "t3lib_iconWorks::getSpriteIconForRecord($table, $row)", "t3lib_iconWorks::getSpriteIconForFile('myimage.png')", and "t3lib_iconWorks::getSpriteIcon('actions-document-open')".
82 TypoScript changes
83 ==================
85 * It is now possible to configure an alternative "parameter" for filelinks when using jumpURLs
88 Database changes
89 ================
91 * ...
95 ====
97 * It is now possible to use the 1-2-3 installer process to configure a website running MSSQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL as TYPO3 database. TYPO3 automatically detects available database drivers and presents them in a convenient driver dropdown list.
100 Backend skin
101 ============
103 * ...
106 Speed improvements
107 ==================
109 * When editing records in the TYPO3 Backend, Inline Records (IRRE Elements) are now loaded on demand, which is only when they are opened. This should speed up the editing process drastically.
112 Important bugfixes
113 ==================
115 * ...
117 Currently unsupported
118 =====================
120 * Missing features concerning the disposal of Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE)
121 -> Workspaces and Versioning are currently not supported
122 -> FlexForms using the TCA type 'inline' are currently not supported/tested
123 -> Import/Export (sysext tx_impexp) might not work correctly in special cases