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1 *******************************************
2 TODO LIST for the Core of TYPO3.
4 Maintained by Kasper
5 Do not modify without permission!
6 *******************************************
8 [@KASPER: ALSO SEE MY MAIL FOLDERS about Core development!]
11 General Backend:
12 - CHECK: What is the number of supported page levels? 20 or 100?
13 - Feature: "admin" can click a button which wipes out all record-lockings. (Message-Id: <200301281752.23246.mundaun@gmx.ch>)
14 - Feature: Controlling access to function menu modules as well (thus we could have a user-module inside ?Template? which could edit the constants field) (including workspace access)
15 - Feature: Web >plugins removed
16 - Substitute "->include_once[] = ...." with "require_once()" directly in classes - BUT the problem is that class files accesses $TYPO3_CONF_VARS (for XCLASS inclusion) and that is not accessible from the function including the script unless "global $TYPO3_CONF_VARS" is set before inclusion. THEN all XCLASSes of that class will break!!!
17 - Check the source for "require_once()" calls inside of methods and make sure "global $TYPO3_CONF_VARS" are set before (also update CGL document).
18 - Backend Interface: Dont show edit icons if editing cannot be performed due to recordEditAccessInternals() / editlock for pages (pid)
19 - class.t3lib_dmailer.php into direct_mail module?
20 - Avoiding the symlinks in core?
21 - GETll can be configured to show the label key so wrong labels can quickly be changed (using the key to find label in translator interface)
22 - lock cHash to id as well (otherwise spamming cache-table can be done with a series of cHash values/parameters and traversing known page ids)
24 TCEmain
25 (Related: DBint, User Admin module, logging-display, TCEforms, Web>List)
26 - Clean-up and commenting of the class.
28 - Note: No charset conversion is done in TCEmain. It is expected that the content enters TCEmain in the charset of the backend in general.
30 - Rewrite log-display, support writing to text-files, syslog on unix (API?)
31 - Reports/Monitoring: Show/send-by-email daily reports over accumulated activity (grouped by workspace/user/pagetree section/modules etc) [Richard at Dassault wanted this]
32 - Activity of individual users in a summary form
33 - Activity in branches of a page tree
34 - Activity in a workspace
35 - Finish the logging of TCEmain actions (delete/copy)
36 - Versioning: sys history/sys_log track the "uid" of a record and version swapping will invalidate the integrity of this! How to deal with?
37 - Centralized logging:
38 - Create an extension which shows how the log data can be stored in a) database, b) files
39 - extension "logit" / PEAR::log package?
41 - Implement kill/restore of "deleted" records.
42 - Record Reference tracking in a table in TCEmain
43 - Tracks DB-references, Files and softrefs (including in FlexForms)
44 - Index is generated per record with an API call (both fe/be), making it easy to maintain it and possible to completely regenerate it
45 - Used for:
46 - Check before deletion that a record is not used?
47 - Used by applications (like TemplaVoila) where it is hard to track references in FlexForms
48 - Used for import/export module and anywhere else where we are looking up references!
49 - Basis for integrity checks
50 - clearing caching more effectively
51 - Could be used for MM look-ups on those "unfortunate" comma-list fields?
52 - Offers API to "fix references" if a record carries lost references
53 - Offers way to map a reference to another one ("search/replace")
54 - Offers way to compare actual references in record and those indexed so we can see if there was inconsistency
55 - Record clean-up functionality
56 - Remove references to deleted records (also deleted-to-recycler records? Maybe "deleted-to-recycler" references are important to remove in order to make sure "recycler" records are not selected!) (refs to MM for both tables/files)
57 - Remove references to lost files etc.
58 - Cleaning FlexForm XML according to the current DS (old XML garbage might be left if DS changed)
59 - Versioning:
60 - Flush old versions (requires general clean-up features to be complete!)
61 - Check for "lost" versions during swap?
63 - Permission API: Used for any DB-element in system (See Sune Vestergaards suggestion)
64 - More flexible setting of permissions
65 - Additional checks apart from read/edit/new/delete etc.
66 - Permissions for any record
67 - Can work in conjunction with current page permissions or simply work instead of them.
68 - Access Lists?
69 - CHECK: That permissions are properly evaluated, especially:
70 - Languages (there was a bug proved)
71 - Workspaces / Versioning
72 - Moving of records (source/destination PIDs)
73 - Security in tcemain: Uploaded/Attached files are allowed to be in ONLY a relative path OR in the "lockDir"!
74 - Roles (ideas about adding roles to the permission concept of TYPO3):
75 - There could be, say, 4 default roles: author, editor, administrator, developer
76 - Users can be assigned "membership" of a role (basically a "role" is like a hardcoded "user-group")
77 - Like you can configure database fields in TCA to be an "excludeField" you could also configure which ROLES can edit the field.
78 - Possibly each role could assign membership of some groups.
79 - Tools > User Admin:
80 - Features helping to configure roles/users?
81 - Versioning:
82 - Backend user access to elements is based on the access restrictions for the official element (except pages?). This must be implemented on core level.
83 - TCEforms/TCEmain available for frontend
84 - Makes portal features easier to create
85 - A rewrite of TCEmain might help very much!
87 - Support for submitting dates in non-UNIX-time format (eg. DD-MM-YYYY) (is there a PHP function to which you can directly pass something like "DD-MM-YYYY" and then it will clean it all up? Or convert?
88 - Recyclebin: If an item is deleted and is NOT in the recyclebin, then move it (all pages to the root of) the closest recyclebin (in a rootline pid AND with write permissions) in the pagetree. If that is not present, then delete normally. If you delete anything in a recycle bin, it's totally deleted.
89 - Implement field evaluation in TCEmain: Evaluate min/max? Checking references exists?
90 - Implement a feature, "max_number_of_records_in_pid" which means the TCEmain will check if a number of records of a kind has been exceeded for the page.
91 - "Pattern-control" for relation fields? (See "APPENDIX: PATTERN-control") Probably create an API by which you can do your own evaluating, return true/false, return an error message.
92 - "Tree-tables": Adding TCA-feature which can describe a field being a internal_pid for the table so tables can be listed as a tree in Web>List (and for TCEmain this means that copying an element). "parent" items. Rene needs this for "categories". See (Message-Id: <200212201257.24705.r.fritz@colorcube.de>)
93 - Support for "grouping": - eg. tt_content elements are grouped by "column" + "language". But copy/cut operations must understand this. And Web>List should reflect this as categorizing.
94 - "child records" - records which MUST be related to another table - and will be moved along with the main record if moved.
95 - Implement *real* record locking?
96 - Configure on a per-table basis
97 - For instance, the TCEforms will render non-editable fields for ordinary users, while editable fields for "admin" users still
98 - Should the check be done only in TCEforms - or also in TCEmain?
99 - If an input value in the data array is NOT a string/integer but an array then just serialize this array and store (thus allowing customly build forms from PHP scripts to submit hierarchical information)
100 - Could be solved by PRE-processing of content in user functions!
101 - Implement "last_edited_by" field saving the BE-user UID just like tstamps are... (JH asked)
102 - Transformation API: Implement the possibility of custom to/from transformations for the "user" type (or any field?)
103 - Selector box type:
104 - MM support for strings
105 - Support for MM-records which does NOT get deleted, but is kept... and then support for having data in those!! NOTE 3/12 04: This will cause severe problems in the import/export interface and probably many other places where the MM relations are stored only as the uid of another table and nothing more. That makes it impossible to track the record in the middle....
106 - Support that the content of a single field can be stored in an external file instead.
107 - Support that a list of fields can be stored in an external XML file instead.
108 - "uniquePerField"
109 - used for pages_overlay_records "pid"
110 - used for "tt_content"/"sys_language_uid", field "l18n_parent"
111 - Having references on the form [uid : filereference/] for fall-back abilities.
112 - BUG:
113 - if a file is uploaded (directly in the form) and there is an upper limit to the number of files which is then exceeded, the uploaded file is STILL copied to the upload folder and will thus be listed as "Files with no references at all (delete them!):"
114 - TCEmain: If there is a comma in the filename supplied as an uploaded file it will confuse the handling of files because the comma is also used to split the filename from each other. (29/04/2003). This is a problem with Inter-Photo Netprint where files uploaded by FTP with comma in the name will not be attached as they should. I think the solution should be found in TCEmain so any filename can be supplied as uploaded.
115 - "editlock" is only implemented for pages at the moment which it should be so for records according to TYPO3 Core API.
116 - IDEA: check for potential dangerous php-extension
119 TCEmain/TCEforms for FlexForms:
120 - Permissions handled per-field in FlexForms?
121 - What to do if data structure was not found? (Both TCEmain, TCEforms, templavoila_pi1, t3lib_transferdata)
122 - block the creation of FlexForm in FlexForm inside TCEforms.
123 - ['pi_flexform']['config']['ds'] must be set to some default message making sense!
124 - Other XML formats for DS: - API / services?
125 - xml2array - supporting looking for <>&" and if found wrapping in CDATA instead! (or maybe for multiline values?)
126 - TCEmain features:
127 - mapping values to a plain-text search field(s)
128 - Offering API functions for add/delete/move/copy/paste of FlexForm elements/sections
129 - Copy/Paste API for references? (see TemplaVoila page-module pioneer work)
130 - Possibility to write the XML data values into a table instead (see Marc Schlingers idea, stored on paper in my red organizer).
131 - TCEforms:
132 - Support for checkboxes which can expand/collapse sections/containers? fold-in, fold-out, passing a list of fields to show (with sub-levels for horizontal display).
133 - Visual interface for forms, DHTML for sheets etc, various sheet modes, language menu form.
134 - Fix the JavaScript in TCEform which keeps track of REG/CM images and required values etc. These things does not work for flex forms yet!
135 - Add many "types" of sections at a time when "add new"
136 - NiceToHave: Attaching an image to the Data Structure. This image is a preview of what the data structure can create. When rolling over the image you can have the form fields highlighted which affects the area. (by a red border or so...)
137 - visual: Table with condition in top header, condition value column + block column. Not user supplied. -> OR just a selector box deciding what is shown below!? (possibly "ALL")
138 - Displaying partial branch of the data structure (and to a certain level)
139 - FlexForms cannot be possible if the record is not saved? No, should be ok, BUT a data source can of course not be referenced from another field since that fields value is NOT actually there! So only for fixed references to flex form definitions can this be done.
140 - If you have a multiple selector field (or checkbox array) an array of objects could be forced to reflect exactly the fieldnames there 1-1 thus giving us configuration option possibilites per field! For newloginbox extension: You set up a selector box with multiple choice where you can select fields from the fe_users table to display. In an array of elements in the DS you configure that the VALUE of that field is dictating that the same number of objects should be shown for configuration of each field. A "hidden" value would point each object to which value from the field it was for! The same would be very useful for M-M lists of records.
141 - Implement CSH for FF fields.
142 - Localization of FlexForms:
143 - Permissions for specific language as well!
144 - Using DHTML tabs for langChildren = 0, making something else for langChildren = 1
146 TCEforms:
147 - Support for right-aligned charsets?
149 - GENERAL:
150 - Customized display of a field, possibly passing an array with code that should be displayed and then people can themselves put it together from PHP? (possible already?)
151 - Ability to set up user functions for pre and post processing of the data? (possible already?)
152 - API for adding JS-functions to the onchange-event. (possible already?)
153 - Make STORAGE_FOLDERs a LIST of pages - not just one page (still the first page could be the default while other pages will be where stuff is selected from).
154 - Workspace-ReadOnly flag for fields
155 Should be set for all fields which are used in where clauses in frontend. (Enables fields would candidate for example, but they must be handled otherwise since we WANT to be able to change those in new versions)
156 - Generally for fields: $TCA[$table]['ctrl']['languageField'] and $TCA[$table]['ctrl']['transOrigPointerField']
157 - field: pages_language_overlay:sys_language_uid
158 - field: pages:doktype (used for selection many places!) - but then we cannot make mounts points etc! (?)
159 - SELECT type:
160 - Ability to see icon/image from record of selected value in the selector box.
161 - IFRAME alternative for the selectorboxes where a HTML view can be shown. Possibly having an external script show the content which would be useful for display of tree-tables.
162 - Reflect possible tree-structure for records in Select/Items list.
163 - a way to grant read for the selectors without displaying the storagefolder in the treeview?
164 - CHECK: "multiple" feature, single, sorted and non-sorted selections.
165 - making copies of select fields etc - check that remapped records are OK treated (with foreign/neg_foreign + free string values)
166 - Letting one selectorbox set another hidden fields value apart from its own? [USE: When selecting a template, that also sets the DS value! (Thus a template is always selected!)]
167 - Exclude field selection better, in a tree? (in IFRAME, could be cool!)
168 - BUG: itemsArrayProcFunc only active IF there is an array! Shouldn't it be in any case?
169 - set the width of the selector field(s)
170 - GROUP type:
171 - [file] FILE-REFERENCES: allow the selection of files from the system to be added as REFERENCES, not copies!
172 - upload option to the folder specified in TCA
173 - Subfolders for uploads/ as well, detecting the first (#) a-z0-9 letters) (For large amounts of files!)
174 - Storing files with "a3#FILENAME.jpg" which indicates a subdirectory.
175 - In the thumbnail list add the Edit and view icons as in the good old days.
176 - BUG: By the way, isn't there a bug in the listing of the thumbnails of records?
177 - Nested records:
178 - Group-fields of DB-type could be made to actually SHOW the records it contains in the very same form! Possibly with Add/Delete facilities. (JH asked)
179 - IFRAME alternative for Element Browser.
180 - set the width of the selector field(s)
182 - "readonly" flag, or user group dependant. See "Message-Id: <200210241441.50295.r.fritz@colorcube.de>"
183 - ? type:
184 - "Inverse relations"/"Foreign relations": A "Pseudo field", which lists records REFERING TO this record (foreign relations, eg. many small price-records belonging to ONE shop-article). Possibly this could also EDIT those references (attaching/adding new, removing old, no manual ordering though! - This is what RENE is doing (Message-Id: <E17LO4D-0002hj-00@cube.colorcube>)
185 - Concealed password fields, support for two fields with the same password being submitted... (JavaScript evaluated?)
186 - BUGS:
187 - Ask to save record when you want to add a category with the "Plus" icon.
188 - CHECK: ###STORAGE_PID### incorrectly calculated?
189 - DONE?: Support for label for main palette: (Rene: Message-Id: <200210011646.10346.r.fritz@colorcube.de>)
191 Element Browser:
192 - Support for DAM
193 - RTE API integration (rte_images + browselinks)
194 - Support for browsing custom category-trees (passed by some PHP script)
195 - Support for deleting files in the listing there.
196 - Disable thumbnail option for faster display. (Already done?)
197 - Element Browser configurable a) without the page tree but hardcoded to specific PID, b) just default PID (possibly able to override from TSconfig)
198 - Selecting files from other resource-fields of records (which the user can actually read) - maybe with the Element Browser, browsing for record, clicking it, seeing a list of files inside the record?)
199 - Ability to insert images when their info page (larger thumbnail) is displayed. Maybe a small + (plus) icon would do. (Notify Patrick Roeder)
200 - Some quick-lookup feature (like we have on TER)
201 - Showing more than the title column for records listing and making it possible to sort by the columns.
202 - BUG: fix bug when used as "wizard" for link fields!
203 - Support realurl paths translation to IDs?
204 - Implementing a hook so "realurl" can intercept the "Edit page ID" field in the shortcut frame and allow people to paste in a URL from the website which will be analysed to find the page id from the URL
205 - Implementing a hook similar to this, but used in the RTE link selector box (browse_links.php) so a link to a page can be made in the same way. Such an interface will just link to the page if an ID could be found, otherwise tell that the URL din't have a page id associated with it.
206 - Link selector: Disabling target box for selectors directly to HREf fields (DS case with templates...)
208 Wizards:
209 - Add wizard icon to TSconfig and Setup/Constants fields for immediate syntax highlighting (in popup window)
210 - Add wizard icon to see/clean up FlexForm data? Convert language mode?
211 - Wizard for editing FlexForm DS XML!
213 Kickstarter:
214 - Update kickstarter so new great options are not wastefully never known.
216 Usability / Interface:
217 - Review general backend logic
218 - TCEform presentation
219 - How tables fields are currently organized for eg. pages, tt-content etc. and if Tabs should be used more for some of those (example "Standard" / "Advanced" pages)
220 - Skin (WinXP skin, what difference would that heretic idea make?)
221 - Showing in "frameset-modules" which submodule you are currently inside. And ability to change submodule in the rightmost frame anyways - maybe as a panel in top of the pages (must be cached so all submodules must not be loaded each time...)?
222 - Ability to create another Main/sub module structure in the backend (Daniel H: Message-ID: <BAB9A920.E95D%daniel@typo3.com>)
223 - Change order, level, title, icon.
224 - Use User TSconfig... and allow someone to create an extension to visually create a TSconfig output
225 - Links could be going directly to the function menus inside modules as well!
226 - Review Skinning API:
227 - Better backend HTML?
228 - More consistent re-use of classes / icons?
230 Localization:
231 [See "Localization workflow" below]
233 Versioning/Workspaces:
234 [See "Versioning/Workspaces" below]
236 Context Sensitive Help (CSH):
237 - Add multimedia?
239 WEB main module/page tree:
240 - Option: For a frameset module, register the ID per sub-module, not just globally (JH asked)
242 Web>List:
243 - Add "New" to the clickmenu of eg. "be_users" (non-sorted items) when you want to copy a user into the list.
244 - Add email function where you can 0) send email to single records email field, 1) all records on the clipboard, 2) all emails in a list of shown records, 3) all records in the PID. By emailing you can select to receive a copy yourself. Backend user must have name/email configured as from/reply-to/return-path information. Mails can be sent Bcc,CC or seperately. Can be used for lightweight newsletter feature! Maybe implement through some API to the Web>List module.
245 - Page-tree-stop: Click on red "+" brings forth some kind of browser (list of pages, browseable, Web>List module feature?)
246 - Add flag to TCA/[interface] which keeps a table from being listed in the list module. Probably an option which allows the display for admin-users. (Already made?)
247 - Check that permissions are respected for the buttons in the control-panel of the List module (including for workspaces)
248 - Why is web>list slow on new typo3.org?
249 - Support for "grouping": - eg. tt_content elements are grouped by "column" + "language". This should be reflected in the LISTING order (before ordered by the "sorting" column) OR maybe in a hierarchical display?
250 - Support for tree-tables (that can be browsed).
251 - Support for a "tree-group" -> a chain of tables which are displayed in a tree since each table has a config for a parent field in a former table. (Eg. DS: brand -> domain -> product).
252 - Support for display of relations: Files, 1-M, M-M
253 - FlexForm tree view / editing:
254 - When a record contains a FlexForm the web>List module could display the fields inside in a nice tree structure which one could expand/collapse! Then by clicking "edit" for a brand you get an interface where you can edit *that branch* of the flexform! Brilliant way to manage large structures inside of flexforms!
255 - Can you picture it? That would be like expanding an XML document by a node-tree and add/edit/delete/rearrange any of the internal informational pieces!
257 File>List:
258 - BUG: UNIX: "RW" flag looks only on the permissions for the USER - not the group. So even if PHP via the group of a file can delete it, it is reported that it cannot. (Already made?)
259 - Adding possibility to show files recursively (more levels), filter on a file name, search file content
260 - From click-menu: Access to index files with indexed-search / create a "Indexing configuration" record for that folder / Initiate indexing of the "Indexing Configuration" for folder
262 History/Undo:
263 - Undo must be able to restore attached files as well
264 - Should be possible to disable for certain tables (can it be done already with TSconfig?)
265 - Delete saved states (and save whole record content).
267 EM:
268 - Display: review-flag + link to review - cannot be overridden?
269 - Display: After import, link to Install/Details.
270 - Display: Better filtering, quicker listing
271 - Feature: [suggested by robert] resolving of dependencies like in apt-get (Debian package manager). Necessary extensions can be downloaded and installed automatically (idea: create dummy extension which depends on several extensions and acts like a package of extensions)
272 - Feature: EM suggest clear-cache af scripts?
273 - Install: Extensions which can point the import/export to a directory with import-files.
274 - Install: Getting from TER only already installed extensions.
275 - Install: Flag: "Import ext"; "Show non-secure extensions" (show ALL ext., not only reviewed ones)
276 - Upload: emconf.php should have the md5-part updated when upload to TER
277 - CHECK: Better failure-tolerance when "fatal errors" occur in ext_localconf/ext_tables.php files!?
278 - CHECK: Can Install Tool bypass including ext_localconf/ext_tables if there are errors in them?
279 - BUG: EM-extMgm: caching af localconf + extTables configuration in ARRAY? Plus ?ndringer til API specs. (problem when those files includes classes etc... probably not possible)
280 - BUG: Clear cache files should remove ALL "temp_CACHED_*" files in typo3conf/ (not just the current two)
281 - BUG: Download of extensions (compressed...) will sometimes NOT get the same MD5 key after being saved (with any browser it seems) as shown at the download link. Origin of error not know. Please help if you encounter the problem.
283 The REGEX-{} problem:
284 - BUG: Regexs; "Warning: Unmatched \{ in /home/sites/site14/typo3_src-3.5b3/typo3/mod/tools/em/index.php on line 1983" which is a ereg with { WITHOUT preceeding slash! (Message-ID: <003c01c275aa$c0c60c10$e3a1a33e@pentiumriv4v9a>, Message-ID: <20030729082437.79900.qmail@web11305.mail.yahoo.com>)
285 - Should be fixed by "[{]..." instead!
287 Filepermissions of source:
288 - Test that these permissions work OK:
289 - chmod 555 typo3_src/ -R
290 - cd typo3_src/typo3/
291 - chmod 755 ext/
293 SQLengine (t3lib_sqlengine):
294 - Finish t3lib_sqlengine
295 - Test and compare against MySQL lookups
296 - XMLdb: Lave table locks
297 - Open Office / CSV tests (proof-of-concept)
303 *******************************
304 Versioning/Workspaces:
305 *******************************
307 Frontend Preview:
308 - BUG: New pages, setting to hidden are still displayable and shown in menu!
309 ? - tslib_content::getPidList(); TEST Mount points / Use offline UID values for "page" swapmodes; This is probably more natural for preview cases.
310 ? - versionOL() implementations missing:
311 - tslib_pibase::pi_getCategoryTableContents()
312 - tslib_content::checkPidArray()
313 - tslib_content::checkPid()
314 - tslib_content::exec_mm_query()/-_uidList() [These seems NOT to be used anymore!]
315 - In tslib_fe, this->contentPid is set to "_ORIG_UID" when a versionized page have swapmode set to "0". However this is not completely correct to do: Strictly the "_ORIG_UID" value should be used for tables where "versioning_followPages" is set and for others not. However this is a working quick-fix to display content elements at least!
316 - t3lib_page::getPageOverlay() - because pages_language_overlay records have "versioning_followPages" set this should be observed when selecting language overlay records. But should it be hardcoded or something better?
318 Backend preview:
319 - Permissions reflected in buttons and clickmenus.
320 - Logging:
321 - Finally define logging in tcemain!
323 TCEmain commands:
324 - copy:
325 - copying versions:
326 - with references in workspace?
327 - "Page" types?
328 - "Element" types?
329 - Copying depends on "new" versioning type: Element, page, branch!
330 - Check destination if versionized branch / stage
331 - Copy a page in workspace will not copy the contents?
332 - Copy branch in workspace which already has versions - what does it take?
333 - Import/Export function?
334 - Web>Page modules copy function for localization
335 - localize command
336 - ?
338 Versioning API:
339 - (Support for) swapping using temporary file (instead of using negative ID)
340 - Way to change versioning type from element to page to branch for new records?
342 Check Various:
343 - Auto publishing: Might not work with "Publish only "Publish" stage" because swapped elements will be in editing stage or so!
345 Workspace Manager TODO:
346 - Workspace admin list
348 Preview:
349 - Dualview:
350 - Implement links in notification email + only one notification per. "instance" of TCEmain
351 - Allow preview by non-be-logins through some token-facility (links from tcemain-mails)
352 - Works for certain timespan
353 - Sets cookie? (for workspace browsing)
355 BUGS:
356 - Import/Export module:
357 - In draft workspace: importing a treestructure when "newPagesVersioningType" is set to "1" (new pages as "branch" versions) will only create root point and no subsequent records.
358 - Correct references for softreferences on import.
361 -----LATER:
363 - Branch versioning:
364 - Intelligent swapping of "sub-element" ids that CAN be traced back to the original? (solution to loosing anchor point and inter-version references?)
365 - MySQL/DBAL:
366 - 4.0.14 fails with -1 uid! (4.0.18 is ok eg.)
367 - Correction possible:
368 -> ALTER TABLE jlajlajla AUTO_INCREMENT = 123
369 - Problems with other RDBMS because ID values cannot be changed at all!
370 - Swapping consequences:
371 - UID references for such as the sys_history and sys_log table are misleading.
372 - Branchpoints being swapped will swap their UIDs just like "page" and "element" versions - but in the backend the offline UID of "branch" versions are used heavily. This means references to the branchpoint will be invalid when published.
375 *************************
376 Localization workflow:
377 *************************
378 - Export Flow:
379 - Select language
380 - Select tree levels / exclude individual pages/branches from translation / Way to exclude specific elements from localization
381 - We can imagine having translation configuration records in branches defining some presets that export files are related to: Thus we can ensure the same settings are used for both import and export. Also they could contains diff-info for flexforms!
382 - Export mode:
383 - Export needs only (updates/new)
384 - Options (depending on file format):
385 - Include other data for view of context
386 - Include any diff-source data? (alternatively based on previously written file in XML/ser. array format!)
387 - Include current translation or not (if not, if would be because of TRADOS based situations where a previous file exists to compare a new file with and a file with only the translation is returned.)
388 - each page in single file OR all pages in one file
389 - Export Formats:
390 - Generic XML/ser.array (for TYPO3 translation module which will be made for this purpose: Contains data, existing translation, diff-source, timestamps and hashes, like locallang-XML...)
391 - Can contain meta data so their starting point and configuration can be re-loaded from a location on the filesystem to where they can also be re-written!!!
392 - HTML (for TRADOS etc.)
393 - XLS/SXC (for excel translation)
394 - SXW / HTML (for OO Writer translation: Put into a table with columns: id/data/translation/colored-diff-view/OK-sign-off
395 - Create workflow items to work from!
396 - Import Flow:
397 - Select file / upload
398 - Formats:
399 - ANY format is converted into internal standard array
400 - Create new elements via localization API in tcemain (to have l10n_mode per. field respected!)
401 - Generate $data array for tcemain from file IDs
402 - Options:
403 - Can deselect certain parts manually
404 - If original has changed, automatically warn/hide/deselect?
405 - If translation matches current already (if a previous import was done), automatically hidden/deselect/notify? (preference can depend on type of file format)
406 - Analyse a page:
407 - Pages:
408 - If no Page Translation Overlay: New
409 - If Page Translation Overlay: Update
410 (Maybe use hidden page translation overlays to identify pages picked for localization? This would work pretty fine I think.)
411 - Records in general:
412 - if [ctrl][languageField] AND [ctrl][transOrigPointerField] is set, select all records with 'default' language (ignoring 'ALL'/-1) and for each:
413 - if no translation found: new
414 - if translation found: update
415 - NOTICE: translations can be found in external tables (like pages_language_overlay)
416 - selected by sorting order according to [ctrl]
417 - TemplaVoila: Here a special selection could apply for tt_content elements based on references in the DS. That would leave out all non-placed content elements. But in fact I rather say that we should NOT do it this way and instead clear out such elements so a general selection of the elements from the page is enough. Anyway, it should be possible though.
418 - Field selection:
419 - Option: Work only on fields where "l10n_cat" is "text" or "image" (selected!). Alternatively, use "l10n_mode" to filter as default (do not show "exclude" fields for instance!)
420 - ERROR reporting:
421 - If two or more records are claiming to be translations of another (for pages_language_overlay, tt_content etc.)
422 - Limitations:
423 - Cannot work with content which has no parent/child relationship. This is the case for:
424 - Old style column based localization
425 - FlexForm fields with <langChildren> = 0
426 - Translation module:
427 - Based on concepts from llxmltranslate and supporting the generic XML fileformat translations can be exported in.
430 - Localization document!!!
431 - Needs:
432 - Clean-up for Unused TemplaVoila elements on a page!
433 -> Would need a reference index available.
444 **************************
446 **************************
447 Extensions:
448 - Document how to make "static_template_files" in an extension (Example: How to make a standard templates in extensions to TYPO3) => Rene Fritz doing that?
450 About Versioning ("Inside TYPO3")
451 - Versions can be done on element, page or branch level
452 - In any case a pure copy of the element/branch is produced
453 - "element": Copy of element (pages, tt_content, pages_lang_overlay, sys_template)
454 - "page": Copy of element + tables configured "versioning_followPages" (tt_content, pages_lang_overlay)
455 - "branch": COMPLETE copy of the branch to predefined level.
456 - About unique fields:
457 - They are NOT enforced in versionizing - this may be a problem when BRANCHES are exchanged because currently there is no check done if a value inside a versionized branch collides with values in the main branch!
458 - 'AND pid>=0' should be used to avoid problems!
459 - In tcemain::getUnique() there already is a check if "pid>=0"
460 - Backend user access to elements is based on the access restrictions (editing) for the official element. For pages; they carry their own access permissions with them. Notice that page permissions are NOT changed to the user making the new version!!!
462 About Charsets ("Inside TYPO3")
463 In TYPO3s backend charsets used have traditionally been the charset of the backend user language. This is of course a big problem (when other than western european languages are involved) since the encoding of content is thus depending on the charset of the user and not of the system
464 From TYPO3 3.6.0 you can define a global charset for the whole database. This can be any local charset like iso-8859-1 or windows-1250. But for multilingual sites it is recommended to use utf-8 since that can represent all languages.
465 You set the global charset in a localconf file like this: $TYPO3_CONF_VARS["BE"]["forceCharset"] = "utf-8";
467 Here are a few notes:
468 - JavaScript functions to convert cases to upper/lower seemed to work with all letters from any charset. In the old days this was not the case and thus functions in eg. "jsfunc.evalfield.js" compensated. This is now disabled since it is apparently not needed anymore.
469 - When one enters eg. danish letters in a form when the russian charset is used, these letters are converted to HTML entities, eg. "&#248;" - this is NOT changed. The philosophy is that IF anyone needs to use characters outside the range of the used backend character set he should use UTF-8 instead. Theoretically we COULD allow the entities to be shown correctly but we dont for now. Better use the right charset.
472 About System Extension:
473 - Explain that they are the only ones distributed with TYPO3 core.
475 Write:
476 - "css_styled_content" documentation
477 - Extension Programming Tutorials: What is status??
479 Review:
480 - doc_core_tstemplates (badly needs it!), doc_core_tsbyex, doc_tut_frontend, doc_tut_n1/n2/n3
481 - TSref overhaul
482 - "doc_tut_backend" revised/updated.
484 Remove:
485 - doc_core_usermgm : DELETE THIS!
488 ******************************************
490 ******************************************
491 Cleaning for 3.6 involves:
492 - XHTML transitional compliance
493 - " to '
494 - Commented functions
496 1: Add comments
497 * NOTICE: This will also detect JavaScript functions, but if you place a comment line like "// ..." in the end of the function definition line they will not have the JavaDoc style comment added. Eg. " function blabla() { // "
498 2: Write comments, organize them, add sections etc. (search [type])
499 2a: Set "@access private"
500 3: double to single quote (check for "\n")
501 4: XHTML
502 5: $Id$ CVS keyword expansion
503 6: @package tags
504 7: Function Index in scripts
505 8: Depreciated use of t3lib_BEfunc::titleAttrib
506 9: Generally, try to read all GPvars in init() functions and set them as internal variables - gives a nice, natural overview of what is used from the outsite
509 Status 27/10 (TYPO3 Core + extensions "cms" and "lang" in sysext/ (but without global extensions in ext/ !)):
510 - 2000 @param and @return tags in 800 functions still needs commenting (3800 tags in 1400 functions has already been done)
511 - 50 scripts still needs cleaning for XHTML, comments and single-quotes
514 Note on XHTML compliance:
515 - We strive for XHTML transitional / frames
516 - Certain incompatibilities has been allowed for practical reasons (for now). These include:
517 - align="absmiddle" for images
518 - width/height properties for input tags when images are used
519 - missing "cols" attribute for textarea tags.
520 - Some attributes for framesets.
521 [The reason for allowing this is probably that I do not know any workaround to achieve the same effect. The problem of non-allowed attributes/values also rate very low in my understanding of XHTML compliancy - it is far more important with nesting integrity, char case of tags/attributes, etc.]
524 ---------------------------------------------------------------
526 ---------------------------------------------------------------
527 Finished (XHTML, quotes, comments, revised-note), XQCR:
528 (Indented scripts are still missing clean-up)
530 typo3/___________________________________________:
531 XQCR: alt_clickmenu.php
532 XQCR: alt_db_navframe.php
533 XQCR: alt_doc.php TODO: Check "redirect" GPvar for XSS hole!?
534 XQCR: alt_doc_nodoc.php
535 XQCR: alt_file_navframe.php
536 XQCR: alt_intro.php
537 XQCR: alt_main.php
538 XQCR: alt_menu.php
539 XQCR: alt_menu_sel.php
540 XQCR: alt_mod_frameset.php
541 XQCR: alt_palette.php
542 XQCR: alt_shortcut.php
543 XQCR: alt_toplogo.php
544 XQCR: alt_topmenu_dummy.php
545 XQCR: browse_links.php
546 XQCR: browser.php
547 XQCR: class.alt_menu_functions.inc
548 XQCR: class.db_list.inc
549 XQCR: class.db_list_extra.inc
550 XQCR: class.file_list.inc
551 XQCR: class.show_rechis.inc
552 XQCR: db_list.php
553 XQCR: db_new.php
554 XQCR: db_new_content_el.php
555 default.htm
556 default.html
557 XQCR: dummy.php
558 XQCR: file_edit.php
559 XQCR: file_list.php
560 XQCR: file_newfolder.php
561 XQCR: file_rename.php
562 XQCR: file_upload.php
563 XQCR: index.php TODO: Check "redirect" GPvar for XSS hole!?
564 -QC-: index_re.php
565 -Q-R: init.php
566 XQCR: listframe_loader.php
567 XQCR: login_frameset.php
568 -QC-: logout.php TODO: Check "redirect" GPvar for XSS hole!?
569 XQCR: move_el.php
570 XQCR: show_item.php
571 XQCR: show_rechis.php
572 -QCR: tce_db.php
573 -QCR: tce_file.php
574 XQCR: template.php
575 XQCR: view_help.php
576 XQCR: wizard_add.php
577 XQCR: wizard_colorpicker.php
578 XQCR: wizard_edit.php
579 XQCR: wizard_forms.php
580 XQCR: wizard_list.php
581 XQCR: wizard_rte.php
582 XQCR: wizard_table.php
583 XQCR: wizard_tsconfig.php
585 XQCR: mod/help/about/index.php:
586 XQCR: mod/tools/em/index.php
587 XQCR: mod/web/info/index.php
588 XQCR: mod/web/func/index.php
589 XQCR: mod/web/perm/index.php
592 t3lib/________________________________________:
593 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_admin.php
594 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_arraybrowser.php
595 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_basicfilefunc.php
596 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_bedisplaylog.php
597 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_befunc.php
598 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_beuserauth.php
599 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_browsetree.php
600 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_clipboard.php
601 -QC-: t3lib/class.t3lib_cs.php
602 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_diff.php
603 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_div.php
604 t3lib/class.t3lib_dmailer.php [Jan-Erik!]
605 -QC-: t3lib/class.t3lib_exec.php
606 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_extfilefunc.php
607 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_extmgm.php
608 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_extobjbase.php
609 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_foldertree.php
610 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_formmail.php
611 t3lib/class.t3lib_fullsearch.php [Kasper]
612 t3lib/class.t3lib_htmlmail.php [Jan-Erik?]
613 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_iconworks.php
614 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_install.php
615 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_loaddbgroup.php
616 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_loadmodules.php
617 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_matchcondition.php
618 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_modsettings.php
619 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_page.php
620 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_pagetree.php
621 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_parsehtml.php
622 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_parsehtml_proc.php
623 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_positionmap.php
624 t3lib/class.t3lib_querygenerator.php [Kasper]
625 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_readmail.php
626 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_recordlist.php
627 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_scbase.php
628 -QC-: t3lib/class.t3lib_sqlengine.php
629 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_stdgraphic.php
630 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_superadmin.php
631 -QC-: t3lib/class.t3lib_svbase.php
632 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_tceforms.php [Kasper - 4.0]
633 t3lib/class.t3lib_tcemain.php [Kasper - 4.0]
634 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_timetrack.php
635 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_transferdata.php
636 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_treeview.php
637 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_tsfebeuserauth.php
638 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_tsparser.php
639 t3lib/class.t3lib_tsparser_ext.php [Kasper]
640 t3lib/class.t3lib_tsstyleconfig.php [Kasper]
641 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_tstemplate.php
642 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_userauth.php
643 XQCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_userauthgroup.php
644 -QCR: t3lib/class.t3lib_xml.php
646 -QCR: t3lib/config_default.php
647 -QCR: t3lib/thumbs.php
648 XQCR: template.php
649 -QCR: t3lib/stddb/load_ext_tables.php
650 -QCR: t3lib/stddb/tables.php
651 -QCR: t3lib/stddb/tbl_be.php
654 sysext/cms/___________________________________________:
655 XQCR: tslib/class.tslib_content.php
656 XQCR: tslib/class.tslib_fe.php
657 -QCR: tslib/class.tslib_fetce.php
658 -QCR: tslib/class.tslib_feuserauth.php
659 -QCR: tslib/class.tslib_gifbuilder.php
660 XQCR: tslib/class.tslib_menu.php
661 XQCR: tslib/class.tslib_pagegen.php
662 XQCR: tslib/class.tslib_pibase.php
663 XQC-: tslib/class.tslib_search.php
664 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/example_callfunction.php
665 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/example_itemArrayProcFunc.php
666 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/example_keepRollover.php
667 XQ-R: tslib/media/scripts/example_languageMenu.php
668 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/example_typolinkpop.php
669 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/fe_adminLib.inc
670 XQ-R: tslib/media/scripts/freesite_dummy_page_menu.php
671 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/gmenu_foldout.php
672 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/gmenu_layers.php
673 -QCR: tslib/media/scripts/makeMenu_datedirectory.inc
674 -QCR: tslib/media/scripts/makeMenu_keywords_updated.inc
675 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/plaintextLib.inc
676 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/postit.inc
677 ----: tslib/media/scripts/testscript.inc
678 ----: tslib/media/scripts/testscript_EXT.php
679 ----: tslib/media/scripts/testscript_INT.php
680 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/tmenu_layers.php
681 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/wapversionLib.inc
682 XQCR: tslib/media/scripts/xmlversionLib.inc
683 -Q-R: tslib/index_ts.php
684 -Q-R: tslib/pagegen.php
685 -Q-.: tslib/publish.php
686 .QCR: tslib/showpic.php
687 XQCR: web_info/class.tx_cms_webinfo.php
688 XQCR: layout/db_layout.php
689 XQCR: layout/class.tx_cms_layout.php
690 XQCR: layout/db_new_content_el.php
693 typo3/sysext/___________________________________________:
694 OK aboutmodules/
695 belog (2 / 500) [Kasper - 4.0]
696 - Needs a vision! Couldn't the Log be more useful?
697 beuser (1 / 1300) [Kasper - 4.0]
698 - Add option to Create backend users there! (backend users, groups, filemounts)
699 OK cms/
700 OK context_help/
701 css_styled_content (1/200) [H]
702 - Manual written?
703 XQCR: extra_page_cm_options/
704 XQCR: func_wizards/
705 XQC-: impexp
706 XQC-: indexed_search
707 XQCR info_pagetsconfig/
708 install/ [ingmar]
709 - Clean-up of the Install Tool in general!
710 OK lang/
711 lowlevel (2/800) [Kasper - 4.0]
712 - Extend support and finish it with the efforts soon to be done for TCEmain.
713 OK setup/
714 OK sv/
715 sys_action (1/400)
716 - Extend with API for adding custom action scripts
717 - flexforms for configuration!
718 OK sys_note
719 taskcenter (4/400) [Julle]
720 OK tsconfig_help
721 - Needs maintenance plan
722 version [Kasper - 4.0]
723 - (See Kaspers personal todo and Appendix about versioning in this document)
724 viewpage (2/200)
725 XQRC: wizard_crpages/
726 XQRC: wizard_sortpages/
729 For all extensions (even those approved):
730 - Remember to add package tags to all classes!
731 - Write documentation for each (CSH is fine enough).
732 - Check HTML source / CSS usage / XHTML compliancy / That icons are skinnable (add to "skin360")
733 - $LANG->getLL() are htmlspecialchars()'ed / second argument is "1"
739 *******************
741 *******************
742 Overview of implications before implementation:
743 - UTF-8 encoding is in fact expected by XML! So the real charset must be set
744 - Wellformedness: Nesting ok. All img tags must be ended with /> (frame,base,meta,link,img,br,hr,area,input)
745 - Lowercase for elements and attributes (and everything else...) + stylesheet element and attribute names.
746 - All attributes in quotes
747 - Minimized values not allowed: Must do this: selected="selected"
748 - Wrapping scripts and style element contents in CDATA - or alternatively they should have entitites converted.
749 - name/id attribute double
750 - Certain nesting of elements not allowed. Most interesting, <PRE> cannot contain img, big,small,sub,sup ...
751 - Setting charsets may put some special requirements on both XML declaration/ meta-http-equiv. (C.9)
752 - ampersands (and entities in general I think) MUST be converted to an entity reference! (&amps;). This may mean further conversion of non-tag content before output to page. May be related to the charset issue as a whole.
754 Related issues:
755 - Charset / encoding issues
757 ---------
758 Practical steps for creating XHTML compliance:
760 - lowercase: <(td|tr|p|div|table|b|i|u|a)
761 - attributes in lowercase and ""; TYP: bgColor, border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0, valign=top, onClick, onChange, onSubmit, method="POST", type="Submit"
762 - Ending tags: <br>, <hr>, <input>, <img> (Longer list: frame,base,meta,link,img,br,hr,area,input)
763 - shorthand: checked, selected, multiple, nowrap
764 - href="", action="", src="", onclick= tags: htmlspecialchars() of URLS
765 - <img -> ' alt="" />' REGEX: <img[^>]*[^-]>
766 - FINDING attributes with no quotes:
767 ([[:space:]]+)(class|face|hspace|vspace|rowspan|bgcolor|src|colspan|align|color|valign|border|width|height|cellpadding|cellspacing)=([^[:space:]>"']+)
768 ... and replace with: \1\2="\3"
770 -----------
771 Teststring for XSS bugs and SQL injection:
772 >><b><i>asdf</i></b>-\-\\-\"-\'-"-'-
775 ****************
777 ****************
778 Syncronization (JH thoughts, general LPE):
779 DB -> DB (1):
780 - Production environment, which can dump configured set of tables to live server database and back. This is controlled from Production env.
781 - Live server has two databases: One which accepts content from P (and is never written to) (P->L). One which ARE written to and is READ back by P (L->P).
782 - The "P->L" database has a "backup" (db1, db2) where the "idle" database is the one being updated and after the update it's switched with the live db, which is now idle. The "L->P" database is not affected by this timing issue.
783 - uploads/* dirs (and any files at all) might be syncronized by general rsync/ftp syncronization. Both ways? Primarily from P->L. Basically this sync. might take the whole sourcecode with it...
785 Req to T3:
786 OK [The dbal implementation solves this.] - That EACH table can be found in its own database (configurable). This means the TYPO3_db constant might have to be wasted? And not just another MySQL database - at another Database server or type (like Oracle). This is related to DBAL.
788 DB->HTML
789 - Basically this is an rsync/ftp sync question which requires a set of static files.
790 - Also a "mixed mode" concept where static files not found are served dynamically by TYPO3, but where the TYPO3 install does NOT allow backend access at all - only frontend delivery.
792 Two situations:
793 - Publish static for local server, using mod_rewrite to direct requests transparently (static/dynamic). So all *.html requests WILL be found, static or dynamically! (Static/Dynamic blend)
794 - Publish static for FTP server. All *.html requests MUST exist. (Purely static, limitations acceptable.)
796 _____________________________________
797 Server sync. extension ("dbsync"):
798 Create an extension which syncronizes a set of tables to/from another TYPO3 installation
799 - Using SOAP for information exchange
800 - Local machine (production) = Client
801 - Remote machine (live) = Server
802 - Must have the "dbsync" extension installed both places
803 - client has a set of table names configured, where each is marked with the *direction* (possibly bi-directional in future?)
804 - For each table, client asks for a "header" which contains list of uid/tstamp/crdata/possibly MD5 sum of content (if tstamp/crdate is not present)
805 - Client compares this with local table, finds records to add/remove/delete
806 - Client pushes / retrieves records
808 _____________________________________
809 Static publishing ("staticpub" extension)
810 [2/2005: Today, a reverse proxy (using cache control) is a better solution than static publishing if you want to speed up a TYPO3 site. Therefore static publishing is a concept mostly interesting if you want to export a TYPO3 site as static files to an ordinary webhoster.]
811 - The extension "staticpub" has now been made for this purpose.
814 *****************************
815 APPENDIX: Image Processing
816 *****************************
817 Generally we want:
818 - Full PNG main support
819 - Full IM5.x support
820 - Non-ImageMagick version which CAN scale images (with GD/JPG)
822 To get rid of ImageMagick totally we need a GD with...:
823 - blur/sharpening
824 - scaling
825 - masking
826 - reduce colors / dithering
827 - jpg quality control
828 - 96 dpi / 72 dpi
829 - other effects?
830 - Support for many file formats.
831 This is currently implemented for GD2 by Kasper/Rene but the changes are not used. Just proof-of-concept. We are in contact with Pierre-Alain from the PHP-dev team about the issue and hope that his changes will make the future GDlib in PHP5 so powerful that ImageMagick is not needed anymore and most importantly: We can rely on a totally standard PHP installation available at any webhotel (in the future).
833 Notes:
834 - Consider imageprocessing issues like PNG / GDlib2 / Freetype2 / IM5.4.x / T1lib
835 - Other options: PHPImLib? GIMP?
836 - Improve Install Tool
838 --------------------
839 imagecopymerge
841 jonny at sanriowasteland dot net
842 29-Sep-2002 06:36
844 If you need to merge 2 png's (or presumably 2 gifs) with different color palettes, I have found this is the function to use. Just set pct to 99, and you are rocking. With pct set to 100, or imagecopy for that matter, the palette seems to go wonky. (It probably just uses the palette of the source image. but don't quote me on that).
847 Also see:
848 - [Kasper] "ImageManipulation" folder in Mailbox
852 *****************
853 APPENDIX: PHP5 issues
854 *****************
855 Generally: TYPO3 works with PHP5. But...:
856 - UTF-8 strings to freetype doesn't work! Renders box instead.
857 - array_merge must always have arrays as arguments. When this problem is found in TYPO3 it is regarded a TYPO3 bug and we fix it.
858 - Errors regarding treating strings as arrays: Normally, just check if the variable is an array first.
859 - Details: Non-existing indexes is not a problem if the variable is unset - only if it is another type (eg. string). This means we can normally just check if the first index is an array and it will work: is (is_array($a) && $a[key1][key2][key3]) ...
863 ***************************************
864 APPENDIX: Various ideas for extensions
865 ***************************************
866 EMAIL publication:
867 - People can publish stuff by sending email to certain adresse piping the content into database.
868 - This could also be upload of files, eg. a word document to a place in fileadmin/ (such a document could contain information inside which was displayed on the website).
869 - See mail from DH, subject; "Last day for feature requests" Message-ID: <200202181821120933.01CA5B9F@smtp.worldonline.dk>
872 - Import external website! (Rene's extension). Includes some crawler feature (locally og external url)
875 - Global search and replace of records (Rene F?)
877 Repeated intervals extension:
878 - Cron-job which alters the start/end times according to some schedule.
879 - Configurable for any element of course
881 New-Wizard:
882 - An extension offering people to configure a wizard for creation of records. For instance you can configure to create a content element in three steps: First select type and header, then according to first choice, select more. Each screen has custom text/images/examples. Eventually the record is created. After creation there might be more options to set. In the end the wizard might fire up another application (like TemplaVoila) or a wizard or such.
883 - Could be useful for: TemplaVoila Template Objects, Content Elements (like tables/forms/plugins), Pages of sorts.
884 - Configuration could be in XML (since it needs a hierarchy)
887 **************************************
889 **************************************
890 - Specify a pattern of allowed/required values.
891 - Those values are on the basic level just "table:uids". On the next level it would also set requirements on one or more field values inside!
892 - How can this be done?
893 - Will be hard to manage that records being a part of the pattern are not changed after having been added to the pattern. But at least this could be a beginning...?
896 **************************************
897 Rapport of "deleted"-check in typoscripts (190500)
898 **************************************
899 TYPO3:
900 - "deleted"-field must be set manually in userauth for user-tables!
901 Hardcoding:
902 - "pages" in load_tree.php
903 - "sys_filemounts" in userauth_group
904 - "user-group tables" in userauth_groups
905 - "pages" in ti_inc.php
906 - "pages" in transferdata.php
908 TypoScript:
909 - sys_domain is NOT checked for deleted in "page.php"
910 - getForeignRecords() (page.php) does not check for deleted!!! (this is even not used any more!!
911 Hardcoding:
912 - "pages" in page.php
913 - "pages" in t_search.php
914 - "pages" in index_ts.php (caching)
915 - "sys_template" in t_template.php
916 - "fe_groups" in index_ts.php
919 **************************************
920 Bugs, considerations, notes
921 **************************************
922 - mail() hangs in 90 second (approx) if computer is not on the net! (deliver to mail-server)
923 - REWRITE of files when they already exists? shortMD5 is guilty?
924 - "Fields not properly updated:" - error: Varchar(xx) cannot included spaces AFTER the last character and therefore TYPO3 interface reports an error. Solve this error by setting "eval" to "trim" in $TCA for inputfields of the type VARCHAR.
925 - mysql_query() function should not be used I think as this queries the current database. mysql() should be used instead.
926 - JavaScript: escape() doesn't rawurlencode the "+"-character. This can be a problem, eg. when trying to rename files with a plus in the name. I have made an alternative escape-function.
927 - PDF-files over 600 k are not rendered by ImageMagick. Less than 270 is! How come and is this true. Number of pages?
928 - When GDlib is disabled it can be very confusing that record icons does not change their look according to hidden/starttime/endtime etc...
929 - many files in typo3temp/ slows down processing. Eg. a image resize with 33.000 files in typo3temp/ took 3 seconds where it would take 40 ms when the folder is clean. (on linux)
933 *********************************
934 Translation of Backend
935 *********************************
936 Overview of missing translations. (1547 normal core labels, updated 22/5 2005 before release of TYPO3 3.8.0)
937 Numbers are new labels needing translation (changed labels are not measured)
939 - dk [Danish] 0
940 - de [German] 1
941 - no [Norwegian] 0
942 - it [Italian] 0
943 - fr [French] 134
944 - es [Spanish] 0
945 - nl [Dutch] 1
946 - cz [Czech] 202
947 - pl [Polish] 4
948 - si [Slovenian] 304
949 - fi [Finnish] 0
950 - tr [Turkish] 254
951 - se [Swedish] 0
952 - pt [Portuguese] 421
953 - ru [Russian] 235
954 - ro [Romanian] 358
955 - ch [Chinese (Simpl)] 0
956 - sk [Slovak] 113
957 - lt [Lithuanian] 332
958 - is [Icelandic] 904
959 - hr [Croatian] 0
960 - hu [Hungarian] 1
961 - gl [Greenlandic] 1316
962 - th [Thai] 426
963 - gr [Greek] 1547
964 - hk [Chinese (Trad)] 3
965 - eu [Basque] 1223
966 - bg [Bulgarian] 302
967 - br [Brazilian Portuguese] 0
968 - et [Estonian] 457
969 - ar [Arabic] 149
970 - he [Hebrew] 438
971 - ua [Ukrainian] 292
972 - lv [Latvian] 35
973 - jp [Japanese] 123
974 - vn [Vietnamese] 1530
975 - ca [Catalan] 1547
976 - ba [Bosnian] 1
977 - kr [Korean] 1547
978 - eo [Esperanto] 1536
979 - my [Bahasa Malaysia] 1545
980 - hi [Hindi] 1547