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2 <T3locallang>
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4 <description>GFX Module</description>
5 <type>module</type>
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9 <label index="title_module_gfx">Graphics</label>
10 <label index="description_module_gfx">
11 &lt;strong&gt;What is it?&lt;/strong&gt;
12 TYPO3 is known for its ability to process images on the server.&lt;br/&gt;
13 In the backend interface (TBE) thumbnails are automatically generated (by ImageMagick in thumbs.php) as well as icons, menu items and pane tabs (by GDLib).&lt;br/&gt;
14 In the TypoScript enabled frontend all kinds of graphical elements are processed. Typically images are scaled down to fit the pages (by ImageMagick) and menu items, graphical headers and such are generated automatically (by GDLib + ImageMagick).&lt;br/&gt;
15 In addition TYPO3 is able to handle many file formats (thanks to ImageMagick), for example TIF, BMP, PCX, TGA, AI and PDF in addition to the standard web formats; JPG, GIF, PNG.&lt;br/&gt;
16 &lt;br/&gt;
17 In order to do this, TYPO3 uses two sets of tools:&lt;br/&gt;
18 &lt;br/&gt;
19 &lt;strong&gt;ImageMagick:&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;br/&gt;
20 For conversion of non-web formats to webformats, combining images with alpha-masks, performing image-effects like blurring and sharpening.&lt;br/&gt;
21 ImageMagick is a collection of external programs on the server called by the exec() function in PHP. TYPO3 uses three of these, namely 'convert' (converting fileformats, scaling, effects), 'combine'/'composite' (combining images with masks) and 'identify' (returns image information).&lt;br/&gt;
22 Because ImageMagick are external programs, two requirements must be met: 1) The programs must be installed on the server and working and 2) if safe_mode is enabled, the programs must be located in the folder defined by the php.ini setting, &lt;em&gt;safe_mode_exec_dir&lt;/em&gt; (else they are not executed).&lt;br/&gt;
23 ImageMagick is available for both Windows and Unix. The current version is 5+, but TYPO3 enthusiasts prefer an old version 4.2.9 because that version has three main advantages: It's faster in some operations, the blur-function works, the sharpen-function works. Anyway you do it, you must tell TYPO3 by configuration whether you're using version 5+ or 4.2.9. (flag: [GFX][im_version_5])&lt;br/&gt;
24 ImageMagick homepage is at &lt;a target="_blank" href="http://www.imagemagick.org/"&gt;http://www.imagemagick.org/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br/&gt;
25 &lt;br/&gt;
26 &lt;strong&gt;GDLib:&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;br/&gt;
27 For drawing boxes and rendering text on images with truetype fonts. Also used for icons, menuitems and generally the TypoScript GIFBUILDER object is based on GDlib, but extensively utilizing ImageMagick to process intermediate results.&lt;br/&gt;
28 GDLib is accessed through internal functions in PHP, so in this case, you have no safe_mode problems, but you'll need a version of PHP with GDLib compiled in. Also in order to use TrueType fonts with GDLib you'll need FreeType compiled in as well.&lt;br/&gt;
29 You can get GDLib in the PNG version from &lt;a target="_blank" href="http://www.boutell.com/gd/"&gt;http://www.boutell.com/gd/&lt;/a&gt;.&lt;br/&gt;FreeType is for download at &lt;a target="_blank" href="http://www.freetype.org/"&gt;http://www.freetype.org/&lt;/a&gt;.&lt;br/&gt;
30 Generally, software for TYPO3 is found at &lt;a target="_blank" href="http://typo3.sunsite.dk/software/"&gt;http://typo3.sunsite.dk/software/&lt;/a&gt; and packages listed at &lt;a target="_blank" href="http://typo3.org/1274.0.html"&gt;http://typo3.org/1274.0.html&lt;/a&gt;.&lt;br/&gt;
31 &lt;br/&gt;
32 You can disable all image processing options in TYPO3 ([GFX][image_processing]=0), but that would seriously disable TYPO3.
33 </label>
35 <label index="title_gfxOverview">Image Processing</label>
36 <label index="description_gfxOverview">
37 &lt;strong&gt;Verifying the image processing capabilities of your server&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;br/&gt;
38 This page performs image processing and displays the result. It's a thorough check that everything you've configured is working correctly.&lt;br/&gt;
39 It's quite simple to verify your installation; Just look down the page, the images in pairs should look like each other. If some images are not alike, something is wrong. You may also notice warnings and errors if this tool found signs of any problems.&lt;br/&gt;
40 &lt;br/&gt;
41 The image to the right is the reference image (how it should be) and to the left the image made by your server.&lt;br/&gt;
42 The reference images are made with the classic ImageMagick install based on the 4.2.9 RPM and 5.2.3 RPM. If the version 5 flag is set, the reference images are made by the 5.2.3 RPM.&lt;br/&gt;
43 &lt;br/&gt;
44 This test will work only if your ImageMagick/GDLib configuration allows it to. The typo3temp/ folder must be writable for all the temporary image files. They are all prefixed 'install_' so they are easy to recognize and delete afterwards.
45 </label>
47 <label index="title_image_processing">Image Processing</label>
48 <label index="description_image_processing">Enables image processing features.</label>
49 <label index="help_image_processing">Disabling this means NO image processing with either GD or IM!</label>
51 <label index="title_thumbnails">Thumbnails</label>
52 <label index="description_thumbnails">Enables the use of thumbnails in the backend interface.</label>
53 <label index="help_thumbnails">Thumbnails are generated by IM/partly GD in the file typo3/thumbs.php</label>
55 <label index="title_thumbnails_png">Thumbnails as PNG</label>
56 <label index="description_thumbnails_png">If set, thumbnails from non-jpegs will be 'png', otherwise 'gif' (0=gif/1=png).</label>
57 <label index="help_thumbnails_png">Bit1: Even JPG's will be converted to png or gif (2=gif/3=png)</label>
59 <label index="title_noIconProc">No icon processing</label>
60 <label index="description_noIconProc">If true, icons are never processed with overlays for hidden, starttime, endtime etc.</label>
61 <label index="help_noIconProc">They must be available pre-processed. If this is disabled, do so only if you have full image processing capabilities on the server for TYPO3.</label>
63 <label index="title_gif_compress">GIF compress</label>
64 <label index="description_gif_compress">Enables the use of the t3lib_div::gif_compress()</label>
65 <label index="help_gif_compress">Workaround function for compressing giffiles made with GD or IM, which probably use only RLE or no compression at all.</label>
67 <label index="title_imagefile_ext">Imagefile extensions</label>
68 <label index="description_imagefile_ext">Commalist of file extensions perceived as images by TYPO3.</label>
69 <label index="help_imagefile_ext">List should be set to 'gif,png,jpeg,jpg' if IM is not available. Lowercase and no spaces between!</label>
71 <label index="title_gdlib">Enable GD</label>
72 <label index="description_gdlib">Enables the use of GD</label>
73 <label index="help_gdlib"></label>
75 <label index="title_gdlib_png">GD PNG</label>
76 <label index="description_gdlib_png">Enables the use of GD, with PNG only.</label>
77 <label index="help_gdlib_png">This means that all items normally generated as gif-files will be png-files instead!</label>
79 <label index="title_gdlib_2">GDlib 2.0.1+</label>
80 <label index="description_gdlib_2">Set this if you are using the new GDlib 2.0.1+.</label>
81 <label index="help_gdlib_2">If you don't set this flag and still use GDlib2, you might encounter strange behaviours like black images etc. This feature might take effect only if ImageMagick is installed and working as well! You can also use the value "no_imagecopyresized_fix" - in that case it will NOT try to fix a known issue where "imagecopyresized" does not work correctly.</label>
83 <label index="title_im">Enable Image- GraphicsMagick</label>
84 <label index="description_im">Enables the use of ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick</label>
85 <label index="help_im"></label>
87 <label index="title_im_path">Image- GraphicsMagick path</label>
88 <label index="description_im_path">Path to the IM tools 'convert', 'combine', 'identify'.</label>
89 <label index="help_im_path">Version 4.2.9 of ImageMagick is highly recommended due to features and speed!</label>
91 <label index="title_im_path_lzw">Image- GraphicsMagick with LZW path</label>
92 <label index="description_im_path_lzw">Path to the IM tool 'convert' with LZW enabled!</label>
93 <label index="help_im_path_lzw">See 'gif_compress'. If your version 4.2.9 of ImageMagick is compiled with LZW you may leave this field blank AND disable the flag 'gif_compress'! Tip: You can call LZW 'convert' with a prefix like 'myver_convert' by setting this path with it, eg. '/usr/bin/myver_' instead of just '/usr/bin/'.</label>
95 <label index="title_im_version_5">Image- GraphicsMagick Version 5</label>
96 <label index="description_im_version_5">Set this if you're using ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick but not IM 4.x.</label>
97 <label index="help_im_version_5">Setting this value will automatically configure some settings for use with the specified program version. Allowed values are: "im4", "im5", "im6" and "gm" (uses GraphicsMagick instead of ImageMagick).</label>
99 <label index="title_im_negate_mask">Negate mask</label>
100 <label index="description_im_negate_mask">Indicates if the mask images should be inverted first.</label>
101 <label index="help_im_negate_mask">This depends of the ImageMagick version. Below ver. 5.1 this should be false. Above ImageMagick version 5.2+ it should be true. Just set the flag if the masks works opposite the intension!</label>
103 <label index="title_im_imvMaskState">Invert mask state</label>
104 <label index="description_im_imvMaskState">If set, the 'im_negate_mask' state is inverted.</label>
105 <label index="help_im_imvMaskState">This is very useful with newer versions of IM5 (at least 5.4.3+) where the 'im_version_5' setting will set 'im_negate_mask' which will eventually be wrong... Halleluja for ImageMagick - have I ever regreted using that package...</label>
107 <label index="title_im_no_effects">No effects</label>
108 <label index="description_im_no_effects">This is necessary if using ImageMagick 5+.</label>
109 <label index="help_im_no_effects">Approved version for using effects is version 4.2.9. Effects in Imagemagick 5+ tends to render very slowly! Therefore this must be disabled in order not to perform sharpen, blurring and such. (However lately IM5 is allowed for effects again, but syntax has changed!)</label>
111 <label index="title_im_v5effects">IM V5 effects</label>
112 <label index="description_im_v5effects">Possible values: -1, 0, 1 (see help)</label>
113 <label index="help_im_v5effects">0=disabled. -1=Do not sharpen images by default. 1=All; blur and sharpening is allowed in ImageMagick again and the 'im_no_effects' flag is cancelled. Blurring and sharpening has new syntaxes though. See class.t3lib_stdgraphic.php for details.</label>
115 <label index="title_im_mask_temp_ext_gif">Use GIF as temporary mask type</label>
116 <label index="description_im_mask_temp_ext_gif">This should be set if ImageMagick is version 5+.</label>
117 <label index="help_im_mask_temp_ext_gif">This is used in class.tslib_content.php for masking images and the extension png is normally used because it's faster than gif for temporary files. But png seems not to work with some IM 5+ versions, so...</label>
119 <label index="title_im_mask_temp_ext_noloss">Lossless temporary mask type</label>
120 <label index="description_im_mask_temp_ext_noloss">Loss-less ImageMagick extension to use for mask processing in temporary filenames.</label>
121 <label index="help_im_mask_temp_ext_noloss">Normally 'miff' (ImageMagick's OWN format) will do fine. However at least IM 5.4.9 has proved not to be able to write to its own file format which forced me to add this option. You can try and set this to tif/png/jpg if some masking doesn't work the way it should.</label>
123 <label index="title_im_noScaleUp">No scale up</label>
124 <label index="description_im_noScaleUp">If set, images are not being scaled up if told so (in t3lib/stdgraphics.php)</label>
125 <label index="help_im_noScaleUp"></label>
127 <label index="title_im_combine_filename">Combine filename</label>
128 <label index="description_im_combine_filename">Filename for IM V4 'combine' program.</label>
129 <label index="help_im_combine_filename">Latest ImageMagick versions has changed the name of combine to composite. Configure here if needed.</label>
131 <label index="title_im_noFramePrepended">No frame prepend</label>
132 <label index="description_im_noFramePrepended">If set, the [x] frame indicator is NOT prepended to filenames in stdgraphic.</label>
133 <label index="help_im_noFramePrepended">Some IM5+ version didn't work at all with the typical [0]-prefix, which allow multipage pdf's and animated gif's to be scaled only for the first frame/page and that seriously cuts down rendering time. Set this flag only if your ImageMagick version cannot find the files. Notice that changing this flag causes temporary filenames to change, thus the server will begin scaling images again which were previously cached.</label>
135 <label index="title_jpg_quality">Jpeg quality</label>
136 <label index="description_jpg_quality">Default JPEG generation quality</label>
137 <label index="help_jpg_quality"></label>
139 <label index="title_enable_typo3temp_db_tracking">typo3temp DB tracking</label>
140 <label index="description_enable_typo3temp_db_tracking">If set, then all files in typo3temp will be logged in a database table.</label>
141 <label index="help_enable_typo3temp_db_tracking">In addition to being a log of the files with original filenames, it also serves to secure that the same image is not rendered simultaneously by two different processes.</label>
143 <label index="title_TTFLocaleConv">Locale TTF conversion</label>
144 <label index="description_TTFLocaleConv">Enter locale conversion string used to recode input to TrueType functions.</label>
145 <label index="help_TTFLocaleConv">Eg. 'cp1250..UTF-8'. Works ONLY if 'recode' is enabled in PHP. Deprecated from ver. 3.6.0 of TYPO3. Set up [BE][forceCharset] as strings are automatically converted from databsae charset to UTF-8.</label>
147 <label index="title_TTFdpi">TTF dpi</label>
148 <label index="description_TTFdpi">Enter how many dpi the FreeType module uses.</label>
149 <label index="help_TTFdpi">Freetype1 should be set to 72. Freetype2 should be set to 96 (otherwise fonts are rendered way bigger than FreeType1). This works as a global scaling factor for Freetype.</label>
151 <label index="title_png_truecolor">Truecolor PNG</label>
152 <label index="description_png_truecolor">If set PNGs will get created as truecolor PNGs.</label>
153 <label index="help_png_truecolor">If you use GDlib2 you can create truecolor images if they look not well currently. Note that this results in an increased image size. JPEGs get always created in truecolor now (GDlib2 required)</label>
154 </languageKey>
155 </data>
156 </T3locallang>