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3 <div class="alert alert-notice">
4 <h4>About image handling</h4>
5 <p>
6 TYPO3 is known for its ability to process images on the server.
7 </p>
8 <p>
9 In the backend interface (TBE) thumbnails are automatically generated
10 as well as icons, menu items and pane tabs (by GDLib).
11 In the frontend all kinds of graphical elements are processed. Typically images are
12 scaled down to fit the pages (by ImageMagick) and menu items, graphical headers and
13 such are generated automatically (by GDLib + ImageMagick). In addition TYPO3 is able
14 to handle many file formats (thanks to ImageMagick), for example TIF, BMP, PCX, TGA,
15 AI and PDF in addition to the standard web formats; JPG, GIF, PNG.
16 </p>
17 <p>
18 In order to do this, TYPO3 uses two sets of tools:
19 </p>
20 <strong>
21 ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick:
22 </strong>
23 <p>
24 For conversion of non-web formats to webformats, combining images with alpha-masks,
25 performing image-effects like blurring and sharpening.
26 </p>
27 <p>
28 ImageMagick is a collection of external programs on the server called by the exec()
29 function in PHP. TYPO3 uses three of these, namely 'convert' (converting fileformats,
30 scaling, effects), 'combine'/'composite' (combining images with masks) and 'identify'
31 (returns image information). GraphicsMagick is an alternative to ImageMagick and can
32 be enabled by setting [GFX][processor] to 'GraphicsMagick'. This is recommended and enabled
33 by default. Because ImageMagick and Graphicsmagick are external programs, a requirement
34 must be met: The programs must be installed on the server and working. ImageMagick is
35 available for both Windows and Unix. The current version is 6+. ImageMagick homepage is
36 at <a href="http://www.imagemagick.org/">http://www.imagemagick.org/</a>
37 </p>
38 <strong>
39 GDLib:
40 </strong>
41 <p>
42 For drawing boxes and rendering text on images with truetype fonts. Also used for
43 icons, menuitems and generally the TypoScript GIFBUILDER object is based on GDlib,
44 but extensively utilizing ImageMagick to process intermediate results.
45 </p>
46 <p>
47 GDLib is accessed through internal functions in PHP, you'll need a version of PHP
48 with GDLib compiled in. Also in order to use TrueType fonts with GDLib you'll
49 need FreeType compiled in as well.
50 </p>
51 </div>