* Fixed bug 6152: Nullify default value AllowClipboard helper and use TYPO3-specific...
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / rtehtmlarea / ext_conf_template.txt
1 # ***************************************************************************************
2 # Extension configuration variables for htmlArea RTE
3 #
4 # TYPO3 CVS ID: $Id$
5 # ***************************************************************************************
7 # cat=basic; type=string; label=No spell checking languages: The list of languages for which Aspell does not provide spell checking (see http://aspell.net/man-html/Unsupported.html#Unsupported) and for which the htmlArea SpellChecker plugin will therefore be disabled.
8 noSpellCheckLanguages = ja,km,ko,lo,th,zh,b5,gb
10 # cat=basic; type=string; label=Aspell path: The server path where Aspell is installed.
11 AspellDirectory = /usr/bin/aspell
13 # cat=basic; type=string; label=Default Aspell dictionary: The default dictionary to be used by the htmlArea SpellChecker plugin. This should be set to the default language of the site.
14 defaultDictionary = en
16 # cat=basic; type=string; label=List of Aspell dictionaries: The list of dictionaries available to the htmlArea SpellChecker plugin. This list is used only if safe_mode is enabled. If safe_mode is not enabled, the list is automatically obtained from Aspell.
17 dictionaryList = en
19 # cat=basic; type=string; label=List of htmlArea RTE plugins: The list of htmlArea RTE plugins that may be enabled.
20 HTMLAreaPluginList = TableOperations, SpellChecker, ContextMenu, SelectColor, TYPO3Browsers, InsertSmiley, FindReplace, RemoveFormat, CharacterMap, QuickTag, InlineCSS, DynamicCSS, UserElements, Acronym, TYPO3HtmlParser
22 # cat=basic/enable/01; type=options[Minimal (Most features disabled. Administrator needs to enable them using TypoScript. For advanced administrators only.),Typical (Most commonly used features are enabled. Select this option if you are unsure which one to use.),Demo (Show-off configuration. Includes pre-configured styles. Not for production environments.)]; label=Default configuration settings
23 defaultConfiguration = Typical (Most commonly used features are enabled. Select this option if you are unsure which one to use.)
25 # cat=basic/enable/02; type=boolean; label=Enable images in the RTE: If set, the use of images will be enabled in the default configuration of the RTE.
26 enableImages = 0
28 # cat=basic/enable/03; type=boolean; label=Enable links accessibility icons: If set, accessibility icons will be added in front of links.
29 enableAccessibilityIcons = 0
31 # cat=basic/enable/04; type=boolean; label=Enable the DAM media browser: If set and if the DAM extension is installed, the DAM media browser will be used by the Insert image dialog.
32 enableDAMBrowser = 0
34 ## # cat=basic/enable; type=boolean; label=EXPERIMENTAL! Enable click-enlarge on images: This feature is EXPERIMENTAL. If set, a click-enlarge property may be set on images inserted in the RTE.
35 ##enableClickEnlarge = 0
37 # cat=basic/enable/05; type=boolean; label=Enable Mozilla/Firefox extension: If set, enables the triggering of installation of a Mozilla/Firefox extension to allow the RTE to access the clipboard.
38 enableMozillaExtension = 0
40 # cat=basic/enable/09; type=boolean; label=Enable the RTE in Opera 9: If set, the RTE will be enabled when the browser is Opera 9.
41 enableInOpera9 = 0
43 # cat=basic/enable/06; type=boolean; label=Force Aspell command mode: If set, the spellchecker will use the Aspell command interface. Presumably. PHP is compiled with pspell, but with an old version of Aspell. If set, PHP safe mode should NOT be enabled.
44 forceCommandMode = 0
46 # cat=basic/enable/08; type=boolean; label=Enable troubleshooting mode: If set, a troubleshooting log will be displayed below the editing area.
47 enableDebugMode = 0
49 # cat=basic/enable/07; type=boolean; label=Enable compressed scripts: If set, the compressed version of the editor scripts will be used.
50 enableCompressedScripts = 1
52 # cat=basic; type=string; label=Url of AllowClipboard Helper: Full absolute Url of the AllowClipboard Helper extension for Mozilla and Firefox.
53 mozAllowClipboardURL =
55 # cat=basic; type=int+; label=Maximum width of plain images: Maximum width in pixels of plain images inserted with the TYPO3 image browser. This variable is DEPRECATED! Use Page TSConfig property buttons.image.options.plain.maxWidth.
56 plainImageMaxWidth =
58 # cat=basic; type=int+; label=Maximum height of plain images: Maximum height in pixels of plain images inserted with the TYPO3 image browser. This variable is DEPRECATED! Use Page TSConfig property buttons.image.options.plain.maxHeight.
59 plainImageMaxHeight =