[TASK] XLIFF: Add translation hint to labels, which must not be
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / rtehtmlarea / locallang_csh_abbreviation.xlf
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <xliff version="1.0">
3         <file source-language="EN" target-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="Lun  1 aoĆ» 2011 20:03:27 UTC" product-name="rtehtmlarea">
4                 <header/>
5                 <body>
6                         <trans-unit id=".description" approved="yes">
7                                 <source>An 'Abbreviation' associates a short form to a given term. The abbreviation may be defined for a specific language.</source>
8                                 <target>An 'Abbreviation' associates a short form to a given term. The abbreviation may be defined for a specific language.</target>
9                         </trans-unit>
10                         <trans-unit id=".details" approved="yes">
11                                 <source>Defined abbreviations are used in the htmlArea RTE Abbreviation dialogue.
12 A defined abbreviation may further be configured so as to be made available only when editing content in a given language.</source>
13                                 <target>Defined abbreviations are used in the htmlArea RTE Abbreviation dialogue.
14 A defined abbreviation may further be configured so as to be made available only when editing content in a given language.</target>
15                         </trans-unit>
16                         <trans-unit id=".seeAlso" approved="yes">
17                                 <source>xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Acronym</source>
18                                 <target>xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Acronym</target>
19                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
20                         </trans-unit>
21                         <trans-unit id="term.description" approved="yes">
22                                 <source>Enter the term to be abbreviated.</source>
23                                 <target>Enter the term to be abbreviated.</target>
24                         </trans-unit>
25                         <trans-unit id="acronym.description" approved="yes">
26                                 <source>Enter the short form of the term.</source>
27                                 <target>Enter the short form of the term.</target>
28                         </trans-unit>
29                         <trans-unit id="hidden.description" approved="yes">
30                                 <source>Check this option if you wish to disable the availability of this entry to non-admin users.</source>
31                                 <target>Check this option if you wish to disable the availability of this entry to non-admin users.</target>
32                         </trans-unit>
33                         <trans-unit id="type.description" approved="yes">
34                                 <source>Select the type of abbreviation.</source>
35                                 <target>Select the type of abbreviation.</target>
36                         </trans-unit>
37                         <trans-unit id="type.details" approved="yes">
38                                 <source>A defined abbreviation may be of two types: abbreviation or acronym. These correspond to HTML elements abbr and acronym. Note however that acronym is deprecated in recent versions of HTML.</source>
39                                 <target>A defined abbreviation may be of two types: abbreviation or acronym. These correspond to HTML elements abbr and acronym. Note however that acronym is deprecated in recent versions of HTML.</target>
40                         </trans-unit>
41                         <trans-unit id="starttime.description" approved="yes">
42                                 <source>Enter a time at which you want the abbreviation to start being available to non-admin users.
43 If no time is specified, the abbreviation becomes immediately available to the users of the RTE, if not hidden.</source>
44                                 <target>Enter a time at which you want the abbreviation to start being available to non-admin users.
45 If no time is specified, the abbreviation becomes immediately available to the users of the RTE, if not hidden.</target>
46                         </trans-unit>
47                         <trans-unit id="endtime.description" approved="yes">
48                                 <source>Enter a date and time at which you want the abbreviation to stop being available to non-admin users.
49 If no time is specified, the abbreviation is indefinitely available to the users of the RTE, unless it is hidden.</source>
50                                 <target>Enter a date and time at which you want the abbreviation to stop being available to non-admin users.
51 If no time is specified, the abbreviation is indefinitely available to the users of the RTE, unless it is hidden.</target>
52                         </trans-unit>
53                         <trans-unit id="sys_language_uid.description" approved="yes">
54                                 <source>Select the language of content elements in which the abbreviation may be used.</source>
55                                 <target>Select the language of content elements in which the abbreviation may be used.</target>
56                         </trans-unit>
57                         <trans-unit id="static_lang_isocode.description" approved="yes">
58                                 <source>Select the language for which the abbreviation is defined.</source>
59                                 <target>Select the language for which the abbreviation is defined.</target>
60                         </trans-unit>
61                         <trans-unit id="static_lang_isocode.details" approved="yes">
62                                 <source>The selected language will be used as the value of the language attribute of the HTML element inserted in the content element by the RTE.</source>
63                                 <target>The selected language will be used as the value of the language attribute of the HTML element inserted in the content element by the RTE.</target>
64                         </trans-unit>
65                 </body>
66         </file>
67 </xliff>