[TASK] XLIFF: Add translation hint to labels, which must not be
[Packages/TYPO3.CMS.git] / typo3 / sysext / rtehtmlarea / extensions / Language / locallang_csh.xlf
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <xliff version="1.0">
3         <file source-language="EN" target-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="Lun  1 aoĆ» 2011 20:03:26 UTC" product-name="rtehtmlarea">
4                 <header/>
5                 <body>
6                         <trans-unit id=".alttitle" approved="yes">
7                                 <source>htmlArea RTE &gt; Language</source>
8                                 <target>htmlArea RTE &gt; Language</target>
9                         </trans-unit>
10                         <trans-unit id=".description" approved="yes">
11                                 <source>The Language feature allows to edit the language and text direction attributes of an element in the RTE editing area.</source>
12                                 <target>The Language feature allows to edit the language and text direction attributes of an element in the RTE editing area.</target>
13                         </trans-unit>
14                         <trans-unit id=".details" approved="yes">
15                                 <source>The following items may appear in the RTE toolbar:
16 - a selector box that allows to assign the language of contents of an element;
17 - two buttons that allow to set the direction of text;
18 - another button that allows to make the language marks visible wittin the RTE editing area.
19 The language selector box may also appear in some dialogues along with a text direction selector box.</source>
20                                 <target>The following items may appear in the RTE toolbar:
21 - a selector box that allows to assign the language of contents of an element;
22 - two buttons that allow to set the direction of text;
23 - another button that allows to make the language marks visible wittin the RTE editing area.
24 The language selector box may also appear in some dialogues along with a text direction selector box.</target>
25                         </trans-unit>
26                         <trans-unit id=".image" approved="yes">
27                                 <source>EXT:rtehtmlarea/extensions/Language/skin/images/left_to_right.gif,
28 EXT:rtehtmlarea/extensions/Language/skin/images/right_to_left.gif,
29 EXT:rtehtmlarea/extensions/Language/skin/images/show-language-marks.gif</source>
30                                 <target>EXT:rtehtmlarea/extensions/Language/skin/images/left_to_right.gif,
31 EXT:rtehtmlarea/extensions/Language/skin/images/right_to_left.gif,
32 EXT:rtehtmlarea/extensions/Language/skin/images/show-language-marks.gif</target>
33                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
34                         </trans-unit>
35                         <trans-unit id=".image_descr" approved="yes">
36                                 <source>"Left to right" icon in the editor tool bar.
37 "Right to left" icon in the editor tool bar.
38 "Show language marks" icon in the editor tool bar.
39 </source>
40                                 <target>"Left to right" icon in the editor tool bar.
41 "Right to left" icon in the editor tool bar.
42 "Show language marks" icon in the editor tool bar.
43 </target>
44                         </trans-unit>
45                         <trans-unit id=".seeAlso" approved="yes">
46                                 <source>xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Language:languageCombo,
47 xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Language:directionCombo,
48 </source>
49                                 <target>xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Language:languageCombo,
50 xEXT_rtehtmlarea_Language:directionCombo,
51 </target>
52                                 <note from="developer">This string contains an internal text, which must not be changed. Just copy the original text into the translation field. For more information have a look at the Tutorial.</note>
53                         </trans-unit>
54                         <trans-unit id="languageCombo.alttitle" approved="yes">
55                                 <source>Language of contents</source>
56                                 <target>Language of contents</target>
57                         </trans-unit>
58                         <trans-unit id="languageCombo.description" approved="yes">
59                                 <source>Select the language of the contents of the element.</source>
60                                 <target>Select the language of the contents of the element.</target>
61                         </trans-unit>
62                         <trans-unit id="languageCombo.details" approved="yes">
63                                 <source>The language selector box may appear in the RTE toolbar and in some dialogues.
64 The selector shows the language currently assigned to the current element, if any.
65 Selecting a language assigns it to the element. If a language was already assigned to the element, it is replaced by the newly selected language.
66 Any currently assigned language may be removed by selecting the "Remove language mark" item at the top of the list of the selector box.</source>
67                                 <target>The language selector box may appear in the RTE toolbar and in some dialogues.
68 The selector shows the language currently assigned to the current element, if any.
69 Selecting a language assigns it to the element. If a language was already assigned to the element, it is replaced by the newly selected language.
70 Any currently assigned language may be removed by selecting the "Remove language mark" item at the top of the list of the selector box.</target>
71                         </trans-unit>
72                         <trans-unit id="directionCombo.alttitle" approved="yes">
73                                 <source>Direction of text</source>
74                                 <target>Direction of text</target>
75                         </trans-unit>
76                         <trans-unit id="directionCombo.description" approved="yes">
77                                 <source>Select the direction of text within the contents of the element.</source>
78                                 <target>Select the direction of text within the contents of the element.</target>
79                         </trans-unit>
80                         <trans-unit id="directionCombo.details" approved="yes">
81                                 <source>The text direction selector box may appear in some dialogues.
82 The selector shows the direction of text currently set on the current element, if any.
83 Selecting a direction sets it on the element. If a direction was already set on the element, it is replaced by the newly selected direction.
84 Any currently set direction may be removed by selecting the "Not set" item at the top of the list of the selector box.</source>
85                                 <target>The text direction selector box may appear in some dialogues.
86 The selector shows the direction of text currently set on the current element, if any.
87 Selecting a direction sets it on the element. If a direction was already set on the element, it is replaced by the newly selected direction.
88 Any currently set direction may be removed by selecting the "Not set" item at the top of the list of the selector box.</target>
89                         </trans-unit>
90                 </body>
91         </file>
92 </xliff>